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  1. I was told the factory hitch was integral to the bumper and couldn't be removed. I was rear-ended this winter and the part was damaged. I asked not to reinstall the hitch but they told me they had to. Disappointing. But maybe the receiver could be cut back? I had a Class III U-Haul hitch installed and it fits perfectly without having to remove the factory Class II hitch. That might be an option? Works for us.
  2. I believe Class II vs Class II is weight distribution. I have the factory Class II and I had the Class III installed to tow our RV which has similar weight (19', 2650 lbs dry). WD is required if you are going to tow that trailer. The weight of that trailer will cause the front wheels to be too light on the road and will reduce maneuverability considerably. the factory hitch can probably hold your trailer but it doesn't have the WD characteristics of the Class III and you will definitely notice it. I assume you have weight distribution/ torsion bars with this trailer? then you need a Class III hitch. it's no longer a question of exceeding the limit of the factory hitch, but a question of drivability and safety. I posted a pic of my RV attached to my Edge here
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    Yes it held up really well. Because its winter and the car is covered with dirt and salt, you wouldn't immediately notice the damage but the bumper is cracked and the black plastic under is all broken to pieces. The body shop tucked it under while I wait for repairs. Apparently this color is not noticeable, this is the third time someone's hit me in this car. Next one will be a different color.
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    Remove battery

    I had to change my battery last night and I noticed the clock had reset and some units had reverted from Celsius to Imperial. nothing major as far as I can tell.
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    Norm's Edge

  6. abnormal

    block heater

    I could have used a block heater yesterday. -25C this morning. car wouldn't start without a boost.
  7. at 3 times the towing capacity, the FX4 will provide way more options as far as trailers are concerned. good luck.
  8. hey Edge9998. I apologize for the tardiness in my reply, I have to login here on a more regular basis. I assume my Edge has the factory towing pkg because it has the factory hitch. the factory hitch is definitely good for a tent trailer and I used it to tow my boat. I had to upgrade to a class III from U-Haul 3 years ago for our camping trailer. BTW, U-Haul has nice hitches at good prices. I have a weight distribution hitch and we tow our ~2700 lbs trailer just fine. I assume your towing capacity is 3500 lbs as well? without seeing the trailer, I would assume yes, you can tow a small tent trailer with 5 passengers easily.
  9. hi guys my 2007 Edge's liftgate (not power) will no longer stay open by itself. The support cylinders are tired and need replacing. has anyone found a good replacement part for these? or do I need to go to my dealer? thanks Norm 2007 Edge AWD
  10. hello I have a 2007 Edge with factory audio (6 CD changer). I've owned this truck for several years now and as far as I know, Bluetooth is not enabled on this radio BUT when I look at my phone, it detects it as Bluetooth enabled. Anomaly? I haven't been able to make the connection but I'm curious to see if anyone else has seen this or been able to make the connection? Would be nice if it worked. (I use a Windows Phone 8 if that matters) thanks Norm (Canada)
  11. I've towed a 20' Larson (~2700 lbs dry) on a tandem axle trailer with electric brakes without any issues. (2007 AWD Edge) it actually towed really well. the Edge pulled the boat out of the water every time without spinning the tires once. Of course I used the low gear setting to pull it out of the water and disabled the O/D while on the highway. The towing experience was excellent. No issues braking. We also tow a 17' hybrid trailer (~2700 lbs dry) for camping and it tows very nicely.
  12. abnormal

    How to Remove Rear Brake Rotors

    Shanker has it right; the rubber plug gives access to the parking brake adjustment and it needs to be loosened to allow the rotor to release. The plug needs to be aligned to approx. 11 o'clock to see the adjuster. Once I figured it out, the rotors came off relatively easy. Wish I had researched here before my first attempt at this job. Would have been much simpler. I have not seen brakes like this before and they are the most difficult brakes I have ever removed.
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    Factory 18" chome Edge wheels

    I received the wheels Saturday. installed today and they look great! thanks Patrick I'll post pics soon
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    Factory 18" chome Edge wheels

    PM sent to your yahoo address thanks
  15. abnormal

    Factory 18" chome Edge wheels

    where are you located? West coast? thanks Norm