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  1. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    Using nonethenol gas

    Anybody use nonethenol gas in there Ford edge, mine being a 2017? We have a few stations in my area, living on a border state, I can go to the cheaper gas. Is it ok to use nonethenol gas?
  2. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    2017 Edge rocker panel issues

    These are the SO CALLED mudflaps. Probably one reason for all the mud under door lip.
  3. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    2017 Edge rocker panel issues

    Can someone tell me what the black clips are for?
  4. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    2017 Edge rocker panel issues

    In a previous post, this bulletin address this problem: TSB 17-0056. I couldn't find it on Google. Does any know.
  5. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    2017 Edge rocker panel issues

    Dealership says not an issue.
  6. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    2017 Edge rocker panel issues

    Posted these pictures before, but wanted to let new people know of my issue with my edge. Anytime I wash vehicle, I have to open all 4 doors to wash bottom edges with garden hose before washing rest of vehicle. It comes from the ground the car is being driven on, with dirt & pieces of tiny gravel. This is my first new Ford & probably last-it's a poor design. If you have no knowledge of this and you keep car for years, how will that not rust out.
  7. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    2017 edge cargo removal

    Got it-thanks
  8. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    2017 edge cargo removal

    Can this cargo thing be removed-pita?
  9. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    Rust Proofing

    Stopped at local Ford dealership(not where bought) & they hadn't seen this problem with other Edges.
  10. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    Rust Proofing

    Like in my previous topic, if you don't wash your door lips, your doors are going to rusty quickly. The bottom of doors fold around the bottom of car,getting a lot of salt,mud,etc. On bottom edge of car. I was disappointed when I seen how thin the metal is. Every time I wash vehicle, I wipe down inside door panels & trunk/hatch, & that's when I noticed problem.
  11. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    mud collecting on bottom of rear doors

    New edge gets mud collected only on bottom of rear doors-we have 800' driveway which is a little muddy,but no where else. Any ideas?
  12. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    Intermittent phone connection

    I've had same issue with our edge.
  13. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    Hood/bug guard/deflector

    Was looking @ getting but deflector for my 2017, but not totally sure if tape will hold.
  14. With so much electronics in the edge, is it recommended by you forum users-is there lot of problems with the system? The extended warranty was around $2500, but was life of your ownership-my dealers says sync 3 warranted only 2 years.
  15. 2017 SLE FORD EDGE

    New Member

    Just signed up to the forum. This is my second vehicle forum-im in the Chevrolet Avalanche club, which is a great forum. I Bought a 2013 Black Diamond Edition, the last year they were made. It's a great vehicle. This is my first new Ford, was looking for an SUV, wasn't happy with the Chevy equinox that we test drove. It's the ruby red sle Ford edge. This vehicle has many options, with the sync 3 features, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions to ask the experts on this forum. Thanks for having me.