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  1. Thought of doing the modifications and stopped. Concentrating on my Mustang.
  2. Selling my pipe if anyone's interested.
  3. Selling my Intercooler Outlet/Cold Pipe from ramfab27. Brand new never installed. $200 shipped in the US only
  4. JScaro

    Thermostat 2016 Edge Sport

    Selling a new thermostat here if anyone is interested.
  5. Selling a brand new Reische Performance FORD-50 GEN-2 170° Performance Thermostat $50 shipped US only.
  6. Finally installed my CNC lower grill and selling my stock one here if anyone is interested. Looks way Gooder and I tinted the "Signature" lights.
  7. Selling my stock 2017 Edge lower grill since I finally installed the CNC'd one I bought. Grill is in good shape, no broken tabs but I did put a small crack in it. $40 shipped in the US
  8. NICE! Wish that was available when I did my install. How does the grill look that replaces the factory panel? Can you post some pics of it. Thanks
  9. It's Here! Now maybe i'll find time to install the springs, sway bar & end links. Might do a PTU oil change too..
  10. JScaro

    Intercooler - Sport

    What is you average speed when travailing? My guess under 70mph. My last Florida trip we got 23mpg averaging 82mph, better than my F150 when I would get 16mpg LOL
  11. In case anyone is ordering the sway bar links or anything else with Rock Auto, here is a discount code for 5% off. Of course they sent it after I made all my purchases but I'm sure I'll be making more. Enjoy
  12. Adding more parts to the list....... I got the fronts too, I like the grease able end links.
  13. Sway bar and end links...... adding to the stack of pars to install.