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  1. Simans82

    F/S: 2017 Ford Edge Sport 21" Wheels/Tires

    These wheels have been sold. Thank you!
  2. Simans82

    F/S: 2017 Ford Edge Sport 21" Wheels/Tires

    I've replied to everyone's messages. Thanks for the interest!
  3. Simans82

    F/S: 2017 Ford Edge Sport 21" Wheels/Tires

    I've been modifying cars for the last 20 years (this is my wife's daily), and although there are clear differences in the various ride qualities (air ride vs. coilovers, 18" stock wheels vs. 22" wheels with low profile stretched tires, etc.), I'm convinced that my own subjective view on ride quality won't help you much. lol I've never been concerned with a harsh ride, but I also enjoy not feeling every imperfection in the road. My own view is that the 21's ride like any other comfortable factory wheel/tire setup, but it's apparent that this view varies greatly depending on the owner's perspective. If there's a drastic difference in ride quality, I'll make sure to post my thoughts.
  4. We're selling our Edge to an older family member, so I purchased a set of factory Edge Sport 20's here on the forums that are going on our car before they come to pick it up (more sidewall, lower tire replacement cost, etc.). I'll post more pictures after the 21's are removed from the vehicle, but they're still available for immediate shipment. The car has ~12,000 miles on it, so the tires are in great condition. I'll take tread depth measurements as soon as possible. 21" x 9" Ford Edge Sport Wheels (OEM) 265/40/21 Pirelli Scorpion Verde Tires (OEM) TPM's (OEM) Two wheels have minor imperfections. The first is a rock chip, and the second is a slight bit of curb rash. Neither of these can easily be seen until you're extremely close to the wheel. I'm located in Charlotte, NC, and I'm willing to meet within a two hour radius. I'll also ship within the U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). I'm asking $2,000 shipped, but please don't hesitate to reach out with a reasonable offer. I can be flexible on the price pending your location. Shipping estimates differ greatly depending on the state. Let me know if you have any questions as well. Thanks!
  5. Simans82

    2015 Edge Sport Factory 20" wheel takeoffs

    Considering there's no formal review process for a sale like this, I wanted to post here in blownZ71's thread for anyone looking at transacting with him. I purchased these wheels, and his communication and shipping method were phenomenal! Everything was as described, and he went above and beyond on ensuring the wheels were packaged well and shipped promptly. Thank you again!