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  1. Thanks for the link! I will definitely take a look at these. What consists of a modified H9 bulb, any more info? I was searching 9012 bulbs for the 2011 Edge SEL originally. I bought 9012 Sylvania Silverstars which have been good lights for me in the past. However, they weren't that much of an improvement from the phillips bulbs and left a shadow on the left side when projecting. (I have this brand in a Honda Civic and they spread the light so much better.) I put the old Phillps bulbs back in to confirm and there was no shadow. The online retailer suggested the LEDs for exchange and it was just going to be another hassle to return them after the Silverstars didn't work out either. They are an improvement, just not by much.
  2. The LEDs I installed aren't very bright.. they were about $40 for the set. You get what you pay for. I realize this. I was just looking for some sort of noticeable upgrade from the Phillps bulbs that were in the car when I bought it and that was accomplished. I definitely like them, just looking for an alternative lighting source as needed. So as far as light bar installs, there are a ton of videos on youtube or product pictures on Amazon showing the difference in light output once installed. The ones I am looking at are spot/flood combos. Some of them are curved to spread the light more. They're not that pricey and people seem to have good results. I'm not looking at something that is going to be a DRL, I'm looking to install an on/off switch in the cabin for use as needed at night. I'm going to ask one of the local installers and get their professional input as it seems like no one here has direct experience with this.
  3. I would like increased light output on remote roads. I recently installed some LED headlight bulbs and found out that they were not the best choice as far as spreading the light. There's not a big difference between the brights on or off, but it is a nicer/white light overall. I don't really like when people have lights that are so bright that they blind the other drivers even without brights on. I'm not sure if these types that I'm talking about are HID. Either way, I thought a light bar would suit my needs for temporary flood and spot lighting. I have a 2011 SEL, no ecoboost on this model that I know. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone had experience with installing a light bar behind the grille of a 2011-14 Edge? Specifically towards the bottom section that is highlighted in the attached picture- would there be any airflow issues or heat issues caused by an smaller LED light bar and is there a good spot to mount the bar so that it shines through the grille insert in this section? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, I ordered a replacement unit off of a major eBay seller and it came gummed up on the controls. Looks like someone did the same thing. This is one of those parts stores that sell used OEM parts and has a grading system. They graded the piece and "A" so I figured it was in great shape. Not so much the case... I have contacted a local dealer and given them the number listed on the replacement unit. They said it was an engineering number (BT4T-18A802-BK) and they have to contact ford to get that parts number. If anyone knows a way I can track one of these down from Ford directly, please let me know. Or, if you know of a reputable reseller that can track this unit down for me, please let me know. Thanks for your help everyone, much appreciated!!
  6. Yes, I've definitely tried cleaning the rotary buttons in various ways. My current concern is if liquid got behind the button and caused the my temp red button to short out as it is not lit for passenger and driver which makes me believe the red lights are connected in some way. I'm taking it to a dealer tomorrow and just don't want to be told that the part needs ordered and it's going to take $500 of labor. This is how easy it is to remove the panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv8NZNc8fwc&feature=youtu.be But, does that mean I need a replacement light of some sort or fuse to be ordered just to get the red my temp lights illuminating again? Or is this a fuse issue only?
  7. Hi everyone. A couple of weeks ago I had an incident with a cupholder lid not being secure on a drink (soda) and my center console on my Edge was splashed. Most of the liquid ended up in the cupholder, but I have been left with a few issues after thoroughly cleaning the console: The red touch "My Temp" buttons on the AC unit for both driver and passenger do night light. I honestly never noticed this until now and second guessed if they ever lit, but I didn't think it would make sense for the decrease (-) button to be light blue and the increase temp button (+) not not lit at all. Am I correct that they should light red and how much trouble is this fix beyond having to remove this piece of the console? The Volume and AC Dials are tight and stick pretty tight upon first use for the day, especially when the vehicle has been sitting in the cold weather. I've tried to run a piece of paper in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction around/inside the edges of the buttons and did collect a sugar like substance obviously left from the splash/spill. Can the buttons be removed to be more thoroughly cleaned?