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    Lug Nut torque 2016

    Guys, these comments are making me smile !!! Ford say 162 lbs/ft ITS FOR A REASON !! The engineers specify the torque, not some "writer" as one suggested. Wheel nuts (lug nuts to you) Tend to work loose when used on aluminium wheels. On Steel wheels it is more easily controlled and lower values can be specified. Ford have had some vehicles loose their wheels in the past, hence the "make sure" torque. No one has yet cautioned people to check the torque AGAIN after a few miles, (I think the manual says before 100 mile have passed.) I Check mine after about 20 miles and again at around 100 miles. I guess having had a wheel come off from not re-checking the torque I learned the hard way. Torque for my 2018 Edge wheel nuts is 162 lbs/ft.
  2. Roland

    2nd Gen OEM Pirelli Scorpion tire questions

    Continental Contisportcontact... Only 11 000 miles and worn out (Less than 1/16"
  3. Roland

    Only 11 k miles !!! Grrrr

    Hi, the Tyres are Continetal Contisportcontact. 235/55 R19. I may get cheap tyres (less than £100 each), cant be any worse than the Contis !
  4. Roland

    Only 11 k miles !!! Grrrr

  5. Regrets...not really, but maybe disappointed that it should have been better. My tyres have worn out at 11k miles, I have some other faults too. But the design issues are bugging me most. The Sat nav voice control only allows a full address (house number, street and town. ) I would prefer to have other more important controls on the 'voice', such as "Demist Front Screen" etc.... although it does answer for the nearest coffer shop... but not the nearest fuel !!!. Ambient light colours are a bit pathetic, only noticeable if I point it out to people. Parcel shelf/torneo(sp) cover is poor. And the hand book looks so cheap, printed on toilet paper. (should I expect more from a £39 000 car? I like the large space, heated and cooled seats, voice controlled audio. Would I buy another? I would rather a Landrover Discovery but the Edge is 2/3rds of the price.
  6. Roland

    Only 11 k miles !!! Grrrr

    Hi all, my first post, just joined. I am disappointed with the poor mileage I had on my 2017 Edge. Only 11700 miles. ~They are worn very evenly, so no 'tracking' issues. Maybe slightly more wear in the centre, but not a concern. Pressures are 35psi. This is just one more issue I have !! The others are very bad 'turbo lag' ... Dangerous at times, pulling out in front of others and ...no go ! and when reversing from cold it jumps worse than a kangaroo !! I asked the dealer if Ford would assist with replacement tyres... guess what the answer was?. A disappointed Edge owner.