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  1. Cerberus

    Can't use Forscan bc I have a tune?

    in theory, the factory PCM part # can be retrieved from Forscan app on the phone.. I'm fairly certain i've seen a listing of module part #s when i was poking around on mine..
  2. Cerberus

    PTU fluid change issues..

    mine does..
  3. Cerberus

    Foothills Parkway, '16 Edge Sport, Morning

    Not familiar with that term, "over landing"..?
  4. Cerberus

    Standard or Premium petrol for your ST?

    Ok, there's a fair amount or horse shit flying around here.. I have to say, I am dubious / surprised / impressed if true that any mass market production vehicle is performing ignition timing control on each cylinder separately, or even on alternate cylinder banks separately as suggested by the shell pressure test. However, that is still not a great test. Pressure average is not the metric that should be used anyway, what you really want to know is peak cylinder pressure at a specific point (about 6° ATDC iirc) Yes high octane fuel offers more opportunity for more power if utilized correctly. Full disclosure, I could not watch the entire video in some cases because of the annoying drivel factor. And I get it, dumbing shit down for Joe and Jane Consumer is necessary to some degree when dealing with extremely complex subjects, but it's damned annoying to feel like you accidentally got put in a remideal kindergarten class..
  5. Cerberus

    Standard or Premium petrol for your ST?

    Yes, i am aware of this. FWIW I am a lapsed ASE Certified Master Tech. (Never bothered recertifying after the first time because it never made me one dollar more) The post was more of a comment as to the fact that it was an obvious and significant difference, and commenting just for commenting's sake.
  6. Cerberus

    Standard or Premium petrol for your ST?

    full disclosure mine is a sport, not an ST, but still a 2.7 Eco. When i read my owners manual and it said it was perfectly ok to run 89 octane i was kind of blown away.. I mean 10:1 compression and 15(ish) pounds of boost..? on Regular?! So, I have been running mostlty regular, but TopTier regular from Costco and other good sources. But about 2 weeks ago I said screw it and switch back to premium, before taking 2 extended road trips. Now, I don't know if its the fuel cleaning up carbon deposits (the piston crowns were black with carbon) or the ECU remapping ignition timing to use the available octane, or the air temps cooling off, (or some combination of all three more likely) but there feels like a lot more giddy-up when you mash the loud pedal, perceived by my highly calibrated butt dyno.. 😁
  7. Season change oil change. about 8K miles. about 50% highway use Used the Fram XG11955. I have been happy with this filter As always, Mobil 1 extended performance 5w-30
  8. Cerberus

    Trailer wiring harness

    i'm curious about this too
  9. Cerberus

    2.0L Ecoboost Coolant Leak - Engine replacement

    for what it is worth.. I had what i thought was a boiling coolant sound (more of a gentle bubbling sound) in the rear turbo when i came off the highway on hot days. One day i turned off my A/C to hear it better.. and it stopped. It turns out, i was hearing the refrigerant boiling in the evaporator. air in the cooling system will usually burp itself out if the reservoir / header tank is kept on the high side of the range, unless its a large pocket of air, then you'll crack a head before it purges itself on some engines Vacuum filling is the only answer for those cases
  10. I used the rain-x washer fluid so it retreats every time i hit the washer button.. its a million times easier than your process i think. I respect your attention to detail and diligence to have such an involved and comprehensive procedure, but i tend to lack the patience for some things.. especially when there is an effective simple alternative. interesting though, the bit about polymers evaporating off the cluster and interior. I always wondered about that, why the inside gets a film on it.. i mean, i don't smoke.. and I don't have a heater core or evaporator leak as far as i know, so what the hell? question answered.
  11. yeah.. this is me. I don't like to follow too close for safe stopping buffer, but if i leave a reasonable safety gap some ass always drops in and pisses me off I really want a 'look to aim' paintball machine gun on my hood 1 rain sense wipers - i use rain-x and use the wipers as little as possible, so usually they are off unless needed 2 auto high beam - always on except in foggy conditions. i like the feature 3 adaptive cruise makes commuting easier and less stressful- i like it 4 self park- i never use it. tested it once. thats it 5 sync.. never really use it. 6 heated and A/C seats, definite fan of this 7 lane assist - somewhat helpful if you are on a long road trip and getting punchy while looking for a rest stop. but it works poorly and will kill you if you rely on it..
  12. I I finally got around to changing Some of my sparkplugs.. lol 2 hours after driving home, the engine was still pretty warm and i was already losing daylight fast, so I just did the forward bank (#4, 5, & 6) Lets just say i long for the day when the biggest problem was getting straight on an angled plug close to a header.. Holy spiderweb of wiring and vacuum / vapor pipes.. and this is the easy part. The rear bank will be real fun Anyway, 65K miles and the plugs I changed were at 30-34 thousandths, while the new NGK Rutheniums were gapped at .029ish right out of the box
  13. Cerberus

    ABS and Traction Control

    a bad wheel bearing will not necessarily have an audible tell or perceptible vibration before it goes very bad. some don't give much warning at all before they fail in catastrophic fashion. it depends on the vehicle and bearing design, plus a handful of variables
  14. Fair question, I have no idea! But that is the number on my invoice.. but interestingly, the part number on the part itself is slightly different this site for some reason is failing to upload the picture of the part# from the part..................... 😡 the part number on the tag is GL34 9B325 DB and it lays in the valley between the intake manifold and the forward cylinder bank valve cover EDIT: but that part# offer no results when searched...
  15. the info that 1004ron posted is correct, and matches the part # on my invoice https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-fuel-line-bracket-gl3z9b325b