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  1. Filler cap has no milky crap on it. Fairly humid and not too stupid cold here, but it almost always gets up to temp once started
  2. Actually, the emulsion is the little bit you see on the bottom of the catch can, mostly hidden by the light oily fluid on top of it. I wanted to touch a flame to the fluid on top, but the potential of any fire flare up at my job two minutes before punch out seemed ill advised... lol
  3. Negative, coolant level is good, and consistent. It's perfectly normal. The golden light brown stuff is fuel & oil vapor (it gets darker as oil change is closer to due), highly volatile stuff that basically vaporized out of the hot crankcase and was caught by the catch can as it designed to do. The minimal milky sludge is just condensate from water produced by combustion, which is also perfectly normal. It's small comfort, but still good to know there is something catching that garbage instead of it going straight into my intake and coking the intake valves.
  4. drained my catch can. nasty light oily garbage with some milky sludge in the bottom
  5. No But if fluid has been added while the pads were worn, you may end up with overfill spillage at the reservoir. And, just for the sake of saying it (although no one does it) you might consider cracking the bleeder on the caliper and pushing the fluid out instead of back up stream. Any thermal aging that has happened is better removed from the system than forced back into service. Think of it as a small scale flush of the brake Fluid.
  6. Got you As a mechanic, usually a stumble is when you roll into the throttle (either under load or not) and the engine doesn't rev up as expected, but rather stumbles like biden on the stairs to air force one, but I can see how your use makes sense too
  7. Not sure what you mean by stumbling at idle, but when mine was bad, it had a cyclic low idle after fill ups. And the purge valve did fix it
  8. proof of concept received 👍 If it were my project, I'd go with a 40A inline fuse and a minimum 50A max load relay, just the sake of safety and operational overhead
  9. no actually its not. It would be quite simple to put a simple manually controlled switch in line between a direct battery feed and the trailer that could be turned on and off at will. This also removes the potential of a sticky relay draining the car battery accidentally. And i'd be willing to det there is a remote control relay system out there somewhere that could be switch on and off by a fob, or even a bluetooth connection. There's a million ways to skin a cat so they say (I like cats. no evil intentions here, just a saying)
  10. The right way to do this would be to use a key controlled power source to trigger a 40amp relay to the trailer.
  11. All Batteries suffer some amount of self discharge depending on temperature and type. Self discharge does not include actual loads the vehicle puts on the battery, even while off. Some vehicles have issues with excessive loads at rest due to relays sticking, harness problems, and other variables. if you don't drive a vehicle often enough (very difficult to quantify due to variables) the battery will suffer. I'd say that if your auto start/stop system is not working correctly, you need to drive more or use some type of tender. I used to use a smallish (about 6" x 12") flexible solar panel on the dash with a battery tender brand charge regulator to maintain the battery of a truck I drove infrequently. it worked quite well and required no plug in.
  12. I'm not trying to be argumentative (since i've been known as a bit of a prick) but I looked at your posts and saw several responses on them.. Its not very 'traffic heavy' here lately, that is quite true, but if you search you will find many questions have been asked and answered already. Sorry I am unable to add anything to the questions you asked
  13. I usually try to be helpful. Sorry if I missed your questions. I'll look under your recent posts when I get home
  14. Cerberus

    Preventive Water Pump Change

    ACDelco (among others possibly) makes a metal impeller version, which i used when i did the job on my 2011 fusion sport. Personally I would say better to err on the side of caution and do the pump, chains guides and tensioners now if not, make sure you keep an eye on the weep hole, directly behind the A/C compressor in my case. Any change in color in immediate proximity to the weep hole means the seal is on its way, and even that may not give you enough warning as I have heard of failures with no weep hole warning to be fair, the laundry list of things that DILLARD is doing is beyond excessive for your specific concern also, don't waste your time trying to rejuvenate the seal on the water pump. It is a bearing failure that causes the failure of the pump seal. I found a youtube video where someone used a water jet to cut multiple pumps down the shaft and sleeve bearings were all galled, no way they were going to continue to work, period.
  15. Cerberus

    6F55 (6-speed) Tuning

    Just replying to subscribe so I can find this thread later since I can't find the following button atm