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  1. I have a 2017 Fusion Sport (and a 2015 Edge). The feature you are looking for is Sync Connect. There is a lot of confused Ford customers (and salespeople) that order a vehicle with Sync 3 to find out it does not have Sync Connect. Sync Connect is usually found at higher trim lines or in other packages. Always look for the "Sync Connect" item on the window sticker. I remote start my car from my desk at work and take the 4 minute walk to a warm or cooled car. Love it. -Lee PS www.fordpass.com lists the 2017 Escape, Fusion and F-150. I am really surprised the Edge 2017 Edge does not have it.
  2. We have had no issues with our 2015. We wicked up the Edge late Oct. (Our 2013 Edge Sync was always having problems.) However, for features and responsiveness the Sync 3 system in the 2016 it just better overall. Not sure how many dollars you are saving but I would have a hard time paying much extra for the new Sync 3 system. -Lee
  3. lskarha

    Front seat not comfortable for short people

    My wife and I are both short (5'2 and 5'6). It took about 500 miles for us to find the right position for the seats. If you are shorter than 5'2 I could see it being a challenge. Our process was to move the steering wheel up and in all the way. Adjust for feet comfort and pedal distance first, steering wheel next, the other seat adjustments. It took some time but now we like the seats. Also, the trim level (SE, SEL, Titanium) and if the seats are vented (cooled) make a difference as to the comfort level.) There are 6 different seats available. -Lee Here is a good thread to reference. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/18643-seats-giving-me-a-back-problem/
  4. Frist let me say that my wife leases the Edge but I drive more than she does. She has loved all the edges we owned. 2007, 2013 and now the 2015. I hated driving the 2007 and 2013. (I drive a 2012 Fusion.) I did not like the harsh ride, poor handling, noise, breaking. I LOVE driving the 2015. The big difference is great handling, wonderful ride, steering (electric) and much more quiet. How quiet the cabin is seems to be the one thing we keep commenting on. As for acceleration, the 2015 seems a little more responsive to throttle input. The transmission seems to be smother and better programmed. The seats are very difference. It took some time for us to find the “sweet” spot for seat adjustment on the 2015. (We are both short.) They are not as comfortable as the 2013 but they are growing on us. It’s a much sportier seat/feel. There are 6 different seats available depending on the trim line. I also love the lane detection/correction, front camera (could use guides like the reverse camera), auto perpendicular parking (I use it in parking garages.) (I had ACC in the 2013 and love it too.) The cargo light in the back sucks. It’s low and to the right so if you have anything in the back blocking it you don’t have any light. Can’t believe it made it to market like that. And of course the looks. It’s just a great looking vehicle. -Lee PS We could not wait for the 2016 but I would have liked to have had the Acoustic Glass (even quitter?), adaptive steering and of course Sync 3.
  5. lskarha

    Park Assist

    Make sure your not too close to the cars it's scanning. You need to be about 4 feet away. -Lee
  6. We recently received our 2015 Edge Titanium AWD v6 3.5 with everything except the towing package. While checking things out under the hood I notice the grill shutters are missing. I assumed they were on all 2015 Edge models. (Most reviews and specs listed them.) I found this buried on the Ford website. “Active Grille Shutters: Available on select models to help counter air resistance.” So what models do not have the shutters? I would assume it’s the 3.5 v6 engine that deletes the shutters. I guess they figure someone that orders that engine does not care about fuel economy. Or does the 3.5 v6 need better cooling? I was disappointed that this was not installed on our top of the line Edge. The mounting frames with the holes for the shutters is install but not the actual shutters. So what models/engines have the shutters? I know the 2.0 EcoBoost does. What about the 2.7 Sport? Can someone check their 3.5 v6 and look for the shutters. (Google “Ford Edge Active Grille Shutters images” for pics of what you are looking for.) Thanks, -Lee
  7. We just turned in our lease of a 2013 V6 and picked up a new 2015 3.5 V6 (ordered in June). In hindsight I wish I had purchased the 2.0 twin scroll. From what I can tell the 2.0 is about 1.2 seconds slower than the v6 but the 2.0 seems quieter and smoother under normal driving. I have driven a 2.0 for a few hours for comparison. In my opinion these are the pros/cons. 3.5: A bit quicker by the numbers. About 18 MPG. A bit louder. More expense but uses regular fuel. 2.0: Still feels very peppy with good pickup. About 21 MPG. A little quieter. Cheaper but wants premium fuel for better performance. The noticeable difference is the 2.0 seems quieter and is smoother under normal acceleration. However when pushed, the 3.5 roars to life where 2.0 tends to whine. They both use the same 6 speed transmission that seems Ok but can lag when downshifting. Using the manual shifters in sport mode removes the lag. I think the 2.0 feels a bit zippier off the line but slows approaching 60. For my driving style the 2.0 would have been a good choice. I like quiet. (The new Edge is much quieter than our old one.) I don’t know what engine will end up being more reliable. We have a 3 years lease so the power train will remain under warranty. I might feel different if we were keeping the car. Just my thoughts, -Lee PS I really wanted the Sport with the 2.7 but the ride is a bit harsher and I do not like the inserts on the leather seats.
  8. We have a 2015 Titanium Edge AWD 3.5 with everything except the towing package. On Page 80 of the manual under Autolamps it list these features. - Configurable daytime running lamps - Automatic high beams control - Adaptive headlamp control Is the Autolamp on/off the “adaptive” headlamp? We had autolamps on our 2013 Edge and 2012 Fusion but no reference to "adaptive". Adaptive headlamp to me are headlamps that track the angle of the car. Ie Load the back of the Edge and the angel changes and the headlamps auto level. (My 2005 Prius did this.) Or track the headlamps when turning. I tried to google the term but mostly found references to BMWs Adaptive headlamps. So what does “Adaptive” mean in this Ford context? Thanks, -Lee
  9. lskarha

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Our 2015 Edge Titanium with the driver assist package was scheduled for production last week. We ordered it in June. It had a "material hold". -Lee
  10. Our 2015 Edge Titanium with the driver assist package was scheduled for production last week. We ordered it in June. Sync 3 will not arrive until the 2016 Edge. (Dec 2015) -Lee
  11. lskarha

    Seats giving me a back problem

    Early in the thread I posted information about the 6 different seats. I’d like to know which seats are the most problematic for the various posters as well as how tall they are.
  12. lskarha

    Seats giving me a back problem

    What is the problem with the heated/cooled feature of the seats? The one we test drove got very warm for heated and really really cold for cooling.. I had to turn down the cooling it was so cold. (June)
  13. lskarha

    Seats giving me a back problem

    2002 Mountaineer, 2005 Mountaineer, 2007 Ford Edge, 2010 Fusion, 2012 Fusion, 2013 Edge. All had better seats then the 2015 Edge.
  14. lskarha

    Seats giving me a back problem

    We have our 2015 Titanium edge on order. (He have owned a 2007 and currently drive a 2013). The order is on ‘material hold’ as we are waiting on the Adaptive Cruise. Our first test drive of the 2015 Edge was in an SEL with leather. Very uncomfortable seats. (Ribbed look.) We were not going to purchase a new Edge because of those seats. I researched the seats and found that the Edge has 6 different seats available. (One cloth and 5 leather.) The SEL we drove had what I call the ‘ribbed’ version of the leather seats. The Titanium has the ‘smooth’ version and it is available in perforated and non-perforated versions. The perforated seats are the heated AND cooled. The sport also has same versions as the titanium but has a suede insert. To me the insert feels like you stick to it and is not comfortable. They all are somewhat uncomfortable. The ‘ribbed’ version I could not stand at all. The Titanium non-perforated seats are acceptable. The best seat, in my opinion, is the Titanium perforated seats. The perforation seems to add a bit of softness and flexibility. Though it’s not a great seat, I can live with it. (I hope.) Otherwise we will be getting a Nissan Murano with their zero-gravity seats. I hope Ford will address these issues for Job 2. -Lee PS I am 5’7 and about 190lb.
  15. lskarha

    2016 Edge Start Up dates

    Wait a sec. What problem are you guys referring to? I have Adaptive Cruise on our 2013 Edge. I will never own a car without it. Set the cruise speed and just steer. I am have never had any problems and it has worked flawlessly for the past two years. I would assume the 2016 would be the same. -Lee