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    Will try keep this short and simple. Just had my rear PTU oil changed at 106 000kms and the technician said it was good that I had it done then and there due to the dark viscous colour of the fluid. I live in Canada where the temperatures are moderate along with some hilly drives towing my 1800lb tent trailer. So this lifetime oil change business is BS! Get it changed at least every 80 000kms or so to make sure your vehicle runs accordingly.
  2. I have a 2013 Ford Edge 3.5L AWD and want to get a better lower end performance or general overall performance. The engine has some pep but could definitely benefit from some lower end torque increase. Anyone have experience with a custom tune or aftermarket plug in tuner? Worth investing time and money or is it better spent elsewhere?
  3. So updating the sync2 system to 3.8/3.10 seems to have fixed this issue. I am running an iPhone SE. Wondering if anyone else had the same problem?
  4. Ok folks, I downloaded v3.10 Sync2. Extracted the contents to my USB FAT32. It took 20-25mins while the car was running. It has now installed what it says v3.8 Sync2 to the system. I have yet to see the differences as am currently at work. Will update later.
  5. Hello, I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL. I have looked for the latest update via the Ford website and it says that Apr 25, 2013 - Sync 2 v3.5 is the latest version. Is this the case? I'd prefer to update my MyTouch Sync version to v3.8 or what ever is the latest. Please advise anyone of what your experience has been?
  6. Hey folks, I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL. When I make calls I can hear/speak fine. When I receive calls and pick-up via the buttons on wheel or on the touch screen; I will hear the person for 1-2 second and then it goes quiet/dead. I have to then pick-up my phone, switch it to loud speaker and then back to sync/Bluetooth to continue the call and speak/hear. I have read numerous forums and people suggest turning off "handoff" under general settings, also deleting the pairing, hard rebooting the sync system by removing the negative battery terminal or even a master reset. Nothing has proved to work. Any advice would be appreciated.