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  1. I have replaced the evaporator core with a new one because of the trouble code B1B71 - Evaporator Temperature Sensor but the issue and the trouble code still exist. I actually have 2 trouble codes as below: B1B71 - Evaporator Temperature Sensor B1086 - Air Distribution Damper Motor Note: it is a 2011 Ford Edge Limited
  2. After changing the evaporator core the A/C is not working properly. 1. The air is blowing only from the front vent. 2. The air is not cooling all the time. Sometime it blow cooled air and most of the time it is hot air which is blowing. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be and how to deal with it?
  3. The battery is new. The issue happen just after tried to enable navigation and radio odd frequency.
  4. If the fan speed is not at max, the engine can start but in max position it cannot. For example if the fan speed is at the middle or below the middle the vehicle can start. Once the vehicle starts I can adjust fan speed as I want.
  5. Another question is coming up: Why the engine cannot start with AC on?
  6. The part is not available in hands. I need to purchase from abroad.
  7. He will open the engine and am really afraid.
  8. Sounds logic. The throttle body was really dirty but the mechanic didn't mention it and that surprise me.
  9. Unfortunately no. I took it to mechanic and I have been asked to change item in attachment. Mechanic told me that there's no error code. What I noticed is that the item BT4Z-9B659-A was broken(torn up)
  10. Hi all, What can cause the engine shut down while in motion? Fail to restart until I disconnect and reconnect the battery. Also after it restart the speed cannot exceed 40~50km/h. It's a 2011 Ford Edge Limited. Thanks!
  11. Inno

    Radio station

    Ok, thanks! I'll try your version when needed. Or do you have the list of the country code? Another thing, do you have all the possible codes of Forscan for 2011 Ford Edge Limited?
  12. Inno

    Radio station

    Thanks! I'll try 0301, Europe version as we are close to Europe.
  13. Inno

    Radio station

    Hi, I have changed to "0101. By scan I can get the pair number frequency but I cannot direct tune to them. For example to 94.4
  14. Inno

    Radio station

    Ok, Thanks! It is very clear. Is there anyway to backup the current config? Any setting to enable navigation?