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  1. ezndo

    Engine Dies while Driving

    Went to Autozone and Advanced Auto, both places pulled zero codes. Guess I’ll bite the bullet and go to a dealership, but I know that will most likely be a dead end too. Guess I can at least get the PCM updated. Hate to throw parts at a problem, but if all else fails, may try replacing the TB.
  2. ezndo

    Engine Dies while Driving

    The code reader I used is an SCT X3, which reads codes and doubles as programmer for my Raptor. I’ll take it to Autozone as you suggest. I was contemplating replacing the throttle body (easy enough) as that seemed to be the fix with the 3.5L, but I’ll start with Autozone. Thanks.
  3. ezndo

    Engine Dies while Driving

    This has happened 3X on separate occasions to my wife. 2016 Edge Sport, 2.7EB, 10K miles. Driving normally and car shuts off, complete loss of power. Restarts fine. When she arrived back home, I checked for codes, none. Maybe restarting erases the codes? I replaced the battery, thinking the OEM battery was near its life expectancy, and it stalled again after the replacement. Been reading up on this, seems to be an issue with the 3.5L(throttle body) but could not find an issue with the 2.7EB. Anyone have insight? Thanks.
  4. Is the BMS optional or standard equipment on 2015+? What does it look like and where is it located?
  5. Yup, that’s my default solution if there are no other options. Thanks very much!
  6. Hi All, Just replaced the OEM battery BXT-90T5-590 with the larger BAGM-48H6-760. I did not see a battery management system module (BMS) which I believe is usually attached to the negative battery cable. Also, I did try to reset the BMS by doing the high beam flash 5-7X, apply brakes 3X all within 10 secs but nothing happened. So, anyone know how to tell if I have a BMS or post a pic? If I do, do I need Forscan or dealer to reset? TIA
  7. Haven’t tried replacing on my Edge yet but just did the passenger side CV axle on my Raptor. Literally took 30 mins and I’ve never done it before. Check Rockauto for parts, replaced with OEM.
  8. So I get these Carfax reports emailed to me from a dealer. In June, my trade in value was $22,510. In July, it increased to $25,180. Curious as to why? Covid side effect/less dealer inventory? Logic dictates the longer you own these cars, the less they are worth.
  9. ezndo

    Right front axle removal?

    Try to get a pry bar into that separation between the collar and the axle and see if the axle moves at all. If so, either continue with the pry bar or try to tap it out if you can. Look at a new axle for comparison.
  10. ezndo

    Right front axle removal?

    Just did the passenger side cv axle on my 2010 Raptor, I know, not the same vehicle. First, look at replacement axle on Rockauto for comparison. If it has a collar, then I would say don’t remove the one on yours. Secondly, I used a long chisel to tap on the axle to remove. If yours is anything like mine, it is just splined into the differential. Again, picture would help. Good luck!
  11. ezndo

    2016 Sport Lug Nuts - replacement needed

    Well, I initially shared your concerns when I replaced the lug nuts on my Raptor last year. They are similar in shape to these in that they do not have the same flair or bulge. I’ve had no issues with them, and my Raptor is much heavier and gets driven much harder than my Edge.
  12. ezndo

    2016 Sport Lug Nuts - replacement needed

    Black makes it difficult to see...
  13. ezndo

    End of Lease & COVID-19

    I would continue to make lease payment when due and continue driving it if you want to keep it. Buyout should be credited when things return to normal. On April 17, send another email with pic of odometer/ document condition of car to dealership and Ford Credit.
  14. ezndo

    2016 Sport Lug Nuts - replacement needed

    Just replaced the lug nuts on my 2016 Sport, 21”wheel w/Gorilla black lugs p/n 61147BCX. I contacted Gorilla and these were recommended by them. CJ Pony Parts had the best price.