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  1. I am tackling the same thing right now. l know there is a bolt on each side of the lower portion of the reservoir that face towards the inside of the engine compartment. Still trying to figure out the best way to get to them since everything is packed in so tight. If you've had any luck with this already please let me know.
  2. Hello I have a 2007 Edge Limited. I am looking to replace my factory stereo with an after market that is compatible with the factory steering wheel controls as well as the aux input that is in the center console. Does anyone know of any that would work for this? I appreciate any help.
  3. erne65

    HID Install

    Where did you purchase the resistor that you used? I have run into this flickering issue with mine and occassionally 1 of the headlights will not even turn on.
  4. Could you please upload a photo? What you said makes total sense I'd just like to see how you wired it. Thank you.