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    Buy Back on 2015 Edge???

    Supposedly Ford wants recalls performed prior to 12k miles...and since my first repair was performed (prior to my purchase) at 21k miles, then my buy back is "less likely". 1st recall at 21k miles prior to me buying 2nd recall performed shortly after my purchase (at dealer for 2+ weeks) and unsuccessful in sealing the leak. (Current mileage is 23k) Ford wants me to take it back to my dealer and have them continue trying.....as they should, they are trying to avoid the buy back at all costs. But I am worried about the future problems with water leaking into my car! What happens if they "fix it" but down the road ( after the 36k warranty) I have issues due the water that HAD been leaking into my car??
  2. LouEdge117

    Buy Back on 2015 Edge???

    2 dealerships have worked on it- 1 prior to me purchasing (which obviously wasn't 100% sealed) and now my local dealership. I hope I don't have to go through too much more trouble; it's been nothing but an inconvenience since I bought it. Even the key fob programming is something they do not understand why it keeps failing.
  3. I have two topics on here that I have posted about in the past 2 months since owning my 2015 Edge Titanium. (now has 23k miles) 1. My keys continue to malfunction.....The dealership has had to reprogram twice since I have owned the car. They had it for 2 weeks and I picked it up yesterday and when I went to leave the doors wouldn't open, no button on the key FOB worked (lock, unlock, alarm, etc.). The only way in his through my keypad using my 5 digit code. The car also will no start unless I put the key FOB into the slot in the compartment between the seats. The manager said they did reprogram and it had been working all week until then. 2. My build date is March 12, 2015. When I purchased my car I took it into my local dealership to check on the leak recall - 15B21.They said it had already been performed a different dealership. Weeks later I noticed my driver side floor board had been damp. So I took it back in. They had the car for 2 weeks and I just picked it up yesterday and they told me they cannot get it sealed all the way. They tried and tried and did a water test but water still leaks through. So they have started the process for a Buy back with Ford. They asked me to contact them next week to get an update, so that's what I'll do. My questions is.... how likely will Ford Buy this car back? Will this be a forever long process? Do you think my key issue is related to water leaking in and ruining some computer /sensor that controls the programming of my keys? I am nervous they wont buy it back because I came across this article on the internet saying the program will expire June 30, 2016 for the Reacquired Vehicle (RAV) Process -- EXACTLY a month ago from today!!! ( this article is on Ford.oemtdc.com website -- I cannot get the link to paste)
  4. Update.... My car has been at the dealership for almost 2 weeks now. They said they have fixed the key issue.... said it needed reprogramming. Not sure how it lost the programming, hopefully this issue does not happen again. Now they are trying to fix the leak recall. The dealership doesn't seem to know who is supposed to do it, them or their body shop. It's been a hell of a 2 weeks trying to get updates and answers....
  5. enigma.... I have trouble just opening up the back of the key fob. It's hard to pop open to retrieve the emergency key.
  6. I have tried to hit the LOCK button before as well, and nothing happens. Next time i'll try to hit the PANIC button. I think i'll take it to a battery store, they have a way to test the strength of the battery. At least I can rule that out and 100% know that it is not battery related in the key FOBS. I plan to take the car in next week, right now I just continue to access it from my keypad. If that stops working, I'm screwed. ps- I have 2 keys fobs, both are doing the same thing. Must be the Body Control Module.
  7. Yes, after I couldn't open the driver door. I tried the back driver side door, then walked around to the passenger side - - none worked. Then I hit the "unlock" button on the key fob, still nothing. So that's when I used my 5 digit passcode to get in. I'll mention to the dealership to check the module that controls the locks. This is the most consistent it has been for NOT working! Usually it works, then doesn't work 1x, then works again the next time.
  8. My cell phone is in my purse, the key fob is in my hand. I've even tried it when my cell phone is not with me. Same result. Why wouldn't hitting the "unlock" button on the key fob work? I don't understand that. I have a fresh battery.
  9. Update... Batteries were changed on the key fob yesterday at the dealership and problem still happens. I was at the dealership yesterday for other issues...when they went to get my car to return it to me, they took forever because they had the same issue I've had randomly in the past. the key fob would not open the door. They replaced the battery for me and I was on my way. Hours after the dealership, the same problems happened. I couldn't get into my car. Same issue occurring today. This has been happening to me randomly ( I cannot figure out a pattern), no door will open when it happens and even when I hit the "unlock" button on the key fob, nothing happens. I have to use my touch pad on the driver door and enter my 5 digit code to gain entry, then it starts up fine. What's the issue? Since the key fob always allows me to start my car fine, does that mean the doors have a bad sensor??? But that doesn't explain why when I hit the "unlock" button nothing happens. Hopefully the dealership can figure it out when I take it back in!
  10. LouEdge117

    2015 Edge Leak Recall 15B21

    No, I don't see any condensation below the vehicle.
  11. LouEdge117

    2015 Edge Leak Recall 15B21

    Is the "A Pillar" where the door meets the front windshield area? I was just wanting some kind of documentation that is was "repaired" at some point in the past, and not just take their word for it. I will be returning it to Ford next week, but if this causes damage in the meantime or in the future I would like to have record that it was "repaired" in the past, so they can't say that ignored the recall. Could the moisture be coming from somewhere else? Lately I have noticed my A/C making a CLICKING noise behind the dash when I turn the A/C on. Could it be a leak from that? ( I will mention this to the dealership as well). Lastly, to anybody else who has had water damage...is your metal steering rod rusted at your floorboard??
  12. Purchased my used 2015 Edge Titanium in May and read about the Leak Recall shortly after so I took it into my local Ford Dealership since it's still under warranty. When I picked up my car at the end of the day they said that the Recall 15B21 for the leak was performed at another dealer. I certainly hope they were not lying, but is there any way to check for sure? I would like to see it documented somewhere. We've had a lot of rain the past week and a half, for the past couple of days I have lifted my rubber mat protection on the driver side and felt the carpet mat and it feels slightly damp. Not terribly damp, but still should not have that much moisture at all. There's no way my feet could go through my rubber protective mat and soak the carpet that much. I even lifted the carpet out and it has a slight mildew smell. Again, they claimed the repair was made. I plan to take it back in, but wanted opinions on here. It certainly looks like the carpet under my steering wheel has been moved around... it does not seem secure. I fear this car had significant water damage before I purchased. The metal steering shaft near the floorboard has a rusty color, which makes me immediately think of water damage, is anybody else's look like that? Appreciate any feedback or advice.
  13. Thank you for the suggestions. No the vehicle was not wet, but it had rained the day before.
  14. No, I only have my cell phone in my purse. No Credit card protection items. It was very bizarre how it didn't work for a period of 4-5 hours, then went back to normal and has been working fine every since. Here's the hoping it never happens again. In the meantime, I'm moving on to reading more on my slight vistaroof rattle now, that's my next area of concern unless the key FOB issue returns.
  15. I would hope they are OEM. I had that conversation with the Ford dealership that synced them to my Edge after I purchased the car from a non-Ford dealership. I had heard how there are fake FOBs out there, but these look real- Ford Logo and everything. They got them synced and working so I would assume they are OEM. Everything is working fine again- both keys. If it acts up again I will take it to a dealership.