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  1. Cerberus

    Dorman Engine Oil Drain Plug

    just for the sake of clarity, I understand the argument that a 1/4 cup of extra oil left in the pan may SEEM insignificant, but to me, any metal particles are going to be settled in that last little bit of oil And yes, you can remove the adapter plug (dorman, Ronin, w/e) after the majority of the oil has drained but then you don't have the high velocity of flow at the initial stage of draining to sweep out particles. Not looking for an argument, just saying, to each their own. Do whatever makes you happy.
  2. Cerberus

    2007 SEL AWD Code po010

    flushing a motor crank case can be problematic.. If i were in your situation, I'd probably be using something like Rislone (high detergent, not solvent) to clean out the internals. Also, I have had very good results with Mobil1 fully synthetic oils to avoid sludgy garbage inside my engines. no harm in just changing the oil, maybe much more frequently for a little while as a slow flush. One of the possible causes cited for P0010 is engine electrical harness failure / rub through.. check out this video too
  3. Cerberus

    Dorman Engine Oil Drain Plug

    for whatever reason, when i checked their site for my application, they showed it being a metric 12mm x1.75 thread unit.. to the subject in general, i bought a few of the plastic 1/4 turn (aprx) drain plugs off Amazon so i always have a new one to install I'm not a fan of any of the after market plugs which are designed to stay in place and simply open or close a valve in it, because of the fact that all of them leave more oil in the pan than the OEM style.
  4. Cerberus

    2.7 Mileage

    2016 sport, 65K miles
  5. Cerberus

    Under hood temps and hood heat extractor install

    When you have Forscan set up you will be able to directly monitor coolant temp and see if the coolant is in fact going above the wide open temperature while on the long hard pull. Its a reasonable assumption but data acquisition removes all question.
  6. Cerberus

    Under hood temps and hood heat extractor install

    Just a side thought, but you said it is water cooled, which im wondering if it using the same coolant circuit tapped off the engine, which then begs the question if lowering the thermostat temp might lower the running temp of the PTU. Random thoughts. Ignore if useless
  7. Even with the oem length stud, they are a little tricky to tuck in there..
  8. Cerberus

    Under hood temps and hood heat extractor install

    If you like the fogger idea, you might also consider the nitrous fogger option. A bit expensive and limited usability really, but a fun idea that was used to get a stock Mitsu 3000 GT VR4(?) over 200mph back in the day. Id be wondering why the PTU is reaching its safety disable temp, even with a cooler.
  9. Cerberus

    Under hood temps and hood heat extractor install

    My mind is blown
  10. Cerberus

    Under hood temps and hood heat extractor install

    wait.. wut? i will say that I have seen the temp sensor in the PTU on mine read well into the 2-teens, but never sampled under hood ambient temps Forscan will let you see trans fluid temp, "transfer case fluid temp" (PTU) etc but you might have better results by replacing the OEM grill with the honeycomb aftermarket one to improve flow, and maybe a meth fogger in front of the condenser or CAC
  11. Cerberus

    Foothills Parkway, '16 Edge Sport, Morning

    I forgot i had this pic too
  12. Cerberus

    Foothills Parkway, '16 Edge Sport, Morning

    Sure my Edge has the Vista roof / panoramic glass roof so these details are specific to my application. If you have a flush roof or an OEM half a rack kind of thing, your details will be different. This is a Yakima BaseLine system (that is a model name) with BaseLine towers (hence the model name) 50" CoreBars (which will fit, contrary to Yakima's info saying to use 60" bars) and two sets of base clips, 102 & 139, plus lock cores. The lock cores are not required but considering a nearly $700 total cost in the roof rack system for parts alone, it seemed... prudent. Pics attached of parts including part #s and prices. You'll notice different part #s used for the same items in some cases depending on whether the info is from Yakima directly or a third party vendor but the last 3 digits are the same. I purchased most parts through etrailer.com because Yakima did not have a few items in stock on their own site. The set up info for installation is vehicle specific, and included below, but hard to read from the picture, so it might be best to go to https://fitlookup.yakima.com/ for more legible info. I have had zero complaints about this rack aside from perhaps the price..
  13. Cerberus

    Foothills Parkway, '16 Edge Sport, Morning

    well that's the only one with my vehicle in it.. lol i took a lot of pre-dawn of scenic shots
  14. took a ride to wear in my brake, took some pictures. total upload size limitations prevent me from sharing more than 1