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    anyone here have a 2020 4cyl?

    I had a 2007 and a 2013...both had the 3.5 and performed great, though they are not hot rods. I bought a 2017 with the 2.0, and almost didn’t buy it due to the turbo. But when I drove it I was very impressed. Again, not a race car, but very adequate. We took a trip from Illinois to Texas and I was really impressed. The torque is good...almost no down shifting even in the hills of southern Missouri. My boss bought a 2019 F-150 with the 2.7 turbo. I thought he was nuts. But he towed a 6500 pound boat from Illinois to Florida at 80 mph and got 15+ mph. Amazing.
  2. Rolled over 40,000 miles yesterday so I decided to change several fluids. Used Royal Purple 5w30 for the engine (5.7 quarts) with a Motorcraft filter, and Royal Purple 75/140 for the PTU. Been using R P for a long time and like it. For the transmission fluid I used Motorcraft LV atf. I had the front jacked up so it only drained 3.75 quarts, so that’s exactly what I put back in. The vehicle and the atf had been in the garage for a few days so the fluids In and out were the same temperature. The fluid was not real black and had a slight red tint still. Surprised. Pretty easy job. I do it again at the next couple of oil changes. The PTU was a real pain. I loosened the fill plug first to insure I could put fluid back in, then drained the unit. Both plugs were tight as hell. I filled it using a small hand pump I had bought on amazon and it worked swell. The big surprise was that it only took less than 1/2 a quart. I kept pumping it in but it came running back out. Ugh. Then I looked in the owner’s manual which said .35L for the 2.0 turbo. So, I guess I’m good but what a pain. There was a glob of goo on the drain plug magnet but no solid chunks. The fluid was not really too bad...dirty but not gooey like others have said. I expected worse.

    My edge won’t start

    Don’t understand what you mean by “tested OR recharged”. Did you do both? Who tested it? Sounds like the battery just died or the starter may be dragging. how many miles on the car??

    F-150 to Edge Decision

    I’ve had full size pickups for forty years. Didn’t think I could do without them. Last March we bought a condo with what’s essentially a 1 1/2 car garage, so the truck had to sit outside. After a couple of months I looked at smaller trucks and the salesman suggested I try an edge. Six months later, I love the edge. It’s comfortable, good on gas (2.0 turbo) and easy to drive. It’s a 2017 with 38,000 miles and in perfect condition. There have only been a couple of times I needed a truck, but both of my sons have one. Last week I bought three Base cabinets at Lowe’s for our family room. Had to make three trips to get them home. Really wasn’t a big deal and I really don’t miss the truck. in fact, after driving the edge for six months, my sons truck felt almost too big !! Haha

    New tires- Pirelli Scorpion Verde

    Wow. I believe there is a definite difference between original equipment tires from the factory and a set of replacement tires.

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    My 2017 edge sel is our third one. Love it overall. The only complaints I have refer to things it doesn’t have. I wish it had the following options: — front parking sensors — power tailgate — moon roof — power up rear seat backs My next one will probably be the Lincoln version and I’ll get all of this stuff. Until then I’m really happy with everything!!
  7. At 37,000 miles the original Michelin tires were almost warn out. They were extremely loud to the point on not being able to carry on a normal conversation at hiway speeds. Also, at speeds over 65, the vehicle seemed to “wobble” on the road. And, the Edge road like crap...the smallest bump jarred the whole vehicle. In fact, I took it to the dealership to have the suspension and drive train checked for out-of-balance or a broken part- nothing was found. We’d put Pirelli tires on my wife’s Nissan Maxima two years ago and they have been wonderful. So, after lots of research it came down to either Toyo or Pirelli. The tire store only had three Toyos in stock so I went with the Pirelli scorpions. Great choice!!!! The 2017 Edge rides like a new car...smooth, quiet and stable...no more wobble. I’d recommend these tires to anyone for any vehicle. We had 6 inches of snow the day after I put the Pirelli tires on, and I had no trouble going anywhere...though in all fairness I do have awd. I’ve never had good luck with Michelin tires on any vehicle. I think they are overpriced and overrated. I know, lots of folks love them. Just not me. Ugh

    Changing Oil Brands

    I’ve been a Castrol user for many years. I picked 5w30 Castrol Edge (not extended) and a Motorcraft filter. The bottle says it’s good for TGDI engine so I’ll assume it’ll be good. I change every 4-5,000 miles. Being old school, it was hard to break away from the 3mo/3,000 mike oil changes. Ha
  9. We just bought a 2017 Edge SEL with 35,000 miles. It’s in perfect shape and we love it. It’s our 3rd edge...had a 2007, 2013 and now the 2017. my son sells cars so we got at least a fair deal. The new ones were @ $40,000+ and we got this one for @$22,000....half price for a nice ride. I was a bit concerned because it has the 2.0 turbo. I never owned a turbo before and I thought the four banger would be a bust. We had an early Hyundai suv with the four cylinder and literally had to turn off the A/C to pull big hills...ha Well, we just drove 1,000 miles from Illinois to Houston at 75-80 mph, and averaged 27+ mpg for the trip. Super!! of course, the car is very comfortable and reasonably quiet except for the tires...Michelin ....noisy!! the engine is terrific!! Only downshifted a couple of times with cruise control on the entire trip. Wow. More torque than I would have imagined. I’m impressed. Even with the A/C on, it pulled well. Is it a powerhouse? Of course not. Is it adequate for daily driving? Absolutely. On the interstate is does far better than expected and I wouldn’t be afraid to drive it anywhere!! overall we’re very satisfied and I would buy the exact same car again.....