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  1. Sorry, It's the 4 cyl 2.0 EcoBoost
  2. I’ve got a 2016 SEL. Has there been any established data on how wrong the mpg gauge is? Does it vary from car to car or is there a consistent margin of error. On a trip from San Diego to L.A. light early morning traffic with the cruise control on mostly 66-68 miles an hour the mpg read 36.2. Yeah, right!
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    Why is there a lag in direction change?

    Thanks, I’ll take it in
  4. I have a 2016 Edge SEL eco-boost and unlike any car I’ve driven in the last 48 years it has a prolonged delay from when I depress the gas pedal and the engine reacts AFTER shifting either from forward to reverse or reverse to forward. I first noticed this when backing out of a parking spot and then the car across from me also started backing out. I hit the brakes, shifted to Drive stomped on the gas and then...nothing. No rev, no sounds, what seemed like a 2 count it finally engaged. Later when executing a 3 point turn and had sudden oncoming traffic I experienced the same lags when doing the 2 different direction changes. Makes you feel the vehicle is unsafe. Is this normal? Is it true of other newer cars or just this one? Admittedly, this is my first American car, I’ve owned VW, Honda, Saab, Volvo, Audi, Nissan, BMW, and Mercedes. None had this acceleration delay which is more prolonged than the acceleration delay when driving along and then you stomp on the gas pedal.
  5. Here's one of those anchors
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    Kayak on racks

    2016 Edge with Sea Kayak on Yakima racks
  7. Apologies if this reply is late. I had checked the box to be notified of posts but never got a notice! Yes, I tie down the front and back but snapped the photo before completing my loading. Not too happy with the anchor system for the front . They look like short pieces of 1/2" PVC Plumbing pipe with strap loops that wedge under the front hood on the left and right side. Miss my Volvo Xc70 that had the tie down bolts you screwed into the bumpers. The same pipe/strap device wedges under the back hatch door for the rear.
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    2016 Edge with Vista roof

    If you follow that above mentioned link you will find my photo with a loaded sea kayak and recent reply from Yakima that states their newer style racks and towers weren't discontinued and support 165 lbs. DIASCLAIMER: Although my kayak is pictured on the car, injuries have prevented me from road testing it as of yet.
  9. I just received an email back from Yakima support saying that my towers and racks were NOT discontinued and they have not received any word of glass breakage. They also say the weight limit is 165 lbs. These are the newer Aero style racks.
  10. I too feel your pain, in fact I still haven't gotten over my anger at Santa Monica Ford assuring me that the Edge would take roof racks and be able to carry my kayaks. I had wanted a hard top model but none were available. I was however able to purchase the Yakima towers and racks after Yakima themselves had said they would work. BUT after reading the forums I lack the confidence to take my fiberglass sea kayaks on the road.