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  1. Anyone try these in a 2011-2014 yet?? I'm still running an old set of DDM 35/5000 HIDs in my 2011 but wouldn't mind giving these a try.
  2. Haven't driven it much except a 500 mile run up north and back. Thanks to you guys, I'm now convinced it's the passenger side CV Joint. Is this something I need to have done immediately or am I cool for quite a while? I'm a do-it-yourselfer and planning on attacking this issue sometime in the Michigan summer.
  3. I've had a 35/5000 DDM Kit with a custom harness in my 2011 SEL for over 7 years. DDM replaced a ballast in year two under warranty. I purchased two kits thinking I may need spare parts but haven't had to use it. Not sure if DDM's quality has changed since installing mine 7 years ago but it still looks like they have great prices.
  4. Seems like you really should get reimbursed if it was indeed the front drivers door and you had it done at a Ford Dealership. They're making it sound like they'll only cover the cost if it breaks between the time you received this notice to July 2020.
  5. I just received a notice about the front drivers side door latch on my 2011 SEL. Customer Satisfaction Program 19N09. Looks like it's covered to 120,000 miles or July 2020.
  6. I usually get a lot more life out of 65 series batteries then 59. My 2011 came with a 59 but was also designed to take a 65. Needless to say there's a big ole 65 under the hood these days.
  7. I'm gonna test it out better the next couple days and then post some more info. It's been a clickin for a long time.
  8. I did read about the Explorer CV Joint issues. Looks like they had a cheap fix:
  9. My 2011 (100,000 miles) has a loud clicking noise when turning right at slow speeds. I'm thinking strut bearing. Is the sound coming from the spring rotating in it's seat or the bearing itself? Any quick fixes with a can of lube or does it have to be replaced?
  10. I'll give you $2000.00 for it. Let me know where to pick it up and I'll have cash.:):)
  11. fishx65

    P0303-C assistance

    Not sure how much you're going to spend on 1 new COP but this Motorcraft kit comes with all 6 of them for $180.00. I know the COPs in this kit are the right ones for our 2011 3.5s. $180.00 is a pretty good deal for 6 of them and it's nice to install 3 new ones in the back while you have the upper intake off.
  12. fishx65

    Dried blood on headliner

    Steven Avery got out and purchased an Edge????:):)
  13. fishx65

    Has anyone added heated mirrors?

    Not sure if this helps but I replaced the passenger mirror on my non heated 2008 Taurus with a heated version and it works. My guess would be that all Edges are wired for them.
  14. My 35/5000 DDM Hids in my 2011 are still going strong after 7 years but I'd definitely look at some LEDs if they work as well as HIDs in our halogen projectors. I recently drove a friends 2011 with halogens and had forgotten how bad they are.