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  1. fishx65

    Edge replacement

    I own both an Edge and a Fusion. If the EVOS was a hybrid all wheel drive vehicle I'd be really interested. I think it looks amazing:)
  2. fishx65

    Do I need rust protection to move to Canada?

    I'd do a full undercoat and rustproofing and make sure to touch it up every year. It's also a good idea to give it a quick spray with a product like fluid film going into each winter. I have a 2011 SEL that's been in SE Michigan its whole life and the undercarriage still looks pretty amazing for 150,000 miles.
  3. 2011 just hit 150,000 and it's time for a tie rod job. Moog or Motorcraft? Can get all 4 Moog's for $130.00 on Amazon so that's the way I'm leaning.
  4. fishx65

    Blend,Mode and Recirculation

    I recently had to change out an actuator in a Taurus because I couldn't get the defrost vents to work. Major problem in the winter!!!! I was able to pinpoint which actuator it was by the clicking noise and getting my fingers on it. Unfortunately it was the upper actuator on the drivers side which was a bitch to get to. I made a little bed out of milk crates and a patio cushion so I could lay down and try to get the 3 screws out. Took me about 4 hours and I only got two screws back in. Had to go all MacGyver and make a couple extended 1/4" ratchet handles. My whole body was sore for a few days:)
  5. It would be interesting to compare Edge sales to Fusion sales those same years. Maybe cuz I live in Michigan but I'm amazed how many Fusions of all years I still see on the roads.
  6. In the same boat with around 140K on my 2011. Gonna roll the dice instead of fixing something that might last over 300,000 miles. If Mac can do it so can we:):)
  7. fishx65

    Ford edge rough idle after water pump change

    I've got a 2011 SEL with 145,000 and been thinking of doing the water pump as a precautionary measure. This post makes me not want to mess with it.
  8. I currently own a 2011 Edge, 2019 Fusion Hybrid and a 2023 Escape ST. The 2011 Edge is way nicer than the 2023 Escape in almost every single way besides technology and MPG. Out of the three, I still prefer driving the Edge by a good margin. I've been driving Fords my whole life but will finally be looking at other brands when I decide to sell the Edge. Whatever I get will definitely be a hybrid.
  9. fishx65

    How should I hide this rust?

    Your MIL is a smart lady:) I don't think it's worth trying to repair the body on that Edge cuz it's pretty bad. If ya gotta keep it, maybe just keep covering the rust with a can of black rust-stop Rust-oleum.
  10. fishx65


    Probably a CV axle. Make sure to go OEM if they need to be replaced.
  11. fishx65

    Front end clunk noise

    You pretty much replaced everything that it could be. Only thing I can think of is another bad CV axle. I replaced mine with an Autozone axle and within a week it started making noise and was out of balance. Had to return it and grab a Motorcraft axle. Nice thing is that round two only took me a half hour:)
  12. I had a dealership diagnose my front clicking noise as a bad strut mount bearing and is the reason I replaced mine before figuring out it was the CV axle. I guess it really doesn't matter in your case since you have an extended warranty.
  13. I just did this a few weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1NvtUwfRJc
  14. Wow, it almost sounds like something is preventing the spring or strut from compressing which would explain how the metal around the upper strut bolt is breaking apart. I would think you'd really feel it if the strut or spring wasn't compressing. It would take a lot of force to tear that upper strut mount plate. Has your Edge ever been in a bad accident? Now that I think about it, I did end up removing the 4 upper bolts to turn the strut assembly after noticing it should be installed a certain way. Maybe that could be the problem.
  15. Definitely a bad CV axle and most likely the passenger side. Fairly easy and inexpensive repair.