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  1. MaX83_ZA

    Remove orange banner from top!

    That banner redirects to a page on this site, someone put it there intentionally....
  2. MaX83_ZA

    Top 3 MUST HAVE mods (Sport 15-18)

    1. Exhaust 2. Tune 3. Exhaust 4. Exhaust and then lastly, I will probably go 5. Exhaust (my Edge is still stock, this is in general)
  3. MaX83_ZA

    Borla Exhaust Group Buy - Discount -

    Looking forward to the sound clip!!!
  4. MaX83_ZA

    So is this more snake oil ?

    Yip, like i said Let us know how it goes.
  5. MaX83_ZA

    So is this more snake oil ?

    I had something similar on my Jeep CRD; that one plugged into the diesel rail (and I think one other sensor, cant remember, I am getting too old...) and adjusted the fueling, resulting in the ECU requesting more Boost to get fuel ratios right. The way we tuned that one was to increase boost incrementally till the car went into limp mode at WOT. Then we dialed it one step back. 50 000km no problems and that thing literally went up and down mountains. Before modifying the Jeep, we agreed that if we blow the engine, will will just get a new one. We knew the risk, we were willing to pay to play.
  6. MaX83_ZA

    So is this more snake oil ?

    This only fools your Boost sensor, all other sensors (including knock sensor) remains unaffected i.e. ECU still manages all other sensors and AFR's. You will see the shape of the power curves on the dyno look virtually identical, just higher. With tunes, you will usually see the shape change completely change as the tuners remove boost limits/adjust timing etc. You can make much more power with a tune, but you can do just as much damage with a bad tune. At the end of the day, you pay to play. There is no such thing as a free ride
  7. MaX83_ZA

    So Pretty!!!

    What a well kept Edge!
  8. Im on my 2nd S550, and it really is a proper sports car now. (at least blurring the muscle vs sports lines) Note to self: stop talking to site bots...
  9. They threw another revision of a de-tuned Focus RS engine (i.e. an engine that they are already using in the mustang....) in a Mustang GT Performance Pack body and they are calling it an achievement.... What did I miss?
  10. "near-balanced 53/47 weight distribution" advertising Gold!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Near balanced"! Honestly, I love my Mustang, bang for buck, it is the best sporty coupe on the market but the guy that wrote this article...
  11. LOL! Incredible, they are proud that it took them only 10months to add +20hp and +0 ft lb, to a car that already had the engine, and a chassis that was already setup...
  12. Clay, 1 Pass Megs UC just to brighten the surface (cant afford to remove too much clear when you live in Albera - you will run out before you sell the car LOL!), 2 coats of Megs HC. The paint is not perfect but the gloss is amazing and it beats like a mofo. Will give Fusso Soft99 a good run for its money.
  13. I hear you about the false advertising. I genuinely think it was the Megs marketing department that tried to leverage the current "IN" thing in detailing to push the product. I frankly dont care what its called, I applied the second coat to my Mustang yesterday and I am genuinely impressed (will upload a pic in the next post)! Back in the day, I use to do my family's cars just for the love of it. Thought about doing something on weekends but I am too lazy LOL!
  14. Awesome, didnt know you were a professional detailer! I am more of a weekend warrior. I did a couple of show and shines back in the day (before ceramics were this mainstream) but now only do it once, maybe twice a year depending on whether I buy a new car or helping a friend. So for me, ease of use, speed and cost is very important. I try to get a decent base and then maintain it so naturally when the quick ceramics like HC and Adams Spray Ceramic were launched, I jumped on it. If I find the vid on the HC i will post it, but seems like you made up your mind anyways so dont want to waste both our time lol!