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  1. FlopTurnRiverJB

    Traction Control Light Flashes, Then Stays on?

    I'm experiencing this as well as the mild bog down in gears but now mine is staying firmly lit
  2. FlopTurnRiverJB

    Flashing trac ctl

    Randomly the last week or so my 2010 edge sport has been flashing the trac control. Any ideas?
  3. FlopTurnRiverJB

    New 2010 Edge Owner

    Hey man also have a 2010 sport little less milage and the sport rims but also looking to go gloss black feel free to follow on Twitter so can DM (@itsBuckley)
  4. FlopTurnRiverJB

    2010 edge sport front grille

    Would think on glossy csr the gloss finish black may look better but have gone back and forth between the two. So best bet would be to buy the piece and have it done? Friend of mine owns a shop but like you guys said the blasting of chrome may not be ideal
  5. FlopTurnRiverJB

    2010 sport black out grille/wheels

    Sorry man. Using iPhone and the site kinda difficult. Didn't see my original post even went thru
  6. FlopTurnRiverJB

    My Edge

  7. FlopTurnRiverJB


    What's up man have a 2010 sport and love those wheels where you get em
  8. FlopTurnRiverJB


    Was wondering what you thought of the plastidip. Im @itsbuckley on Twitter if easier to contact. I
  9. Have a 2010 sport AWD black on black, my question is what's the best course to black the front grille.
  10. FlopTurnRiverJB

    2010 edge sport front grille

    Have heard the plast dip isn't the most reliable/can look tacky. Any possible alternative /buff and paint? Have just heard mixed reviews on the dip that's all
  11. FlopTurnRiverJB

    Just a badgeless 2011 Sport

    I have a 2010 edge sport. Curious as to blacking out the chrome front grille, any suggestions @itsbuckley on Twitter if easier. Thanks. New to the site but nice stuff
  12. FlopTurnRiverJB

    2010 edge sport front grille

    Have a 2010 sport and wondering easiest /best way to black out the front grille