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  1. Hopefully, your Edge is still under warranty. Also, not all automotive technicians are equal in their abilities to fix an issue. What I would suggest is test drive another Edge with a vista roof and compare the noise level. Then take the service advisor for a ride and show him the difference. What may be “satisfactory” to them, may not be for you. It may just need a minor adjustment. Mine is as sound as a hard roof. If the dealership still won’t address your issue to your satisfaction, then find another dealership who is more willing to address the issue. Also, google wind noise complaints on your specific vehicle year.
  2. scorpionking0102


    Good day to all, I haven’t had that issue yet, but has anyone had their moveable sunroof break? I was driving the interstate and heard, what I thought was a large rock hit the sunroof. When I inspected it, sure enough, there was a large crack overhead. Not to start a “conspiracy theory”, but I have been reading of cracking or exploding large sunroofs, primarily on Kia and Hyundai vehicles, amongst others. The Ford Edge with “panoramic” sunroofs were also mentioned. I believe it was an article in one Consumer Reports article “Exploding Sunroofs: Danger Overhead”. Its a very informative read with a few YouTube articles also. Mine broke because of a rock that got kicked up, but didn’t shatter because it was laminated. When I went to the shop the insurance company was steered to. I looked at it before installation. As it turned out it was a Pilkington glass sunroof with a Ford logo and to make matters worse, it was tempered and not a laminated one. I didn’t accept the explanation the sunroof company gave me and they said Ford reengineered their sunroofs. I went to the Ford dealership to look what they are putting in the new ST,, and guess what, it was a Pilkington with a Ford logo that was tempered. I called Carlite and they are going to get back with me. In the meantime, I’ll just keep it taped with clear Gorilla tape. Consumer reports recommends laminate over tempered, I guess for obvious reasons. Will I still buy another Ford with a panoramic roof. Of course, I love that feeling of having a convertible without the noise which sometimes comes along with one.
  3. scorpionking0102

    Shifter handle

    Good day to all, I’m glad to see this mod. I was wondering how to remove the “piano black” trim around the cup holders without damaging it. I want to remove mine and have it covered in carbon fiber to match the dash trim on my Sport. Although it looks nice, it will show swirl scratches if not kept clean with a microfiber cloth.
  4. scorpionking0102

    My f*cking car flooded last night guys

    First things first. When I worked for Ford turning wrenches years gone by, when we had a vehicle come in with water leaks or damage, whatever you want to call it, we removed the “complete” interior and let it air dry which also allowed the metal to dry underneath. However, with your situation, a wet/dry vacuum may be a handy tool to have to suck the deep water imbedded within the interior seats and carpet after the interior is stripped from the vehicle, or you may end up with a “musty” smelling car. Have you “googled” what dealers do to dry out flood vehicles? Which brings up the issue of filing an insurance claim on your vehicle. They may list it as flood damaged which in turn could possibly show up on a CarFax report for your vehicle. There have been several reports of “shady” dealers buying flood damaged vehicles cheap and then selling them after they are dried out without the new owner knowing it’s true history. In part, CarFax reports are generated from insurance claims on vehicles. If someone repairs any damage at their own expense, then it won’t show up on these reports. If you decide to dry it out yourself, do it right or hire a company to do it for you. There are a lot of electronics running throughout the vehicles these days, good luck whichever route you choose.
  5. scorpionking0102

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Where did you get the kit? Nice addition!
  6. scorpionking0102

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Have you tried Purple Power Oil? I would like to know if it is worth investing in.
  7. Good day all, I have a 2016 Sport and was in question if the illuminated “Ford Performance” door sills which are on the 2019 ST will “plug and play” on mine. Theoretically, I cannot possibly see Ford making engineering changes that wouldn’t allow changing them out. Are there any ideas floating out there on this?
  8. Have you ever thought of the idea that the roof had been damaged somewhere along the way. My son bought a Chrysler 300 from Carmax with a clean Carfax report. I was out of town and didn't get a chance to examine it before he purchased it. When I looked the car over I could tell it had been hit on the left front fender. Buyers beware, Carfax is at best 50% accurate. If a company fixes it on their own dime, and no insurance claims were ever filed, then it can fly by without ever recorded as being in an accident. If one buys a used vehicle, have an experienced mechanic look it over.
  9. I have a 2016 Sport and for no apparent reason the anti-collision light flashes on the front window. Sometimes it scares the begesses out of me, thinking whether I have missed something in front of me. I have had it to the dealer numerous times and they said it didn't flash a code, so they can't fix what is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this issue. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a "self test" built into this feature.
  10. scorpionking0102

    2016 Edge Sport 21 inch wheels

    I have a 2016 Sport in "To Good To Be Blue". It has only 17000 miles and when I was polishing the wheels, I noticed the finish on all four wheels were pitted as if I went through a sand storm. I am very meticulous when cleaning and polishing it, and the dealer knows that. When I took it in for warranty repairs I brought the issue up stating that all four wheels have splash guards and that I have never seen a set of wheels do this. Guess what? For replaced all four wheels, no questions asked. I really thought I was going to have to fight with them to replace them.I was wondering if Ford knew of this problem existed from other complaints. Has anyone else had this experience?
  11. scorpionking0102

    Weather Striping Fail

    I just picked up my 2016 Sport from the dealer for warranty repairs. The weather stripping on the "dog leg" of the rear door kept coming off and was replaced under warranty.
  12. scorpionking0102

    Got the Blue(s)?

    I call my 2016 Edge Sport "Slayer", as you see on my plates. I always get looks from the X5 drivers. To Good To Be Blue was one of the nicest blues Ford produced.
  13. scorpionking0102

    Wheel color change

    I'm pretty sure it's not discoloration due to brake dust, because it's a smooth gloss finish as if they were painted. I clean the inside of the rims each time I wash it. But,I will try a cleaner specifically formulated that removes brake dust without harming the finish on the wheels to see if it works,thanks.
  14. scorpionking0102

    Wheel color change

    I have a 2016 Edge Sport with the upgraded 21" wheels. I have always been diligent about keeping them clean and waxed to prevent brake dust from ruining them. Initially, the wheels inside were polished aluminium and after 12,000 miles have turned to black,almost as if they were painted. Has anyone else out there experienced this phenomenon?
  15. scorpionking0102

    Front bra for sale

    I'm seeing a lot of viewers on this topic but no takers. This is not a cheap "Made in China" vehicle bra. It's made in the good ole USA by Colgan. Although, quality doesn't come cheap, I am surprised someone hasn't snatched this offer up. Like I stated, "used twice then cleaned and and packed back in the original box". This once in a lifetime offer can now be a valuable piece of protection for your Edge for $50 plus shipping. I now have a 2016 Edge Sport and no longer need it.