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  1. d0minicano

    Vinyl Wrap progress

    this looks awesome, nice Job, how difficult was it wrap those small parts?
  2. d0minicano

    Edge Sport Black Trim

    I would of thought that ford would put more chrome in the higher models and go more plain with the lower model.
  3. d0minicano

    Edge Sport Black Trim

    thanks, yep i might as well the same will be cheaper as well.
  4. d0minicano

    Edge Sport Black Trim

    Not really a fan of Chrome, but the Sport prices were out of my league. Has anyone looked to see if the black Sport Trim is available at the dealer?
  5. Wow that's a lot, mine is very light and it has not rain in like 2 weeks and still have a little showing up in the morning.
  6. i just got my car and have not washed it yet, first time was on the highway through a downpour and i still get condensation even when the car is just sitting outside in the rain, only gods pressure washer and it still happens. So seems the water is getting in from somewhere.
  7. i agree, let me know how it goes. I have not had it happened since then and it been raining here in Florida.
  8. do you have Canbus? also you went with 50W+ or 35W?
  9. Has one experienced Condensation in the tail lamp and middle bar? Passed through a downpour on the highway and just noticed it.
  10. 2015 edge runs h11 for lows and highs are seperate
  11. d0minicano

    3.5 Engine turned off

    what model you have? I thought I read in the manual that there is an Auto Engine on/off it will cause the engine to turn off and once you let go of the break or press it again that it would turn back on.
  12. 4000k is below the already yellow 4300k, 5000k is closer to day time with little amounts of blue.
  13. Hello everyone first time posting here and wanted to know if anyone installed HID lights on non HID model 2015 Edge. I wanted to stick to 4500K or 5000K but it seems that our system is 55 Watt so I am limited to 4300K and 6000K. so my question is does our car need CanBUS type system and could I downgrade from 55W to 35W this way I can get 4.5K or 5K bulbs.