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  1. Kanatronic

    Problem with door ajar sensor

    That plunger is to hold the door while you open it, nothing there, the sensor is on the latch, but most of the time is not the sensor, is the connector on the door to the car...they charge you an arm and a leg to replace those unless under warranty....
  2. Kanatronic

    Problem with door ajar sensor

    I would have tried first the connector....in my case the connector was the issue, unplugging it several time and a little contact cleaner did the trick...
  3. The wheel you see on the picture is the one they are selling on eBay, it is new, and it comes with everything except the airbag, price is less than 300, and all switches and connectors are included...I recently had to replace at the dealer, the fans, and the radiator, as the old dealer, while replacing the fan, put an screw into the radiator, it never leaked as it was plugging the hole, but once the new mechanic tried to replace the shot fans, and unscrewed that, boila, antifreeze all over the place...replaced transmission fluid, the power steering fluid, PTU and differential fluids, etc...the antifreeze I think they used the yellow one, of course clean...
  4. The wheel is looking old and worn, but the airbag was recalled under the warranty so the dealer has to replace it anyways....so I was thinking to maybe drop the sterring wheel for them to replace it, along with the airbag, which needs to be replace by them at no charge anyways, I have seen the process and it is just one nut in the center,,,the switches comes with the new wheel, so I think it will be a plug and play connector if it is the same.... the spark plugs and rubber boots I have only 65K miles on my Edge, and I have absolutely no sings of any kind of them being bad or even hesitating, rumbling, vibrating, misfiring, nothing....on top is not that I want to save money, it is that due the pandemic, no dealers have appointments on my area anyways, and there is shortage of mechanics, I do not want Joe with no experience doing any job on my car....I prefer to pay a seasoned mechanic that know what is doing....
  5. I'm looking to replace my steering wheel (given that there is a recall for the airbag on the driver side as well, I could do both at once) but the part number I'm looking from my dealer, 8T4TZ3600BE, doesn't seem to be the right one. They gave me one probably to get rid of me, as I refused to pay $800 bucks to replace my spark plugs and rubber boots, insane, no way Jose....but the array of media buttons on the right side doesn't seem to be the right one, it looks more like the 8T4Z3600CF pictured below...Could anybody gimme a hand with this? Also how to remove it and reinstall it safely? Do we actually need to remove the battery terminals, I do not want to lose my sync/radio settings...maybe they are all alike but this one was listed as 2009 model, and I want to get the right one...any help guys!!!!
  6. I have pair of supports for the liftgate back door, made by Strong Arm, they work nice, and they indeed are brand new...I just tested them, so the plastic bag is open; but I got a pair of OEM's and my dealer replaced them at the end, as they were covered under my warranty, my bad...So I have no use for them now, and I can't return them as they are now open, and they will last for 5-7 more years... I will sell them for less of what I paid, or any trade for other parts (looking for brand new Ford Front Logo for the grill)...if you are interested, let me know, I paid $54.00 for the pair...if there is any member interested, just contact me, please...I will sell them for $35.00 plus shipping...
  7. Kanatronic

    Liftgate support cylinder

    I still have a couple of Strong Arms, that I got, test them, but at the end I prefer the Stabilus...those are just tested brand new....if you are interested, just contact me...I will sell them lower than any dealer...
  8. Kanatronic

    Any aftermarket brake pads?

    The pads on the edge has champhers on them to make the braking smooth, for the ones used to japanese cars, they will take some time to get used to, to the point that I was offered once on enterprise, a nissan rental, and after a block I came back to replace it, as I could not get used to the almost air braking system...my pads lasted far over 30,000 miles, good luck getting ones that will last that long, unless ten times that price....
  9. Kanatronic

    Rear wiper part numbers

    They can do whatever they want, but hte motorcraft is not the same exact fit as the OEM, I had tried both...the fit is the motorcraft is not as smooth looking as the OEM, I'm using now my third one...
  10. Kanatronic

    Rear wiper part numbers

    Nevermind, I think it is on one of my invoices: 7T4Z17528AC
  11. Kanatronic

    Rear wiper part numbers

    These is a motorcraft, it is not the same as the OEM. While you mount them, that arm is a little over the blade, not nicely flush as the OEM. I have tried both trust me on that, ando nce the lady at the dealer told me the same that they were slightly different, but most people do not care about that little differece, but I do....I want the FORD OEM part number...to order the OEM, BTW I use bosch icons on the front as well, so far the best I have tried, far better than the Michelin and RainX...also have used once the Motorcraft for the front, they are a joke, mine lasted three months before begining to strike the glass, but they were free...LOL... Everytime they offer me free wipers what I do is tell them to giive me the OEM rear instead....
  12. Kanatronic

    Rear wiper part numbers

    Does anybody knows the part number for the rear wiper blade, normal OEM Ford rear wiper, the Motorcraft is slightly different, and the difference in cost is not that big either...or any good alternative to replace just the blade after...that is blade is pretty thick at the back side, and normal bladeswill not fit as intended... Ah...BTW 2008 model SEL....
  13. You did not need to get the entire mirror assembly, just the glass, is a lot cheaper, it comes with the plastic back as well...if it is not the one with the blind spot mirror, is even cheaper...mine both cost me like 186, and 160 something the other, for some reason they are different prices always... BTW IME, if they are compatible getting the lower years sometimes is cheaper even while they are the same part number, I was quoted different prices for 2009 and 2010, not sure but it seems that sometimes the dealers cheat based in the VIN and overprice the most recent models, even while they are the same part number....
  14. Kanatronic

    Aftermarket Horns, anybody?

    And are you sure they are louder than the stock ones????