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  1. I have a 2010 Ford Edge with the big panoramic vista sunroof. I purchased and installed the OEM roof rails so that I could put roof racks on. It easy to do, just removed a trim strip and put in the rails, it worked great. I am looking to buy a new Edge, again with the panoramic vista sunroof but it appears that putting a roof rack on is a bit more challenging. I saw an old rack attack blog post (https://www.rackattack.com/blog/ford-edge-with-panoramic-vista-roof-and-roof-rack/) where they talk about installing a Thule Top-Track with Flare-Nuts on an Edge with the Vista Sunroof. This would involve drilling into the roof, which I would be fine with BUT it appears to me that there is a strip of glass the runs along either side of the vista roof. Is this correct? Can any owners of 2019 or latter Edges tell me what is the material of the strip that runs along the edges of the sunroof?
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