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  1. Why 5 posts to get PM ability?
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    Told to make 5 osts for PM feature
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    Driver floor is SOAKING WET

    Anyone had any luck getting their carpet and mat replaced after the water leak was fixed? I am concerned about mold.
  4. imdel

    Driver floor is SOAKING WET

    We just leased both a 2015 Ford Edge and a 2015 Ford Fusion on Monday 5/25/15. The last two days, we have had a lot of rain. Today, I had on sandals while driving the Edge and noticed the footwell on the driver's side is completely saturated - both the carpet and the mat. I have approximately 250 miles on the vehicle and now it is in service hoping they can find the cause of the leak. I have asthma and my husband's immune system is compromised from chemotherapy/immunotherapy treatments and I do not want a car with moldy carpet. I see someone named Crystal was monitoring posts. I'm not sure how to get in touch with her. If anyone can help me get in touch with Crystal, we would appreciate it. Has anyone had their wet footwells resolved? Take care!