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  1. JMcDon1007

    2021 Edge ST Tune

    Thanks everyone. I reached out to Torrie at Unleashed and should have the HP Tuners device with a 93 octane tune delivered tomorrow. So far, the service has been TOP notch and I’m glad to be working with Unleashed. In a day when most customer service experiences are in the toilet, it was nice to get answers to all of my questions so quickly from Torrie. I will update the thread once I get everything tuned and let you know how it runs.
  2. JMcDon1007

    2021 Edge ST Tune

    I just picked up a 2021 Edge ST and was hoping to find a tune for the vehicle. Do any of the tuners have a tune ready for the 2021? I can’t seem to find any. I know that Ford locked out a gear for 2021 on the 8-speed transmission, essentially making it a 7-speed transmission. Is that causing issues with using the 2020 tunes?