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  1. Also, what are any downfalls or disadvantages of having 20" vs 18" wheels (besides cost of course)?
  2. We are pretty sure we will purchase the 2016 Edge TITANIUM when it arrives to dealerships. Other than the Sync3 replacing the MyFordTouch (one reason we will wait for the 2016), and price increase(ugh..lol), are there any other changes from the 2015 to the 2016?
  3. We are shopping for a new car. We narrowed our market to a crossover or a minivan (currently own a minivan as grandparent's taxi). This time around, we want better fuel efficiency; we can do with 5 seats as the older girls don't join us as often now. After several days test driving different makes and models, we enjoyed a *very* smooth comfortable drive with the 2015 Ford Edge Titanium with 20" wheels. I believe that it was a V6. We wanted to see what the ride on a 2.0L ecoboost was like so test drove the SEL (no 2.0L Titanium's in stock). We are very pleased with the power it had, so have decided to go with a 2016 2.0L ecoboost. So here are a couple of questions: When comparing the ride between that SEL (18" wheels) and the Titanium (20"wheels) where both had leather seats: -Titanium had a smoother ride (noticeable on rougher road). Is this because the SEL had the smaller wheels? -Could it be that the Titanium is smoother because it had the V6 vs the SEL with the 2.0L? Thanks in advance