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  1. Cerberus

    Transmission sliding through 3rd on low throttle

    Sorry, i never saw this prior to now.. my notification emails don't work correctly on this site for some reason. Perhaps i've been placed in the miserable user category.. wouldn't be the first time Aaanyway, no, i never got anything even vaguely resembling any satisfaction on this problem, but, it never got worse either. I have changed the trans fluid (seeing as how its so easy with the drain plug and all) but that did not seem like it changed anything in performance or functionality. I plan on changing the trans fluid at every other oil change as long as I have the vehicle as a preventive measure. and since you traded your vehicle in you may never read this, but i don't like leaving communications unanswered
  2. Cerberus

    Engine Oil cooler add?

    no sir, its a 2016 Sport. i followed the link and changed the vehicle to 2016 edge sport and it said it does not fit that application
  3. Cerberus

    Engine Oil cooler add?

    So, the 2.7 in the F150 application has an oil cooler installed on the rear head, passenger side. There is a block off plate on the head where it would be on my 2.7. Has anyone added an oil cooler? can it be done? Key consideration is space in that location for it to be installed. I like the idea of being able to dump some of the oil heat generated by the turbos etc, to the coolant, especially since i moved about 1000 miles south.. Has anyone done this? Thought about it?
  4. Cerberus

    Engine wants to stall...?

    Mine does this, only immediately after fueling.. I suspect it is a valve coking issue causing poorly balanced fueling that the computer compensates for, but it approaches a new tank of fuel as a variable (rightfully so) and so its confused for a little while. This is an educated guess, but based on one piece of evidence; On someone else's vehicle, After an induction clean up, it did not happen after fueling..
  5. they did err on the lifetime fill idea of the PTU. .78qts of fluid, handling 3/4 of the total power output from the transaxle for the lifetime of the vehicle is ridiculous. glad that you can appreciate my intentions. if you do the reading you'll find that the 2087 if a direct replacement & upgrade for the 2062 in the gt500 application, and I can see no way that it would result in any less of an upgrade in whatever application it was placed into. but whateves. i'm done.
  6. True, but I'm sure you've heard of the 3.5L timing chain driven water pump failure causing oil contamination with coolant and subsequent engine failure, as actually did happen in my 2011 fusion sport. And yeah, I'm slamming Ford's engineering savvy of putting a water pump inside an engine, such that it water pump replacement requires drivetrain removal. I could go on but I've already made enough people here defensive and dislike me for speaking the truth, so no one is likely to give anything I say any credence anyway. pissing people off, its like my superpower.
  7. Fair enough But being an ASE master tech (professional mechanic, with decades of experience) i was not looking for support, just offering my professional opinion. Do with that what you will
  8. Yeah, Ford also said the PTU on my 2011 fusion sport was a lifetime fill, even though several cases of them melting down are well documented. A synthetic media filter has more consistent pore size and is capable of better filtration with better flow rates than your basic cellulose filter, so it would be ideal for a heavy hot oil like a 5w-50. This does not make it a bad choice for use with 5w30 though. I tend to run heavier oil than spec anyway.. About the oring, fair point, but I have a few 2062 filters which will be acting as oring donors as needed for my purposes
  9. Cerberus

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    Point of information, FL-2087 is an oil filter not an air filter. Sorry, I was unclear
  10. Cerberus

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    while this may not be considered a performance mod or even an aftermarket part per se, the Motorcraft FL-2087 is a drop in replacement for the FL-2062 (with or without the A), which is made for the 2019-? GT500, which features a synthetic filter media and a metal internal media support cage instead of plastic. This should offer superior filtration and significant reduction of the possibility of filter collapse under pressure. Also, the GT500 used to use the FL-2062 from what I've read so this is a filtration upgrade with no apparent down side
  11. Thanks for this thread and the reference links in it. I was looking into alternative, higher quality filtration options and through the thread referenced on BobIsTheOilGuy site, i found a reference to the FL-2087 which is an OEM synthetic media filter, direct replacement for the 2062(&A) in the GT500 application.. I had a pending order with Amsoil for their replacement for the 2062 which from a distance looks identical to the 2087, but Amsoil's filters are back ordered and i can get this filter at a local ford dealer tomorrow, so that's a win. FYI, It is a pricey filter ($20+) but i consider that the cost of better insurance, like the best full synthetic oil, for the life of my engine. youtube vid comparison:
  12. Cerberus

    Direct Injection and Carbon Buildup

    no. On a carburated or port injected engine absolutely, blow out the cobwebs on a regular basis. But on a GDI engine? Higher pressures where? In the combustion chambers? Fair enough, but thats not where the problem lies with DI engines. The backs of the intake valves don't really see any appreciable pressure, even under max boost (what 15.. maybe 20psi?), so thats not going to have any effect on carbon accumulation unless you have some kind of an abrasive or strong detergent type cleaning medium present. It is possible that the harmonic vibrations of valve motions high RPMs could actually shake some loose carbon off of them, but anyone who's manually cleaned a valve knows, that will not clean a crusted valve, it just shakes off loose stuff at best.
  13. Cerberus

    Direct Injection and Carbon Buildup

    agreed on all. investigating this for exactly that purpose
  14. Cerberus

    Direct Injection and Carbon Buildup

    Apologies for the thread-jack here, but have you had the opportunity to scope your valves after doing the methanol injection to show how clan they are? With the DI valve coking issue, i'm considering Meth Injection for a dual purpose of cleaning and charge cooling if i decide to go for a tune at some point..
  15. Cerberus

    PTU Fluid Change

    interesting observation; i did my oil, ATF and PTU fluids about a month ago at ~45k miles. I fully expected the PTU fluid to be black and sludgy like it was on my 2011 Fusion Sport AWD at 59,000, but it came out Very Clean. unbelievably so. My guess is that the clutching system that engages the power transfer to the rear diff on demand only, also significantly reduces the load on the PTU (and thus the fluid) except when it is online. This is encouraging since they got a very bad rep in my book by calling the PTU on the Fusion a "lifetime fill" yet the fluid that came out when i did mine was more sludge than fluid.. That and the internal water pump that required dropping the drivetrain out to replace.. but that's another story for another time anyway, thought this might be interesting to others, it was to me