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    My new to me 2018 PTU

    That sounds like the standard corporate line from Ford. I wouldn't believe it if I were you. Then again - it may be unimportant to YOU - if you are not planning on keeping this ride long term. Since I am planning to buy my Edge out at the end of the lease - I put this oil in the PTU at around 12,000 miles: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CPI5YG/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It also may be unimportant to you if you are planning to purchase a Ford ESP warranty. In either of those cases - pfft - who cares?
  2. TourGuide

    Navigation Update

    A lawsuit probably isn't the way to deal with this - but adjusting the retail value of a NAV system that comes with a STATIC map database would be better. I'd like to suggest a more appropriate price of say $49.99 for the entire system.
  3. TourGuide

    Navigation Update

    Would this be an action against Ford or the map provider for the sync 3 system? It really makes the system more of a 'backup' type option - and a pretty poor one at that given the coverage of the base maps. They should have just gone with Google maps as other OEMs have done. None of these similar systems is perfect in spite of what some people will say. They all have their routing snafu moments baked in - based on the database and the routing engine.
  4. For me the V3.0 update (there was another that appeared since then) brought the home screen heated steering button. I think for some builds certain features are rolled out in different revisions - which seems strange to me - but then I don't really know much about the inner workings of the sync interface. My comments here do not apply to the ST by the way - I have a 16 sport.
  5. The heated steering button is a sync3 update - which you can get via a wifi download or a dealer install I imagine (I did the wifi option on mine). After the update is appears on the home screen of sync. For the life of me I cannot understand how that made it through qa testing as it most certainly should have come out that way from the start.
  6. TourGuide

    MACT Garage web page announcement

    Curious here Mac about the choice of Royal Purple over the Redline Lightweight Shockproof. While the Royal Purple is certainly better than the Motorcraft - isn't the Redline an even better still choice?
  7. TourGuide

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Hate isn't the right word - three things I wish were true about my 16. 1.) More control over sound (more equalizer settings) ought to be a given in a supposedly 'premium audio' package. 2.) I enjoy the auto-dimming driver side mirror, but come on - how about both sides instead of just one?! 3.) Seat comfort in this vehicle isn't that great. I personally would like for the driver seat to be a bit more firm. It feels like I'm going to have to have that worked on before the Edge and I part ways.
  8. TourGuide

    Replacement tires for 2016 Sport with 20" rims

    Where money is no object these tires are great in climates that get snow. They will most likely be my next set.
  9. I have the Hankook Ventus S1 Nobel on my 16 Sport. They seem to be holding up pretty well. I have almost 29k on them.
  10. For the most part I don't use the built in nav for gps work, except when I leave my phone at home. As far as the other voice command functions I'll try speaking faster and see how that works. Dialing phone numbers (perhaps because that is what I use most) seems to be the most problematic for me.
  11. I take back the noticing of improvements in voice recognition of Sync - it is still just as hit or miss with my voice as it always has been. I have to use android auto to get decent voice recognition.
  12. v3.0 is rolling out via wifi now too. My 2016 just picked up the update. I noticed I was updated when I saw the heated steering button on the main screen. It also seems that the voice recognition is improved too. The more recent updates (for me) were a step backward in voice recognition function.
  13. TourGuide

    Sport RDU oil change - what's the true capacity?

    These capacities are consistent with the html version of the manual for my 16 as well. I find it interesting that even the most current printing pdf version has the old quoted statistics on it. It seems such an easy thing to edit and recompile for accuracy sake. These updated statistics also verify what MACT has said previously about the increased fluid capacities on the PTUs.
  14. TourGuide

    Adaptive steering fault

    1.) It was for me and it should be for you. It is a TSB in the computer and your dealership ought to pick that up. 2.) You shouldn't need to if they find the TSB replacement of the part is the solution. I never felt that it was a danger driving the car with the error - it was annoying to have the error in the first place, but all that happened in my case was that adaptive steering was turned off.