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  1. erikrichard

    What to expect at 200,000+ miles

    Why not keep going just to see how long the original wp will go? chances are you will get warning with leaking if it does go, but if not its a 300k mile vehicle - is it really worth putting all that money into a new wp and chain anyway?
  2. erikrichard

    Surprise in spark plug change

    This exact thing happened to me with 2 of the 3 rear plugs, after googling wth was going on I learned this is a very common thing to happen. Shit design, don't blaim yourself.
  3. erikrichard

    Water Pump replacement; engine tear down?

    I've researched this problem quite a bit, and based on that research plus the scads of vehicles using this engine/water pump configuration with way past 100k I see regularly for sale with no mention of wp or engine replacement, I've concluded that it is a very small % that have failed. The problem is that when it does fail it's either a very expensive new water pump replacement (relatively speaking) or a catostrophic engine failure - so it's a huge deal if it happens. My conclusion is the same for ptu failures - they are rare but if they happen it's a big deal and this is why it gets so much attention. So I disagree calling those with failed pumps regardless of miles "lucky", they are in fact the vast majority of owners of these engines. It's those with pumps (and ptus) that fail that are in fact unlucky.
  4. erikrichard

    Transmission flush?

    That's true. As far as getting all the fluid out, I don't see why this is important. I'd bet doing a single drain/fill every 30k-50k miles you'd never have a transmission failure. The statement "its better than nothing" is way understated - it's a hell of a lot better than never changing it, and could very well be the difference between ending up with a failed transmission and never having an issue.
  5. erikrichard

    Transmission flush?

    This doesn't sound like a very efficient way to replace fluid. If you are removing and adding one quart at a time, every time you do it after the first quart you are actually removing a bit of the brand new fluid as it has already circulated with the old fluid. It seems to me that it's far better to do a complete drain and fill, as you are replacing half of all the old fluid with new in one go. The method you do would require a lot more than 5 quarts to achieve that 50-50 mixture of old and new fluid.
  6. erikrichard


    Suffering from old fuel invoices is a terrible affliction, better get that looked at. As far as what diesel engine will work in your 2008 Edge, any will do - it's a very simple process, just open the hood and dump your engine of choice right on top of the old 3.5l engine and you will be in business.
  7. erikrichard

    Transmission Fluid change.

    Ford's maintenance schedule says to replace fluid for the first time at 150k miles. Not sure if it's a good idea to wait so long, but there it is. I'd drain/refill without any hesitation whatsoever if I were you.
  8. erikrichard

    Transaxle Fluid Change Old/New

    The fluid on the right looks fine to me, dark red is perfectly normal at 33k miles, which is way too soon for a transmission fluid replacement in my opinion. It won't hurt anything but your pocketbook though. Next change for me would be 100k rather than in a couple hundred miles.
  9. erikrichard

    Water pump concern

    Why would that pose a problem? unless there was a crack I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. erikrichard

    2011 Edge Engine swap Done

    What an f'ing nightmare. My Edge wp is good, but if it ever shts the bed and destroys the engine I'll just call the junkyard, get it towed and not replace it with a vehicle that uses this timing chain driven wp 3.5l engine. Hopefully it won't come to that.
  11. erikrichard

    Broke engine oil dipstick

    Telescopic magnet?
  12. erikrichard

    Water pump weep hole

    Yes, that's it.
  13. erikrichard

    Ford changing coolant types

    Thanks for clearing that up, I didn't realize the coolant after the green was different than the one before it. I'd like to see water pump failure rates among the different coolants used to see if they correlate but I know that's impossible.
  14. erikrichard

    Ford changing coolant types

    So someone please correct me if I don't have this right - Ford used the orange coolant until 2009, then changed it to the specialty green in 2010, then back to orange again in 2012 - why? I wonder if the coolant type had an impact on the numbers of failed water pumps for the different model years or if it's totally irrelevant which one you use. Anyone have an opinion?
  15. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    You nailed it. I've been driving for 35 years and never had a serious accident. Actually, I've only had one and it was a fender bender. For a couple decades I had a business where driving was a big part of it, so I've driven somewhere between half a million and a million miles. Not to say it couldn't happen, but my 2010 Edge is a very safe vehicle compared to most I've owned before. These guys act like a 10 year olf vehicle is falling apart - the truth is my Edge looks, runs and drives like a 2 year old vehicle because I spent the time finding the right deal. However, and I'll leave this conversation with this last point, the $10k I spent on it represents a single year of depreciation a new Edge gets hit with. So, if by some incredibly low odds it suffers a catastrophic engine failure and ends up in the junkyard within the next year, I'm still ahead of where I'd be had I bought a new Edge a year ago.