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  1. I see some on eBay. Im more interested in rear as my kids always step on the plastic.
  2. rbryant76

    New Sync 3 Version?

    I still cannot get the JR3T-14G423-CA_130684.tar.gz to download. Last scanned for updates on 8/20 (which was the first time trying to get this update). Since then I get grfehr posted, it tries to download and immediately stops.
  3. New 18 edge sport with 401a. I am thinking we cant but just want to double check.
  4. Ok guys. New 18 edge sport owner with HIDs I posted another thread about replacement DRL led bulbs with no response yet but I have some questions about LED turns. Reading we cant do switchbacks without tapping into another wire. Dont feel like doing that yet on a brand new car. Can we do LEDs on the front turns at all? Super bright makes a dual brightness amber thatd Id be comfortable using https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/front-turn-signal-light-bulb/74407443-ck-led-bulb-dual-function-27-smd-led-tower-wedge-retrofit/3554/9040/?year=2018&make=28&model=735&scc_id=1397 Id need forscan to disable hyper flash? Thats just a simple ODBII connector and an app if I recall. Easy enough. Anyone swap DRL for LED? I use an H15 and not sure what is a compatible bulb. .
  5. So I just picked up a Ingot Silver 2018 Sport. Already wanting to replace the front signals and DRL with LED. On my 2010 F150, I had to do load resistors to avoid hyper flash. I believe the Edge is a CAN bus car, so the bulbs has to be CAN bus compatible no big deal. Has anyone swapped out the DRL halogens for LED bulbs? I love the way the front lights look, but the halogen DRL just cheapen the look to me. I see superbrightleds showing H11 is compatible, but thats technically a low bean bulb….I’m afraid that might be too much for a DRL. What’s your recommendations on LED DRL bulbs?
  6. rbryant76

    extended warranty need help!

    Thank for the prompt responses. This thread could save me a few hundred today when I hit th dealer.
  7. rbryant76

    extended warranty need help!

    Whats the general plan most go with? What models are people here getting quoted at 1700?
  8. rbryant76

    extended warranty need help!

    So I am going to another dealer tomorrow to look at a 18 sport awd I looked at the Flood dealer premium care. Pricing is damn near 3,000 for a 8 year 150,000. That sounds pretty darn high.
  9. Went to a local dealer today. They test drove my 2017 Cadillac CTS while I drove a black spanking new model will 11 miles First off, I have not bought many new cars as I keep them a long time. I looked at a loaded 2018 Black sport AWD with 401a and premium wheels MSRP is around 48 but internet pricing is near 41k. I was not in a position to talk numbers as i was on my lunch break. However the sheet they handed me had the 48k price tag... I emailed him stating i think my trade in is worth a few thousand more and that their internet pricing clearing states 41k. The guy simply replied tell me where I need to be. I also linked a competitors silver edge..same options..that was 2k cheaper. So I did a bit of lowballing to get room to move around. I get a reply stating We are too far apart, sorry we cant get any closer. No counter or anything... Screw that. So what am I looking at here..for a fair price?
  10. rbryant76

    New guy here..thinking of an Edge sport or ST

    So let me ask this..I know this isn't the place for technical info.. I love LEDs on cars...I hate when a car manufacturer does LEDs on the back and std bulbs in the front. On my truck I did a complete LED retrofit with the proper resisters to prevent rapid flashing. the 2018 Edge's do NOT have LED front turn signals/running light do they? I know they have LED running lamps down on the bumper... I would definitely get the 401A option added
  11. So let me give some background info. Had a 2010 F150 4x4 SC from 2010 to about March of this year. Loved the thing, but I need to find something to park in my garage. after some nefarious characters started repeatedly hitting our rather nice and secluded neighborhood with break ins, etc. I have two kids a 6 year (booster seat) and a 3 year old (full car seat). The truck was perfect size wise. I started looking around..and maybe its the midlife crisis hitting me at 41, but I got a 2017 Cadillac CTS 3.6L AWD. I love the engine in this thing.. around 335HP./280 lbs Now, having this car for a few months I am realizing how little it really is. and I miss having a cargo area, etc. I have never been one to keep a car for a few months, but I think I may have made a bad decisions getting the Caddy...live and learn. The good news is I wouldn't be upside down on the car, trading it in, I would still get a good chuck to put towards something else. I want something with a bit of power..that is equivalent to the feel of the engine in the CTS. I dont really want a boring SUV The Sport would fit that bill, even more so the ST. I am doing my research etc right now. Maybe I could get a good deal on a leftover 2018 sport? Or maybe I wait and get the ST?