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  1. I need the wiring diagram book for EDGE 2017. There is someone that can share it? Or maybe know where to download it from a trusted source. Thank you in advance
  2. Your words. "Try to use ForScan to make your DRL lights use the front turn signals. I think this would then send full power to them all the time" I am no so expert in forscan. I don't want to mess up. I'm not sure what is the mod to do it. Of course before I must turn on again. Thanks
  3. The DRL are on all the time with the switchbacks off (forscan) . The brightness I will bet is the same. The iluminación is great. Much better than stocks, previously I replaced oem headlights with led, but the change wasn't noticeable. I want to try your last advice. To set switchbacks as turn. But I'm not shure what is the code change. Just to find out the results. I brought from Aliexpress. https://a.aliexpress.com/_Tye8o
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  7. Hello everyone. I want to share with you the last modification on my edge 2017. Diamond cut and new paint color. Tell me what do you think. I was looking for an elegant finish. I think is pretty close. Have a great weekend.
  8. Thank you Omar. Finally I set off the parking lights. Tha result was to DRL led strip at night too. Pretty good I believe. Here a pic of the results in night conditions. Thank again for your help and to all the members.
  9. Omar. Thank you very much. This is some could help me. The perfect solution to me will be increase the power to avoid the amber color. I think the lack of power makes to work unstable the led strip. Do you think it is possible send the same turn signal power to switchbacks all the time? Please see this link. A video with the brightness problem. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlAqkwEFUjd6gpcctmQ3MAJ4pQ3zdw
  10. Thank you very much for the technical name. The thing is that the headlight has a led strip, there is no possibility to replace with nothing. The issue comes from the lack of power when the light is in amber color. I believe.
  11. Hi guys. I brought from aliexpress those led headlights to give some new face to my edge 2017 SEL.To me they looks pretty cool. The replacement process was really simple, plug and play, but I found a little issue. The led turn signals has not stable brightness in parking and night mode (The strip turns white in day light) . I have forscan to try some changes, but I'm not sure what to search in the forum. Right now all my exterior lights are led. Mirros. Plate and now Headlights Sorry if I make some mistakes. I'm from Chile. No English native. Thank your for help.
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    Hello guys. Fernando from Chile. Nice to join to this community. Thanks to the people make this website possible.