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  1. Any questions or comments email me gvilleboy82@gmail.com
  2. NOS_Edge

    2013 Airbag module location

    I did a aftermarket steering wheel and I wanna do a driver side airbag delete. Any suggestions?
  3. NOS_Edge

    Best(easiest/cheapest) way go black out.....

    Blackout is the way to go
  4. NOS_Edge

    Raptor Grill for the Edge?

    Love my blackout grille
  5. NOS_Edge

    Jet Performance Chips

    I started out with a jet chip but ended up with Dyno tunes and Nitrous. The chip made a slight difference but you will be wanting more
  6. NOS_Edge

    2AC585B4 3039 4AB3 A732 A7C59FC90A44

    Thanks, its 20% on there. Gotta say its rough seeing at night with the tint on the headlights but it looks good lol
  7. NOS_Edge

    E1680169 DF43 4E8B 9FF7 D7E6D3231BC5

    Only thing I wanted to do was flat cast aluminum pistons with gaped rings, the rest Im gonna add later. It could have been done stock though according to the shop that dyno my car
  8. NOS_Edge

    8DBE9BA8 D6FB 4F7B 9494 008C99B8F62A

    You from Georgia as well? Yes it is, cut out the cat back system and did a custom job with some flowmaster series 10s
  9. NOS_Edge

    24BBD2E2 401A 473E 847B 7EC3D0B5D60F

    Thanks man, I agree...chrome is over rated and I like the Mat colors. I was thinking of getting the mat black wrap on the whole thing. I got Versante rims....nice and affordable.
  10. NOS_Edge

    5A70E3D5 FEA1 4C83 88B7 BCAF3599F37D

    Thank you.....Omg I was on edge no pun intended the whole time I was cutting into my hood lol. Yes its 100% functional
  11. NOS_Edge

    2AC585B4 3039 4AB3 A732 A7C59FC90A44

    Working on the suspension now, that and my racing seats is the last thing to do
  12. NOS_Edge

    73821BD4 9100 4A04 BD7C 3AEBAAA81A2D

    I have, I have a Nitrous program I use that retards my timing-4 degrees and turns my fans on alittle sooner and so forth and I have a streetprogram I use. I got around 325HP before the nitrous and running a 100 wet ahot
  13. NOS_Edge

    2012 NOS Edge

    2012 Ford Edge with 22s, Nitrous, cold air intake, custom Dyno programs through a SCT X4 programmer, custom sound system, cold air intake, Pillar gauge mods, steering wheel mod as well as many other mods