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  1. It's not a recall because it's not a safely issue. It's a major inconvenience, and a design flaw, but it's not a safety thing. If nobody is getting injured or dying- no recall. As for #3, you could pull the wiper setup and seal up the hole if you are willing to live without the wiper. Find a good body plug and silicone it in. It'd be just like driving a sedan at that point. "Rear wiper delete Mod"
  2. IWRBB

    Sunroof shade noise.

    We haven't taken it in yet as we'll need to strip everything out of it first, but let me know if you find anything on yours.
  3. IWRBB

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    By short shifting at under 5000 RPMs you are giving up the mechanical advantage of the lower gear before you have to. If it was faster in the quarter to shift sooner, Ford would have had it shift sooner.
  4. IWRBB

    Rubber accordion sliding gasket install

    I don't if you can. All service procedures for the track I've seen start with "remove accordion covers and discard". It may be something that needs to be installed before the roof unit goes in the car. Not sure.
  5. Did you buy this Edge new or used?
  6. IWRBB

    AWD to FWD Conversion

    That'd probably work. I'd still sjtu buy a new PTU and put it in if I was yanking the old one. They aren't that expensive and if you change the fluid they will last. You can wrap the exhaust pipes and/or make better heat shields around the cats to help preserve the seals.
  7. IWRBB

    Sync 3.3 update stuck

    No. If it works for you, don't touch it. If you get a new phone and have issues or something, then update it.
  8. The auto HS / MS CANBUS switching is nice, assuming it works.
  9. Read the TSB. It's in the second paragraph.
  10. Nah man- I heard from a guy online that Powerstop parts are the way to go. You can get them as kits real cheap!
  11. IWRBB

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    This is a TSB. I guarantee your dealer is filing it with Ford under warranty work and as a customer complaint, They aren't just doing it for you because they are such a wonder dealer of automobiles.
  12. Whatever floats your boat dude. If you want Powerstop brake parts on your vehicle, go for it! I've done my research and have hands on experience with the brands discussed here. I gave you my input, if you choose to ignore it, so be it.
  13. You do have to worry about lawsuits. Anyone can sue anyone at anytime for anything. Powerstop is a force on the internet, they might sue someone who is disparaging of their products. So I'm not going to say anything bad about them. I will say they couldn't get a caliper to my friend after 3 shipping attempts. Damaged and/or wrong parts each time. As for what I buy- I don't buy "kits". I buy two rotors and a set of pads. They are typically not made by the same company. I have used the top end Wagner, Raybestos, and Centric parts for years without issue. IMO, Centric sells the best brake parts for your money right now. I would have said Raybestos 5 years back, but the mechanics are going with Centric parts more and more. Less comebacks for noise and vibrations from what the parts suppliers tell me. Have at it with the Powerstop brakes if you want though- it's no skin off my back.
  14. Shill is a bad thing. It's people claiming something is great, when it's really not. I'm not going to say anything bad about them since- lawyers and all that, but lets put it this way- you'll never see a mechanic using Powerstop brake parts unless a customer brings them in. They can get better parts for less. You can have a good experience with cheap brakes, but better brakes are quieter, smoother, don't grunt in the rain, work better in temp extremes, etc. It's a slight improvement, but it is there.
  15. IWRBB


    CARid can be shady, but I've bought stuff from them without issue more than once. It goes on my CC, so who cares if they try some BS? If they screw me, I'll have the CC company reverse the charges.