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  1. IWRBB

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Wife said it's done the slam into drive from park shift twice again in the last couple days. WTF Ford? It's not like high optioned crossovers are poor sellers/moneymakers and only deserve the new guy writing the transmission software.
  2. The louder, the better. When someone starts backing up towards you in a lot, and keeps coming closer and closer instead of stopping where they typically would - you are going to wish your horn was louder with every inch closer they get. Not advocating for everyone to get train horns, but with how quiet new cars are, older drivers with poor hearing, and younger drivers with the stereo cranked- having a loud horn is a good thing.
  3. IWRBB

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    You need Forscan and a OBD II adapter. I bought this one. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01F0GVBWY/ Forscan is free to download.
  4. IWRBB

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I cleared it on ours- no more issues shifting from Park to drive so far. It's been at least a week. Wife said she'd tell me if it did it again and no reports as of yet.
  5. IWRBB

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    It's a generational thing. There is no way you are younger than 50 years old. Old people just like chrome for some reason. Some random old guy told me how much he liked our 08 Taurus Limited we had. It was absolutely slathered in chrome. You really don't pay extra for chrome- unless you get the very base econobox model- that's just what you get as standard. The titanium/limited models always get even more chrome, but that's just part of a package with other crap. Nobody is paying extra just for more chrome. However people ARE paying more to get black trim instead. The "appearance package" on the last Gen Explorers, the "sport" trim on the F150s etc. You pay extra to not get chrome, and nothing else. That's how much people dislike chrome drenched all over their vehicles. I think the Titanium models look ridiculous with all the chromed plastic parts every where. The mirror caps are simply over the top and chrome wheels were out of style 10 years ago. But hey, that's why Ford has options and why they call it "taste". As for the ST looking like a base model- not really. Base models have bare plastic everywhere. It's all grey looking with a flat or matte finish, and generally very cheap looking. The ST grille is a gloss black finish. The bare plastic along the bottom on the base models is painted on the STs. They really look nothing alike and nobody will ever confuse the two. Black wheels are optional as well, and our does not have them. Maybe I dislike chrome on cars because I refused to use the word "bling" to describe anything. Bright, shiny, reflective- plenty of other non-made up words we can use.
  6. Asked my wife if she wanted it disabled an she said no, so I left it. I did disable the auto stop/start though- she did not like that feature at all.
  7. IWRBB

    Windshield Wiper Arm Park Issues

    Wife got home tonight- I moved them up by hand then went in a hit the ignition button- they came down and parked normally. No issues now. Thanks guys.
  8. IWRBB

    Windshield Wiper Arm Park Issues

    So you move the arms by hand, do the blade swap, then just put them back on the glass, and then turn on the ignition? I'll try that and see if it works itself out. I assume you can move each one individually and they are not hard linked together like mos vehicles?
  9. IWRBB

    Edge ST MPG

    Did you not see me refer to miles and gallons as freedom units?
  10. IWRBB

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    It might be something to do with the learning- ours never shifted harshly from P to D until recently. It was fine for at least a few weeks after they did the TSB flash update, and it's slowly has been happening more and more often. I wonder if the guy who wrote the adaptive learning portion of the code just FUBARed it completely. I have Forscan as well- I'll try to reset ours and see if it improves. I don't think it does anything too odd otherwise while driving, but we did get some odd shifts when we first bought it, which is why we had them do the TSB flash update on it a month or so back. Edit: I don't think you can turn off the adaptive learning without a custom PCM calibration. Might just be one of those thing you get to do every few weeks unit Ford gets their shit together. I gotta think after 3 or 4 years of producing tens of thousands of these things- they will probably, maybe, finally get the programming right. Then again, they are still recalling 6 year old F150s for trans reprogramming, and have had multiple updates due to the initial reprogramming not doing what it should have. WTF Ford? You putting the new guy in charge of programming your automatic transmissions?
  11. Does anyone have issues with the sunroof shade making noise over bumps? Our does it a lot. It sound like the fabric is smacking the center cross piece between the two pieces of glass. It's not very taut and being one long piece, it's plenty flappy enough to move up and down and hit the cross piece. Open it up and there is no noise. The shade on our 2010 was made of more substantial material and didn't move around at all. It was also split into two parts which totally prevented it from hitting the middle cross beam as well. It also blocked the heat better. Seems like the 2019 shade is vastly inferior to the 2010 IMO. It's neat in that it's all one piece as it rolls back, and there is no fat headliner material over the crossbar so it seems more open- but man, everything else about it seems so cheap and flimsy.
  12. IWRBB

    Windshield Wiper Arm Park Issues

    I don't even see how that's possible on ours- there is no way to lift the arms/wipers up when they are in the down/off position. You can lift them very slightly, but any more than like an inch and the arms hit the back edge of the hood. Maybe that's a change in the hood on the 2019 vs earlier models? They only way to do it is to turn off the ignition with them at the top of the swipe, in a vertical orientation on the glass. It's a really crappy design IMO. I've had cars that have to go down in a particular order like you said, but never that you couldn't lift them when they are in the off position.
  13. IWRBB

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Yes. My wife has been complaining of this. We have the latest software on there from the original TSB.
  14. So I changed out the wiper blades on my wife's 2019 ST yesterday. It sat on the lot for months and the blades were not in great shape. I turned on the ignition and wipers, then turned it off with them "up" since you cannot raise the wiper arms with them down without the arms hitting the hood. Nice design BTW Ford. I then replaced the wiper blades without issue. Both came right off and the new ones snapped right in. I didn't rotate the arms or put any undue stress on them. So I then go back in and hit the ignition button and turn off the wipers. They go down, then the driver's side does some weird, jerky two-step park maneuver. It actually lifts the center portion of the blade completely off the glass for a half second then goes back down. It's really weird and never did that before. Not only that, they do it every time you turn on the ignition now, even with the wipers off. Has anyone ran into this before? I assume it's an issue with the wiper motor itself and will need to go to the dealer for replacement- but I figured I'd ask here before we go through all of that. I have Forscan, so if there's some type of re-calibration in one of the modules, I'd rather try that first than have the dealer tear into it. It just seems weird it happened right after the blades were changed. I did swap the blades from side to side a month or so ago without any issues though. It's one of the few vehicles I've ever seen with the same sized wiper blades on both sides. That's nice and all, but the whole "center out" swipe thing- meh. Do not like.
  15. IWRBB

    Edge ST MPG

    We produce the most oil and gas now too. The one thing I really look back on as a disappointment in my public schooling is the lack of acknowledgment of American exceptionalism. USA is by far the most powerful country both financially and militarily in the history of the world- all in just over 200 years. In addition, no country has ever amassed this level of power and used it in such a positive manner. Not to say we've been perfect, but we've never tired to take over the world either. Looking at you Germany. Japan. England. Spain. Romans. Huns. In fact quite the opposite. Two of those were defeated in part or primarily by the USA. My teachers never acknowledged that we are the ONLY country in the world where people have inalienable rights enshrined in the constitution. They were more interested in pointing out that Sweden takes care of their citizens from cradle to grave. 30 years later- that's not working out so well for them. Sorry for the political rant- the patriotic talk gets me going!