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  1. IWRBB

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    Finally did our 2010 Fusion yesterday. It's over for us now at least.
  2. It's tempered glass- it just shatters sometimes. Our glass top table shattered for no reason, as did one of my co-workers. I've heard of shower doors shattering when no one was home. F150 rear windows shatter on a regular basis. Get it covered under your insurance glass coverage and move on.
  3. Typical blue stuff froze up on us in our 2010 last year. First car I've ever owned where that happened. Had to wait for warmer weather before it started working again. Been running the purple stuff this winter, it's good to -20 I believe.
  4. They way things go with lawyers today- no way I'm dispensing my fire extinguisher on someone else's car to save yet another person's property. Call the fire department. "Your honor, we maintain the fire extinguisher blast pushed the oil ONTO the building, therefore accelerating the fire and eliminating any chance of the fire department being able to save the building. Had the reckless actions of the defendant not occurred, our national historic landmark that is cherished by every person in a 500 miles radius, would still be intact." No thanks.
  5. IWRBB

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    Still rolling in the rental we've had for our Fusion since June. 5+ months so far.
  6. IWRBB

    Current Forum Problems

    Uggg. Hate it! It's like the crappy Fusion forum now. How the hell do I display a list of new threads since I last logged on? All I can find is a post by post listing- it's like looking at social media or something. Painful.
  7. IWRBB

    APIM replacement

    MS-CAN access is good for troubleshooting anything on that bus though. You will be able to datalog it and see it in real time. You might as well get a wired one with a switch. That is the most reliable way (wired) and you have access to everything possible with the switch for both busses.
  8. IWRBB

    APIM replacement

    You have to buy an OBDII adapter than has a USB connection. $40 or so. Hook that up to a laptop with Forscan installed with an "extended license". You get that from their forums- it's free. Once you are connected, all the modules in the vehicle show up in Forscan. You can go into each module and see what "values" are set for each line of "code". You will need to know what the current APIM has for values- so hook it up before you replace it and see if you can download the valvues (Forscan allows you to save one or all lines/vavlues in a file). If not- I believe you can still get all of the as-built values for your vehicle online from Ford. I know you used to be able to do it dince I downloade them for my truck, but Ford may have pulled that down. Not sure. I think it came form the ETIS site. Anyways, install the new APIM and enter the correct as-built values using Forscan and you should be good to go.
  9. There is no free lunch when it comes to brake compounds.
  10. IWRBB

    APIM replacement

    You can replace it yourself by programming the replacement APIM with your Edge's original as-built values using a program called Forscan. Frod might say the APIM is "dealer-serviceable only", but it's really not if you know how to use Forscan.
  11. Pad compounds. A compound that is designed for heavy braking loads on a high horsepower, heavy vehicle will not perform well in sub-zero temps. It's all a trade off. A pad that does well when it's -30F will not take abuse on a road course in the summer very well. Since the magazines will all take it to a track to test it- they cannot use a pad that would get smoked.
  12. IWRBB

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    From NTHSA site: https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/recalls/recallproblems.cfm "Each notification letter must contain the following information:describe the defect or noncompliance; the risk or hazard posed by the problem, including any warning of the problem; a brief description of the free remedy, including when the remedy will be available and how long the repair will take; and a description of what the owner can do if the owner is unable to have the problem corrected within a reasonable time and without charge. Remedy without charge means the repair, replacement, or repurchase of the vehicle or item of equipment that will correct the safety defect or noncompliance. The manufacturer initially decides what the remedy will be, but it may be changed if it is not effective. Owners should have the recall work completed as soon as possible. Recalls involving tires are specifically limited in the Safety Act such that the owner must have the recall work completed within 60 days of receiving notification that it must be done. All other safety recalls are in effect for the life of the product."
  13. Maybe, but when I can get a SKF bearing for $70 (dealer cost on Ford part might be $30-ish?) and I don't have to deal with steering, or a half shaft- yeesh.
  14. Ya think so? Better then us- our dealer quoted me $470 for one rear wheel bearing on a FWD Edge. I bought two SKF bearing for $140 shipped, plus another $140 for brand new rear pads and rotors. Just need to jack it up and get it done now.
  15. IWRBB

    Takata Airbag recall is ending

    Our 2010 Edge has been done recently. Our 2010 Fusion is still waiting parts. We've had a rental since early June. This look like a letter to opt out of the class action suit. We got it the other day.