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  2. Hi everyone I've been at this problem for some time now and gotten no where! Looking for help on how to replace my Sync1 to newest Sync possible on my 2014 Edge SE (i believe my system is Sync 1 but to be sure ive posted a photo of how my dash looks) MY DASH LOOKS LIKE THIS I want to add a Rearview camera to the system as well (it's my wives car and after the third fender bender while parking i think it's time for a camera) Tried contacting a "company" (I'd say its a single person operation) and offered to pay for consulting even but got no follow up so i decided to try asking on a forum if anyone knows everything needed for this process and links to where to buy it? I'm fairly handy and not afraid of the job as long as i know i got everything i need and some guidance. Thanks in advance and if i've forgotten something important to note here please ask.
  3. Ford is catching up but the interiors and quality control are still low in my opinion. I've seen it all coming out of the factory from missing interior pieces to gaps being so different that I wonder what gets "no pass" in the factory. Sweat your dealer he has to fix it (no matter how many times they say it's supposed to be that way they are just trying to "get rid of you") and they will if you're persistent.
  4. Like the title says looking to buy a passenger side mirror (everything except the glass). Thanks.
  5. There WILL be a option to install the modem in cars later in the year!
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    Yeah especially cause its Supercharged so a tune (APR stg I) from 310 to 435 (on 100 octane) and with pulley its a beast... I'd tune wife's edge more but its FWD model so whats the point...
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    Thank you sir i do love my toys. It's a Yamaha FZ8 (naked sport) it's a 2013 but i got it in new in summer of 2014 it's also my first bike ever :D It's got a PCV, a tune, slipon, tires and so on Audi is also very healthy with a tune, intake, piggyback and small tweaks (sub replacement and VAGCOM mods)
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    Also here is the current garage lineup
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    Thank you for the links i did the HID upgrade (got it at daytimebrightlites) i dont know why i wrote my first post the way i did :/ btw Edge is my wife's car but I'm kind of getting bored of mine so I'm looking for upgrades for her's. Any HOW TO links are wellcome.
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    Hello everyone my name is Davor I live in Minneapolis (moved recently) drive a 14 Edge (base) love tinkering with all my cars and bikes so after looking at some posts here to do research on HID upgrade i joined the forum. I'll be going thru the forum trying to find "must do's" for the Edge.