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  1. TourGuide

    Wiper Blades

    The OE blades will sometimes do this too. I haven't taken the time to adjust it - but if you have a puller - you can adjust the sweep to avoid this. I think I notice this at highway speeds - but around town driving it works fine.
  2. I have done an upgrade from a sync2 system to a 3. It seems that being a sync system may limit your upgrade options to what you have done so far - but it may be worth inquiring about. Here is a link to an outfit I used - I found them to be pretty responsive to questions and was happy with the product they delivered. https://www.4dtech.com/16-ford-edge-navigation-upgrade-for-sync-3/
  3. TourGuide

    New guy from florida/ohio

    You'll need to be more specific if you want feedback.
  4. TourGuide

    Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck - Transmission

    Recalls kick in when someone is going to die - basically. Sad but it has been repeatedly shown to be truth in my observation.
  5. TourGuide

    Wiper Blades

    I know and have mostly used the motorcraft beam wipers for quite a while, but I've had to replace these inside a year the last few replacements. Searching for a better alternative I saw that project farm did a look at different blades and found bosch icons came out on top. My experience so far has been that they are indeed better than the motorcraft blades. You could make a value a case for increased cost but I just find the bosch is a better blade period - cost as an aside.
  6. TourGuide

    Long Story and Dealer Shaming

    Have you ever lifted all 4 wheels on the Edge to jack stands Cerberus?
  7. TourGuide

    PTU cooling beginning in 2021 ?

    Hmm - Looking more closely at the documents Haz provided about the system - it seems there is a separate circulation pump for the ptu cooler - as there is a service procedure document for the replacement. It is plumbed through the radiator though - as I had referenced that myself earlier. I know there will be disagreement on this forum about it - but given the operating conditions - the only ways I can see to increase the reliability of this system would be - add a drain plug to facilitate a proper spill and fill - wrap the cat and use a turbo blanket to reduce the heat soak - and use a better (and here is the controversy) fluid - such as the lightweight shockproof stuff from red line. It is really THE fatal flaw for some iterations of this setup that a drain plug is missing. In those cases the service procedure is insane - and I am not talking about the jobber solution of evacuate with a pump and refill - that is a less than ideal service.
  8. Yesterday I had the driver and passenger side windows tinted 15% to match the backs. Happy with the results. She is a dirty girl right now - so I have to clean her up before pictures.
  9. Wow - what a difference in that mount! I call that a nice upgrade!
  10. TourGuide

    PTU cooling beginning in 2021 ?

    Yes - it is all plumbed through the radiator - so it should all (most likely) be run by the same circulation pump. This is a system they have implemented in really hot climates. The design in general has some significant weaknesses - one of which is oil capacity - and THAT will get no amount of improvement as it exists without increasing the reservoir.
  11. When I did this sort of swap on my wife's escape - which has the projector style hallogens OE - I just used trial and error to adjust the clocking of the bulb. I only had to readjust the drivers side as I got lucky the first time on the passenger side. That would be my recommendation is to give it a whirl and change it if need be - though I would advise doing so when time allows you to get it adjusted properly. Oncoming drivers will appreciate the consideration. I found that with the projectors - it is possible to get the desired result.
  12. Good luck! Nothing like that new car smell!
  13. I am not certain about the technical details - but my understanding of your situation (having been there myself) is that the head unit needs to have support for apple car play or android auto as the case may be. Sync 2 head units lack this - so a wireless dongle won't help. Your head unit is the limiting factor. For several generations of vehicle I also had OE nav installed, but became disenchanted with it - especially once android auto and car play came on the scene. OE nav maps are eternally outdated and WAY overpriced. The routing on those head units is always inferior - I am pretty sure due to the older data set and probably the routing engine itself. I eventually realized that I was using google maps for all my nav needs - and even this is not perfect. OE nav ended up being what I would use as my emergency fallback solution when my phone died - or was unavailable. In my current 19 - I gave the OE nav up - and have not regretted it for a second. My sync 3 head unit supports android auto and car play - so I have nav that way - continuously updated. I am content with the notion that I am also paying for that by sacrificing some data privacy - just like people do on facebook - instagram - etc. What I get out of that seems to me a fair trade - based on what I know of the exchange presently.
  14. TourGuide

    Ford Edge ST exhaust rattle

    Sounds like a loose heat shield to me. Describe your symptoms as you have here to give them the best shot at tracking it down. Dealership service departments hate these things btw - time sinks to them. Important to you though so just insist they remedy the issue.
  15. I purchased a kit from this outfit a couple of years ago - https://www.4dtech.com/ The kit was pricy (I felt) but it helped me accomplish the goal of having real sync 3. This is a complete hardware kit including apim and usb hub.