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  1. ezndo

    Right front axle removal?

    Try to get a pry bar into that separation between the collar and the axle and see if the axle moves at all. If so, either continue with the pry bar or try to tap it out if you can. Look at a new axle for comparison.
  2. ezndo

    Right front axle removal?

    Just did the passenger side cv axle on my 2010 Raptor, I know, not the same vehicle. First, look at replacement axle on Rockauto for comparison. If it has a collar, then I would say don’t remove the one on yours. Secondly, I used a long chisel to tap on the axle to remove. If yours is anything like mine, it is just splined into the differential. Again, picture would help. Good luck!
  3. ezndo

    2016 Sport Lug Nuts - replacement needed

    Well, I initially shared your concerns when I replaced the lug nuts on my Raptor last year. They are similar in shape to these in that they do not have the same flair or bulge. I’ve had no issues with them, and my Raptor is much heavier and gets driven much harder than my Edge.
  4. ezndo

    2016 Sport Lug Nuts - replacement needed

    Black makes it difficult to see...
  5. ezndo

    End of Lease & COVID-19

    I would continue to make lease payment when due and continue driving it if you want to keep it. Buyout should be credited when things return to normal. On April 17, send another email with pic of odometer/ document condition of car to dealership and Ford Credit.
  6. ezndo

    2016 Sport Lug Nuts - replacement needed

    Just replaced the lug nuts on my 2016 Sport, 21”wheel w/Gorilla black lugs p/n 61147BCX. I contacted Gorilla and these were recommended by them. CJ Pony Parts had the best price.
  7. ezndo

    Buying Used 2016 Edge Sport

    For comparison, I have a ‘16 Sport same spec w/8K miles so there are low mileage examples out there. Agree w/1004ron, you may be better letting dealership think you will finance to get their best price, then “decide” to pay cash. One thing you may want to do is add the H&R lowering springs, makes the Edge look and handle better.
  8. My 2010 Raptor had a dipstick under the transmission fill plug so I added an aftermarket dipstick that runs up into the engine bay. No more crawling under a hot idling truck to check the fluid. If I keep my Edge long enough, I plan on doing the same to it.
  9. ezndo

    Factory vehicle cover

    Hi, still available? Thanks.
  10. Hi, is the car cover still available?

    1. scorpionking0102


      Yes the cover is still available. Sorry not getting back sooner, but I don’t always check all forums.

  11. ezndo

    Synthetic oil only?

    This no worky.....tried with a Schwaben extractor on my ‘16 Sport and got very little oil to come out....maybe due to the plastic waffle design of the pan? Dunno, maybe I was doing it wrong.....
  12. ezndo

    Heat has gone out

    Could be a clogged heater core.....general car guidance here, but if you can locate the 2 (usually 5/8”) hoses that come out of the firewall, they connect to the heater core in the dash. One hose is the “in” and one is the “out”...both hoses should be warm or slightly hot when the engine is up to temperature....if only 1 is hot, and the other cold, then your heater core is clogged.
  13. That’s a bummer.....I try to avoid dealership visits whenever possible as you’ve read, but happy you got it back working.
  14. Update.... Was ready to throw in the towel and go to the dealer when I found a small pair of curved suture scissors laying around. One more try...... Used them instead of the 3.5mm flathead screwdriver to pry into the area that most likely would open the hatch and eureka, it worked! The upward curve of the scissors provided just enough of a correct angle to catch the latch and open it. Numerous attempts with the flat blade screwdriver were useless. Then I had to disconnect the negative lead to the battery for 5 minutes to reset the computer and get the tailgate to function properly. In hindsight, I should have just disconnected the negative lead first before trying to manually unlock the tailgate, duh! Still don’t know what caused the tailgate to stop functioning in the first place, maybe the battery? Will have to monitor. Thanks again everyone.
  15. Thanks PerfA for posting the instructions. I was able to find the cinch button. It is located inside a small circular opening (not mentioned in the instructions) of the inner tailgate metal panel, barely visible once the access cover is removed. To see it, you first have to remove the cargo floor in order to make room for your head to get lower than the access opening then look up to the left inside the access opening. The cinch button doesn’t stay depressed once you let go of it, but should it? Dunno. Moving on, I can’t find exactly, and the instructions don’t tell you, where inside the opening to insert the 3.5mm flathead at a 45 deg angle to slide a latch (?) or anything 5mm to the left. I’ve had 2 friends attempt this, we all have failed. Inside the access cover is now all marred up from probing everywhere with screwdrivers in an effort to open the tailgate. I can just hear Ford try to deny the warranty for customer tampering with the tailgate. It’s ridiculous that there is no release cable or some easier way to do this. Thankfully I was not stuck on the side of the road with a flat with this inoperable tailgate holding my spare tire hostage. Maybe they will let me watch the Ford tech do this procedure when I go to the dealer, but probably not. Thanks to all again!