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    gas tank capacity at empty

    On my 2013 Edge, I could actually get 17.5 or more gallons in when it read zero to empty. This must have more to do with computer setup of each vehicle perhaps?
  2. mrdisty

    gas tank capacity at empty

    My 2018 Edge says it has an 18.5 gallon tank, but when the miles remaining is at zero, and I refuel, I can only get 16.5 gallons or so into the tank. Do I really have 2 gallons in reserve at "empty". My 2013 Edge was very accurate in tracking mileage until empty.
  3. mrdisty

    Backup Camera Replacement

    I have read several of these forum topics discussing the removal of the camera. One that I saw and will support wholeheartedly is using a dremel to cut a groove into the screw that holds the camera bracket. It is MUCH easier than trying to remove the swaged in screw threads and gently prying the tabs loose on the painted panel. That process is ripe for failure and potentially causing further issues/damage. I simply cut the groove into the bottom of the screw, backed it out, and replaced it with a small bolt, lock washer and nut. It took far less time to do this than trying to get the two plastic pieces apart. Now if I could get the camera image to not be upside down, I would have it made!