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    Water Leak! Help!

    Thanks guys - I appreciate the help. I have been making notes regarding my phone conversations, but I will take your advice and make a journal of all of my visits to the dealer and what happened at each one. You are right - the car is great and I do not regret anything about the choice. I am trying to keep a positive view, but it is VERY difficult. True - the car may be fixed. I really want it to be. The difficulty that I have - and everyone that has a vehicle with this issue should also have - is that it may not be fixed. The only way that I can know ANYTHING with absolute certainty, is if I find water in it. If I do, then I know it isn't fixed. If I don't find water in it now, what does that mean? Does it mean that it is fixed? Does it mean that no water will ever come in? I don't think I can assume that. It only means that no water has gotten in as of that day. As I said before, I will end up having to check it every time I wash it, or drive it in the rain. I will have my daughter check the rear passenger carpet for moisture. For the next few days after every heavy rain, I will sniff around the interior for a mildewy smell. That will become my ritual. Unfortunately, I am afraid that I will be forced to perform this ritual the entire time I own the car, because I simply do not have any confidence in it. I love the car, which makes this just that much worse. I just hate this so much.
  2. sprocketman

    Water Leak! Help!

    Yes, you are correct. It sounds like they've fixed the problem. Unless they haven't. That is really the rub. They said it was fixed once. It wasn't, and had to be fixed again. I am supposed to believe that this repair was done better/more completely/more effectively than the last time they fixed it. I just don't have any confidence that it has been fixed. And all I can do is to keep checking it until I find water in it again. Just because I don't, doesn't mean I won't so I will be forced to check it continously for the rest of my ownership. And to make matters worse, taking all of that out and putting it back in can lead to squeaks and rattles down the road. I really planned on keeping this car for the long haul. I just don't think I can now.
  3. sprocketman

    Owners of 2.0l turbos speak to me.......

    My Edge was in the shop to correct 15B21. Check out my post at http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/18110-water-leak-help/page-13 for the story.
  4. sprocketman

    Water Leak! Help!

    Unreal. This is a nightmare. My first new car in 25 years, and this is the quagmire I find myself in. I bought my Edge on June 16. The vehicle was built on 4/10/15. I didn't find out about this until October 3rd, when I went to vacuum the car before a family vacation and found water standing in the driver's floorboard. I did a Google search, and Service Bulletin 15B21 is what I find. When I bought it, the dealer never mentioned anything about this, and I was not aware of it. My car had been tagged as 'Repaired' by the dealer before I purchased it, although clearly it was not. I called in a panic, and they put it in the shop for repairs. They took out the entire interior including the dashboard, removed the front doors, the rear bumper and the rear wheels. The removed the intake maniford, and cut away some of the firewall padding. They put black goop on the body, cleaned the floor, replaced the complete wiriing harness, the padding, the carpet and the floormats. Three weeks later and three revisits, they sent me on my way. I asked Ford to exchange the vehicle for a new one, and I found out today that they have refused. I am concerned about mold, leaks they missed, leaks they think they fixed but didn't, and leaks they fixed that will give up over time. I have no confidence that the vehicle is right - or ever will be. I don't know what other recourse I have, so I am reaching out to all of you for help. For advice, for contact names and/or telephone numbers - anything you can do to help. If Ford doesn't exchange my vehicle, I am afraid I will have to. Otherwise, every time I wash the car or it rains, I will be forced to check the carpet for water, and sniff around for mold and mildew I will continue to do this until I finally give up and trade it. That will be a shame, too. I love the Edge - just not this one.
  5. sprocketman

    Owners of 2.0l turbos speak to me.......

    I own a 2015 Edge with the 2.0L EcoBoost. The car only has 2800 miles on it, so I can't speak to the longevity of the engine, but I can speak about drive-ability. My current car is in the shop, and I am driving a 2015 loaner with the 3.5L NA engine. In my opinion, the 2.0 is much better suited to this vehicle than the 3.5L. The 2.0 has much more torque, and that torque is available at a much lower RPM than the 3.5. The 3.5 downshifts at the tiniest touch of the throttle, and it hunts around for the correct gear when going up and down rolling hills on the freeway. We also own an older Explorer with the SOHC V6, and that vehicle drives the same way. IMO, that engine is mismatched in that vehicle also. Neither V6 is a bad engine - they just aren't made for hauling a heavy SUV around. They make good power - just not where you really need it. The 2.0 drives more like a torquey V8 that an inline 4. If you haven't driven one, you should do so before pulling the trigger. The driving experience is much more enjoyable with the 2.0. You'll thank me for it.