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  1. For sale brand new in the box set of H&R lowering springs. Purchased and never installed. H&R part #28759 $200 Amazon Link Located in Northeast Florida.
  2. blownZ71

    URGENT: Oil Pan 2.7 EB

    Do have any more information on this "Very Specific way to fix the problem" ? I am taking mine to the dealer for my second oil pan tomorrow. Thanks,
  3. blownZ71

    Roof panel wind noise ???

    Is this the part that you replaced? If so, do you recall how many there are? https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/retainer-roof-headlining-7846705-1#sectionId:4071011
  4. What is the largest tire size you guys have been able to run with these springs. I just upgraded to 285/35R22 on 22 x 9 Niche wheels +38 offset. Wondering if anyone is running a similarly oversized tire on these springs? Thanks,
  5. blownZ71

    Roof panel wind noise ???

    2015 Ford Edge Sport, the small panel on the roof between the windshield and front of the sunroof seems to be coming loose. A few times it seems maybe a clip has come loose so I press int back down. It starts to oscillate at highway speeds making somewhat of a flapping noise. Now I can't get it to go away. Has anyone else experienced this and/or know of a fix ?
  6. blownZ71

    2015 Edge Sport Factory 20" wheel takeoffs

    Dropped the price, ready to move these, someone make me an offer !!!!
  7. blownZ71

    Tuning Hardware differences?

    I have a few questions as I amr eady to order a tune for my 15' Sport. While I have read most of the debate between tuners, I am still not clear on the differences between the hardware required. Are there any real differences or advantages to the LMS My Calibarator, SCT, HP Tuner MPVI2, & Ngauge? To me it looks like the Ngauge would be the only one able to not only load the tune but also then have the benefit of a secondary gauge. Any thoughts or others experience with any of these? I believe I will only need a single tune, as I always run 93 and want maximum performance. I am in Florida however which some have said the 93 tune struggles in the heat, how do I factor that into my decision? I also see many offering E85 tunes which is regularly available in my area but I did not believe the 15' Edge was Flex Fuel compatible from the factory? Do all tuners include some sort of transmission tuning to match? I am assuming to at least go to the colder thermostat that they all recommend, but do all tuners also suggest a spark plug change? Just curious if any tuners are fine with the factory plugs as it looks like a PITA to get to the rear ones. Any other mods that would be well paired to the tune, i.e. catch can, intake, filter, etc.? Thanks for the input !!!
  8. Upgraded to 22's when it was time for tires. Now selling a set of 2015 Ford Edge Sport factory 20" x 8" wheels. This set was removed at 27,000 miles. Includes the original Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 245/50R20 which are mounted and could be used, but only about 5/32 average tread left. Does NOT include sensors, but will include the factory lug nuts. The wheels are in very good condition, absolutely no curb rash, scrapes, or major scratches, just a few minor blemishes from normally wear and tear. Would be willing to deliver or meet within 100 miles of Jacksonville, FL. Would be willing to dismount the tires and ship the wheels at buyers expense. Asking $900 $750 OBO. Thanks !!!
  9. blownZ71

    Intercooler - Sport

    What were said dyno results?
  10. Has anyone upgraded to a 22" wheel with performance tires? Looking to replace the factory 20" Edge wheels with a 22" wheel and curious how much width I can add and what backspacing anyone else might have used. Trying to avoid the factory 21" wheels due to the limited tire selection. Right now I am thinking 22 x 9 with a 265/35/R22, hoping that will fit or even maybe something slightly larger on a suspension with H&R springs. Any insight from anyone on here?
  11. What route did you go for wheels? Did you upgrade to a 22" ? This is what I am looking to do but have not seen any on a Gen 2 yet. If so do you have any pictures?
  12. The H&R springs from Tire Rack #28759-2, it states for AWD models. Will these also work on the 2015 FWD Sports?
  13. Considering the rear tails are LED, would resistors be required to go with switchbacks in the front?