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  1. Nice style and color choice on the wheels. Not a fan of gloss black, IMO the wheels should be lighter in color than the tire.
  2. IWRBB

    Some pics of my ST

    That plate holder is hideous. I carefully drilled out the rivets and pulled it from ours before it could damage the paint. I plugged the three holes with some small plastic plugs from Lowes after I painted them.
  3. IWRBB

    ST Wheel Hop Solved!

    Sticky tires are the best solution to wheel hop in general. If they don't spin, there is no hop.
  4. Ford can wipe the old keys and add the ones you have back as "approved" keys/fobs. You can do also it yourself with a program called Forscan. Those are your only options.
  5. Who cares about the next owner? Those things are ugly.
  6. IWRBB

    Edge ST MPG

    Freedom units please.
  7. IWRBB

    another PTU question

    I'd change it, do your long trip, then change it again. Should be good for a while after that.
  8. "The 7.3-liter V8 features an overhead valve architecture that generates power low in the rev range to help get heavier loads moving sooner and with greater confidence" Marketing wank! Overhead valves? Wow. All the flathead owners will be so jealous.
  9. IWRBB

    Chinese Edge ST

    Meh, it's not bad IMO, just different. The 2015+ Edges almost look like they are trying a bit to hard with the super slanted rear window. That severely angled window leaves less room in the rear before cargo hits the glass compared to the first gen Edges that had the more upright glass like the Chinese one.
  10. IWRBB

    Chinese Edge ST

    The wheelbase isn't any longer. The change is the rear hatch/window and c-pillar is way more upright, and it has more rear overhang from the rear tire back.
  11. IWRBB

    Justify Torque

    I've removed lug nuts that were WAY over 162 ft-lbs on smaller diameter 1/2" studs and they didn't break or stretch. By the way, I'm talking about YOU Tire Discounters. We bought a used Fusion that the dealer had new tires put on at TD before we bought it. Tire Discounters just ran em down with an impact it seemed like. They were crazy tight, and made all kinds of tinking noises as they loosened up. Lugs were still fine though. Every 15+ F150 has had the same lug size and threads as the 15+ Edges, and the the F150s are specified at 150 Ft-Lbs. Nobody seems to think that's too high. The Edge has one less lug, so I can understand why Ford upped it slightly over the F150. I don't see another 12 ft-lbs causing the lugs to strip/stretch/break, especially if Ford is telling you it's the required torque value. I'm kind of shocked a tire shop would send out a vehicle with it's lug nuts torqued to less than factory specifications. Seems like a lot of liability on their end for no reason.
  12. IWRBB

    Door weatherstrpipping doesn't hold well

    For anyone who may purchase RTV to do this fix, I'd highly recommend buying The Right Stuff. It's a Permatex product, it's black, and is pretty much the best RTV available. https://www.permatex.com/our-brands/the-right-stuff/ https://www.permatex.com/product-category/gasketing/the-right-stuff-gasket-makers/
  13. IWRBB

    Edge ST MPG

    Nope. It doesn't work that way. The people who are not flooring it from every stop also spend the majority of their time cruising. You are not outweighing anything. Every hard acceleration drives your average MPG down, it's that simple. Accelerating lightly and avoiding using the brakes are critical for getting good MPG. Your poor mileage is 100% due to your driving style. I've averaged 26 MPG (hand calculated) for the last month in a Taurus SHO. I could easily average 15 MPG if I launched it from every stop and was always in the fast lane passing everything in sight. With my Mustang, I've seen 23 MPG (all highway) and I've seen 11 MPG (all fun). "You gotta pay to play", and "Your mileage may vary" are not just sayings. Our ST has been averaging over 20 MPG with about 1/3 highway and 2/3 city with my wife driving it. She drives it like a normal person drives a normal vehicle. I would probably be able to eek out another MPG or two compared to her after my years of practice at maximizing MPG while driving thirsty full size V8 trucks. She stays on the gas way too long approaching red lights etc, but whatever- she doesn't wreck cars or curb the wheels and parks far enough out to avoid door dings, so I don't complain about a MPG or two.
  14. IWRBB

    Door weatherstrpipping doesn't hold well

    I'm saying it's not there to keep water out of the inside of the car. It's there for further noise/wind reduction at speed. Ford didn't put it there to keep dirt out of your door jambs- they put it there because their competitors did and their NVH benchmarks where not up to par without it. No, you won't hear "wind noise" with it not in place, but remove them all and it'll be slightly louder at highway speeds than one that has them in place.
  15. It's not a game- it's just math. It costs more to get the lower deductible. You have to visit the dealer for warranty service a certain number of times to re-coup that extra money paid up front. The number depends on the ESP plan type and deductible you chose. It's still 100% predictable and planned- you pay the deductible and Ford pays the rest.