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    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Poor low rpm performance.
  2. I wanted to share my recent experience with my 2011 Ford Edge AWD Limited to help others and to prevent them from going through what I have. The car had a slight vibration, mostly when turning left under acceleration. It became worse over time. I first noticed the vibration at 35k miles. At 55k miles it became bad enough that I took it to the Dealer to diagnose. The Tech said that the front left side CV axle was not rotating correctly. $150 to diagnose. I had planned to do the repair my self after being quoted $500 for one CV axle replacement. I replaced the front left CV axle that I purchased from Orielly's Auto Parts. The vibration was still there, so I purchased and replace the right side CV axle from the same place. The vibration was still there after replacing both front CV axles. Out of desperation I replaced the right side intermediate axle from the Ford Dealer and changed the oil in the PTU. The vibration was still there. I could not find any bad part that would cause the vibration. I also replaced both front wheel bearings, that was a chore to complete, it still vibrated. After replacing all the parts with no fix, I removed the rear drive shaft thinking the vibration may be coming from the rear. It still vibrated with the rear drive shaft removed. I started to believe that I may have purchased a bad part from Orielly's Auto Parts. I ordered a Ford OEM left CV axle and replaced it. Vibration Gone! I highly recommend buying only Genuine Ford CV axles.