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  1. CVCashmere

    From a Mustang GT to an EDGE ST

    I own the Mustang GT, my wife drives the Edge ST. Very different cars...but you can blend in a lot better with the Edge. Cops notice you less. Try to be low key with a convertible! CVCashmere
  2. CVCashmere

    How many Fords have you owned?

    1965 Falcon 4 door (dog of an engine) 2005 Ford Thunderbird Cashmere Edition 2006 Ford Fusion SEL 2015 Mustang Convertible 2019 Edge ST
  3. CVCashmere

    I'm in the UK with my new 2018 Edge 210 ST-Line

    Nice to hear bout ST owners around the world! When my wife drives it, she has no idea how powerful it really is! CVCashmere
  4. CVCashmere

    Hello from Amarillo Tx

    Welcome from Joisey! CVCashmere
  5. Someone...please take this off my hands! $20 and its yours! Fits 2015-2018 Edge! My mistake becomes your good fortune! Pick up outside of Philly! Thanks CVCashmere
  6. Please...please come over and organize my garage! The new vac is the only thing that is actually neatly hung!! CVCashmere
  7. Everyone My family gave me a wall-mounted Bissell wet/dry vacuum w/30 feet of cord. No more hauling out vacuum cleaners or trying to blot up wet spots on the carpet. Works great…already used on one hair-ridden vehicle! CVCashmere
  8. Bump! $30 firm-please come and take this off my hands! Thanks CVCashmere
  9. OK...I believe I can fold it into a box. Contact me if you are interested, and I will see what shipping is. Thanks CVCAshmere
  10. Nice to be helping others on the list! CVCashmere
  11. Price holding at $40. Can try to mail it if you are OK that it might crease. Thanks CVCashmere
  12. Edger's I was able to order the correct hood insulator for the 2019 ST this week and attach it today! For master mechanics, such as myself, it took 6 minutes. The rest of you should be able to do it under 5 minutes...it's that easy! The clips are already attached...just hold up to the hood, and "push and play". I have enclosed a picture of the actual part # on the bag. The engine has always been quiet, this pad absorbs some of the road noise and sounds closer to a Lincoln inside than before. Cost is about $115 plus tax from your local dealer. I received a Mustang Club discount plus they knew I was going install it myself. Thanks CVCashmere
  13. CVCashmere

    Ford My-Touch Nav Maps: A8 Upgrade

    Simple...some people want to save the $20 for something else. they may not need the very latest in upgrades for where they live. If someone really needs it, i will sell it for even less just to help them out. Not everyone has phones with large screens. thanks Carl
  14. CVCashmere

    Ford My-Touch Nav Maps: A8 Upgrade

    Bump! $10 shipped in the lower 48 states. Thanks! CVCashmere
  15. Price reduced to $40. Local pickup in the Philly area. I am afraid to ship it as it might crease. Thanks CVCashmere