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  1. Mgavin1985

    Husky Floor Liners

    If u wanna lower your price I’ll buy them I’m just about to purchase them new send text to 5708408199
  2. I’m replacing inner and outer tie rods every 30k... and doing alignment at least twice a year wheel spacers and sport rims on a se were a bad idea
  3. I applied a ceramic coating called GTechniqu Crystal Serum Light and then a second coating of Gtechniq Exo v3 about 6 months ago. It still going strong I’m expecting it to last 2 years beads water like day 1 I only hand wash it every two weeks have not added anything else.
  4. Mgavin1985

    Hey there!

    Very nice Im waiting for better weather I have crystal Serum light and then going to apply Exo ceramic top coat after a 2 step.
  5. Mgavin1985

    H&R Performance Springs - 2013 Edge Sport #51605

    Do these only fit sport trim
  6. Mgavin1985

    Recommendations on Tires

    I just bought these General was bought by continental and these are designed off DWS but cheaper version gmax as 06 or 05
  7. Mgavin1985

    The fastest way to Wax a car

    Carpro made an interesting product I want to try called caropro essence. I would like to try the one u posted too
  8. Mgavin1985

    Best AIO

    What do you guys use for all in one. I started with klasse loved it, went to werkstat prime basically the same thing, now I just bought duragloss 501 I read it on autogeek forums it's actually a boat cleaner and I was impressed and I have some megs 151 I haven't tried the duragloss is a very good chemical cleaner plus it's suppose to have fine abrasives plus sealant. The meg 151 is suppose to have more abrasives, cleaner and sealant.
  9. Mgavin1985

    The fastest way to Wax a car

    That crazy stuff do you think it work.
  10. Mgavin1985

    Black Chrome Wrap

    Prior to the wrap I had a local tint shop that kinda scammed me and they told me they would paint the grill with a plastic paint and it look nice for 2 months then looked bad because the corners basically peel and small rock chips would nick it it and then water would get in they offered to do touch ups but it wasn't as durable as vinyl wrap. If you could find some one traine sinthe arts the vinyl looks just like paint and rock chip don't really effect it. I was actually reading an article that they have self healing vinyl wrap. The plastic crap was matte the vinyl was glossy. I would think it would last years not months.
  11. Mgavin1985

    Black Chrome Wrap

    Give it a shot yourself you need razor, squeegee and hair drier wipe grill with IPA wipe down and start stretching it around the grill have some one help
  12. Mgavin1985

    Black Chrome Wrap

    I bought the 3 m gloss black it has some nice metal flake in it I believe I paid 40-50 dollar and then did it myself and didn't take any parts of grill off it came out decent a few air bubbles it I could do it over I would make sure the vinyl has airrelease channels it is very durable much more than the paint on my hood
  13. Mgavin1985

    Custom taillights for sale

  14. Mgavin1985

    Custom taillights for sale

    Please also visit eBay for listing
  15. Mgavin1985

    spare tire suggestion

    I actually have a FWD SE is their any other warrenties or problems edges have?