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    Edge seems to misfire...

    You're welcome! I hope this helped. Good luck!!
  2. FEO

    Edge seems to misfire...

    I was shocked that the PCM was the issue and that it was the cure to all the problems. I just knew that it would be installed and the problem would still be there and wow how wrong was I. It fixed the other things that I was planning to tackle after the PCM fixed the misfire. Surprise surprise for me everything was like new again.
  3. FEO

    Edge seems to misfire...

    Yes there was P0355 code. I let them know that changing the coil pack and plug for that cylinder did not remove code or the misfire. They did a full diagnosis and told me that it was the PCM. I purchased a new never used PCM online and had it programmed but I think a used or remanufactured one will be good and will take less time to program. Mine needed all of the software since it was blank which took a while to program
  4. FEO

    Edge seems to misfire...

    I'm sharing this to assist anyone that may have experienced any of these problems. 1. I had a code for cylinder misfire on cylinder 5. Changed the coil pack and plug with no change. The car definitely had a misfire and running rough. 2. The AC super working with the ac switch. Wired it to battery to see if the compressor was OK and it was fine.. Just not coming on with the switch. 3. The transmission had trouble in the overdrive gear. The car would start jumping/shuddering when it reached the shifting point of the overdrive gear. Got 4 different mechanics to check the car out with all different diagnosis that did not fix the problems. I then broke and took it to Ford and was told that it was the PCM. I purchased a new PCM, had it replaced and programmed and to my surprise this fixed all of the problems stated above.