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  1. hard to say from the sound file, but it does sound like it could be a bearing failure. the good/bad news is, it is in fact a bearing, it will not stay that loud for a long time. If that is a lumpy bearing, it will fail, probably in dramatic fashion. But it could be a failure of the center bearing, pinion bearing.. but you said the cadence of the noise changes independently of the speed of the vehicle? that is GD bizarre. low pressure fuel pump? I don't know. i'm at a loss.
  2. installed the 170° thermostat today. ECT used to hold around 196 while rolling along at speed, now it is around 180-181 (70°F ambient @ 60mph) CHT (Head temperature) is similarly reduced at cruise, but still ramps up significantly (as expected) when the fun pedal is matted. Its not a good time but not a nightmare job either. I Just moved the expansion / degassing tank aside & removed the air hose between the up pipe and the throttle body, and reached around the mount from both sides. and I have big mitts.
  3. Emptied the JLT 3.0 catch can yesterday after 2k miles of install time. About 1 tablespoon of thin black oily garbage that didn't make it to the intake valves. Definitely worth it
  4. Cerberus

    Wider tire than stock on 21" rims

    Tire pressures set the same? It may sound irrelevant but a softer sidewall (whether by tire design or reduced pressure) causes more rolling resistance which can translate to lower MPG. Also did you correct for ANY difference in circumference in Forscan? (You may have said above, no time to read back right now)
  5. Cerberus

    Injectors, 2016 Sport TT 2.7 eco boost

    Thanks very much, I appreciate the information!
  6. Cerberus

    Injectors, 2016 Sport TT 2.7 eco boost

    Hi Jim, Sorry to revive this old thread but i have a question or twelve about the injector sticking problem.. Is this occurring only at WOT or throughout the range and how were you able to discern that was what was going on? And is there any chance that using fuel system cleaners could lead to this problem, by drying out the internal seals? Using Forscan to monitor acceleration per cylinder, see a problem with my 2016 edge's #5 (&6) performance being below average as compared to the rest, confirmed by listening to how it has a definite thrum instead of consistent pull, and I am trying to chase down the problem. I had not heard of Injector sticking being a problem so this peaks my curiosity, and has me wondering about possible solutions.. like a small amount of Marvel Mystery oil (or some other recommended product) in the fuel to lubricate the injectors? Of course the extreme pressure of the fuel rail makes that potentially a bad idea, but maybe not? Since alcohol content in fuel seems to be an issue with drying seals etc, i'm wondering if going to pure gas (readily available here in TN) might minimize my vehicle's problem in your opinion? this link will lead you to a photo directory of forscan graphs that may tell you something I have not seen https://photos.app.goo.gl/CoYm577uioKvVQ2m8 Thank you in advance for any input
  7. I am unfamiliar with the availability or utility of unicorn turds
  8. Swapped on summer wheels/tires (last weekend) Engine oil & filter change (last weekend) Trans fluid drain/fill/drain/refill (last weekend) PTU fluid drain & refill with smurf snot (last weekend) Ran it through the carwash (she cleans up nice) (last weekend) JLT oil catch can install just now 😁
  9. Power tripping much? I'll make it easy on you and punch my own ticket Peace out
  10. To be fair, I stated the year make and model of the vehicle I was referring, in the text that he quoted. So yeah, i am right. Was my response a bit over the top? Sure. Did I have a couple beers in me? It's possible. But here's the point, if someone wants come along and question the claims I make, and attempt impune my credibility on two levels, they better be ready to stand and deliver, or be embarrassed.
  11. WRONG sir! Maybe put on your big boy pants before you try to question someone. In the 2011 fusion sport, the entire engine & transmission had to be dropped out of the car in order to remove the 'front cover' and access the timing chains, and remove the pump & replace it. I bought a table lift that went up 48" to facilitate this task. Actually in my case I bought a boneyard motor and refreshed it so i could just straight swap the motor and put it back together since i was working in my buddy's garage.. feast your eyes on my misery https://photos.app.goo.gl/muhxQcfvaHDs9Z4e9 Edit, I just noticed the last line of one of the quoted posts, saying that pissing people off was like my superpower. Somewhat apropos after the shit storm with TheFastestEdge Jim .. which i still feel bad about ..
  12. Cerberus

    2011 Edge - Intermediate Shaft Mount

    I understand, but i'm kind of at a loss as to how to deal with that..
  13. Cerberus

    2011 Edge - Intermediate Shaft Mount

    personally I would want to drop that engine on the front counter of the place that sold it to you and say refund!
  14. Cerberus

    Overheating at Motorway speed

    In theory, fans are irrelevant at highway speeds if the vehicle has any aerodynamic flow, but admittedly some do not. Usually if it will not overheat at around-town speeds but does overheat on the highway, the fans are not the problem.
  15. Just for the sake of conversation, I hope you did not take my long winded response to your post as an attack or unduly rude. If so, I apologize. No offense intended. Apparently I'm a bit of a dick. Working on it.