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  1. skynyrdmh

    Battery cable to fuse box

    Hey everyone, I need a little info here. I am not with this Edge and I am trying to get everything together so after work I will be heading to it to fix it but need info to get stuff ready. It is a 2007 edge and the battery cable that goes from the positive battery terminal to the fuse block by the driver side shock tower is the issue. This cable was hacked before the current owner bought the car and needed replaced. well now it has broke in half so I need to replace it. What I need to know is the length of this cable, gauge of this cable, what connector is used to connect it to the fuse block (its an eye connector on battery cable side), and the nut size to connect it to the battery positive terminal (the threaded stud is there but no bolt. I did a quick search on the internet but cannot find the answers. Only thing I can find is the complete cabling setup BUT... oddly enough it doesnt include this particular cable. Any help, info, pictures, whatever is greatly appreciated. Currently this Edge is in the middle of nowhere between the road and a empty farmers field!! With the provided info I can make a cable and take with me to change.
  2. skynyrdmh

    Battery Light...

    Hello all. An issue with the battery light on my 2007 edge has recently occurred. I am hoping to find an answer before I begin to throw expensive parts at it!! I am no stranger to mechanics by any means but this has me scratchin my head. On several occasions now the battery light will glow with no issues seemingly going on at all. If I shut the car off and immediately restart... no light and runs as it should, but a week later... same issue arises. I do know the battery light will glow for 2 reasons.... 1 alternator not charging or voltage regulator failing and alternator is over charging. I did some checking and found that at idle the alternator is pushing between 13.4 and 14.9 volts. It seems to hold steady but last night when I checked again, because light came on, it did spike for a blink of an eye to 16+ volts but then dropped right back down. I contributed this to maybe I moved and cause a little spark action. Anyway, while under the hood I noticed a little smoke coming from the battery cables!! I felt them and the positive cable was blistering hot!! I mean really... you couldnt hold it without a rag!! In fear that I may melt down my entire wiring harness I disconnected the battery. after cool down I hooked up the battery again and no issues what so ever. Even running radio, lights, using windows, seats... nothing. All as it should be. Started the car up and no issues. Runs like a top. After a few minutes I see a little puff of smoke and the cables are blistering hot again. Starter is not hanging up, alternator checked out at 13.7-14.7 volts again. no weird noises. Nothing. Has anyone run into this issue?? What did you find?? Tonight if the rain and storms hold off I am going to try to trace the cables to make sure they are not grounding out against anything and that the connections are ll tight. Other than that I am kinda ata loss. If all looks good I guess I will start with a new alternator. I hate to do it without knowing for sure but...... Any help/insight will be greatly appreciated.
  3. skynyrdmh

    TieRod ends...

    Hello all.... simple question.... Does anyone know the size of the inner tie rods on a 2007-2014 Edge SEL?? NON-AWD. At first glance it appears to be about a 32mm wrench size. Gettin ready to replace all 4 tie rods and trying to get things ready.
  4. skynyrdmh

    Bad Moog Control Arms!

    I actually replaced mine with a set from Detroit Axle. Fit perfect and no issues so far.
  5. skynyrdmh

    Front Suspension Noise on Gen 2

    Sounds like the same problem I had. Drove me nuts for a minute. Turned out to be the rubber bushing/grommet pieces on the sliders of the brake caliper. Not sure of all years they ran these, maybe still do, but on my 2007, 2008, and 2010 they do.
  6. skynyrdmh

    Blown Head Gasket....2007 SEL.

    Update; Got a deal on a verified 60k mile engine from California. For the cost to fix the mine... it was cheaper to replace the engine. And time saved too. Engine was delivered yesterday. New seals for trans and crank arrived, as well as new plugs and other maintenance parts. Since I am dropping the engine out I might as well replace all those future leakers!! Oh the fun is coming soon!!
  7. skynyrdmh

    Ever use FordPartsGiant.com??

    Just an update... received all my parts quickly and were cheaper than local dealers. All were ford OEM parts. Pretty sure I will be shopping there again in the future.
  8. skynyrdmh

    Ever use FordPartsGiant.com??

    apparently he hasn't been very active as of late. his PM box is full and cant accept any more messages.
  9. skynyrdmh

    Ever use FordPartsGiant.com??

    Not sure who Benny is but I would like to find out. Especially if it can save me a little headaches and money!!
  10. Anyone had any experience with these folks?? It appears they sell all OEM Ford parts and are pretty cheap compared to local dealers. I will be replacing my engine so was looking for maintenance parts since I will have it torn apart. On most gaskets and seals they seam to be $5 or more cheaper than local or even Amazon. Thoughts?? Recommendations other than the above for OEM Motorcraft/Ford parts??
  11. skynyrdmh

    Blown Head Gasket....2007 SEL.

    Well it happened. The bulletproof 3.5 just blew a head gasket. Still runs smooth but gets hot after about 5 min of running and yup the dreaded *mix* of coolant/oil in the oil pan. Just happed out of the blue. I do not have the time to fix myself as I have way to many irons in the fire right now. Including a new bathroom remodel I am in the middle of, my daughters wedding that's happening in December, etc. Anyone in the Columbus area know of a good/fair/reliable mechanic I can turn to, to get this job done?? I am also curious if anyone else has gone through this and what is a ballpark charge?? Or is it even worth it and maybe just look for a used engine?? Thanx all.
  12. skynyrdmh

    rear door pass side...

    Not looking to *cover* the lens. What I am actually looking for is ones that have a smoked look to them and not the lens. Imagine the chrome back being a black or smoked chrome. I know a couple manufacturers have lingered around here...... maybe one of them will see this and get to scratchin their head??
  13. skynyrdmh

    rear door pass side...

    Enigma.... the subject line was correct. I found one on a fresh yard placement. And in the exact color!! The color match made it easy for respray. I just fixed all the little dents, dings, scratches and re-sprayed the edge and it looks awesome!! Now I am in search of smoked headlights. Not looking for the *blackouts* but just the smoked ones. If anyone has any ideas they wanna share... I am all ears...or eyes in this case. I have plans for all the chrome as well
  14. skynyrdmh

    rear door pass side...

    anyone have a good one for a 2007?? Close enough to pick up would be nice.
  15. skynyrdmh

    CarID - bait & switch

    Almost ordered a new hood from them buit after reading some reviews and y'alls experiences.... Think I will look elsewhere.