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  1. If they shine about 3 feet the odds are really high that the bulbs are not installed properly. Someone probably missed a tab and they're both at an angle. That said, 11-14 Edge's have very weak headlights if they came with halogen bulbs. I've run Hids in my 2011 for years but I suppose there are some good LED options out there by now.
  2. That HID kit should be fine. They're all pretty much just cheap Chinese kits at that price range. I finally had a bulb go out in my 2011 yesterday which has been sporting a $45.00 35/5000 DDM kit for almost 10 years.
  3. fishx65

    2014 Edge Limited No Heat

    I usually have it set around 70-73 degrees. Outside temps are below 40. I just reset the system with the power/defrost buttons and there was no change. I hear the blower going in auto mode but nothing is coming out the panel vents. If I switch to panel it blows heat just fine.
  4. fishx65

    2014 Edge Limited No Heat

    I'm having a problem with the heat not blowing on just the auto setting (2011 SEL with manual controls). The panel, floor, defrost or any combo blows just fine it's just the auto setting that's not working.
  5. My 2011 SEL finally has it's 1st problem at 126,000:( It's got manual controls and the auto temp setting is not blowing air. Sounds like the blower is running but nothing comes out of any vents no matter which ones I choose. Even if I crank the temp setting up to 80 degrees it doesn't blow. Manual settings like defrost work fine so that's how I'm heating my Edge right now. Any ideas why auto mode is not working properly?????
  6. fishx65

    2011-2014 rust areas

    Thanks. Gonna take a look and see if I can find a way to spray some rustproofing inside the rockers.
  7. fishx65

    2011-2014 rust areas

    I live in a rust belt and was just wondering where your 2011-2014 Edges are showing rust? Been doing a little rust checking on my 2011 and found some on the bottom lip of the tailgate but the doors were just fine. Ended up having to remove the entire bead of body caulk and redoing the bottom edge. Would like to spray some rustproofing in the problem areas before it starts.
  8. fishx65

    Better Shocks?

    I've just learned to live with the stiff ride of my 2011 SEL but I do keep my tires right at 31 PSI which helps quite a bit.
  9. Tires at 32psi will help a lot and adding weight will also help. Weight can be added around the spare under the rear panel. I added a couple bags of tube sand to the back of my Rents 2011 and it definitely helped smooth her out.
  10. This guy makes it look pretty easy without a lift and makes me want to tackle this job myself. Sorry Mac, he made it look easier then your vid:):):)
  11. fishx65

    CV axle replacement

    Got a chance to investigate the clicking a little closer and it's definitely the strut mounts and not the axle. The coil spring is binding up especially when it's cold. Gonna be a little more expensive than I was hoping:(:(
  12. fishx65

    CV axle replacement

    Thanks Paul, really helpful.:) I was surprised how cheap they are even at AA and AZ.
  13. Maybe a dumb question but how do you tell which side is bad? I've had one clicking for a long time on my 2011 SEL and want to replace it. I've always thought it was the passenger side but I want to be sure before I pickup the new one.
  14. I'm guessing 255/60/18s will rub a little but please let us know if you end up going with that size. I personally just like the looks of a wider tire.:):)
  15. Got a clicky passenger side CV joint on my 2011 FWD SEL. Anyone here do this job themselves lately? I usually do repairs like this myself and was just wondering if it's worth it. Looks like a whole new shaft is only around a hundred bucks. Any particular brand better then others?