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    Winter tires, studded or no?

    If you do not want to run decent all seasons than get some snow tires. Same size should be fine. I'm in NH and run all season on my trucks (all have been 4x4 or awd) and dedicated snow tires on my fwd cars. Never ran into an issue when I would have needed or perferred studs.
  2. FX3

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Before I had funds to buy a car. Drove the parents ford's between age 16 and 20 86 Bronco 94 Explorer AWD 5spd 96 Explorer AWD V8 My Fords (model year order) 68 F250 rwd 72 F250 rwd 83 F250 4x4 00 Focus Sony special edition 01 Focus XZ3 - bought new had for 10 years and 95k miles 07 Ranger FX4 - bought new had for 10 years and 110k miles 15 Focus ST - current and bought new 17 Edge SEL - current and bought new Plus some random Ford part trucks for the 68/72 and 83 that were never legal on the road. In the early 2000s I owned 8 ford's at one point but only 3 were road legal.
  3. FX3

    where to store jump box?

    I keep my lithiam charger in a small toolbag, with a few other items, in the house near the door. Grab the toolbag as I leave and toss it behind the driver seat. Sure I forget it sometimes. If I go out during a storm I put the charger in my edc backpack. I have it accessible if I need it outside the car or to help a co-worker or for whatever.
  4. I'm with the no real tech (no modern tech) 2017 SEL Rain sensing wipers: Don' have. Auto high beam: Don't have. Adaptive cruise control: Don't have Lane Assist: Don't have Self parking: Don't have Adaptive headlights: Don't have Heated/cooled seats: Don't have Autopilot advanced driver-assistance system: Don't Have Paddle Shifters: Abuse the #@$$ out of them. The Edge is a Manual Trans, don't you know.. Sync: Don't use Sirius: have't listened to FM in a long time Auto Headlights: I don't turn on headlights anymore. AdvanceTrec: Stays on except in the Snow for playing it gets turned off Backup Camera: Yes I use the 2.5" camera
  5. 2017 2.0L here. Never see above 23.x on the computer MPG. Lately it has been 21-22. I have also noticed manually calculating MPG is typically 1MPG less than the computer states.
  6. FX3

    2018 Ecoboost Mods?

    The 2013-2018 Focus ST has the same 2.0l but different turbo (single scroll) Maybe this is what is being referred to and has a lot of aftermarket support.