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  1. MaX83_ZA

    new raptor lights... time to go off road!!

    That looks epic!
  2. MaX83_ZA

    FWD or AWD?

    AWD will not make you brake or steer better on snow and ice. I had the unpleasant experience of driving my Edge Sport on a 400km trip on a snow and ice covered road (with all season tires) and not once during the trip did I think "I wish I could accelerate faster". The couple of times AWD did help was for me to maintain my speed on steep inclines. If you drive in deep snow, un-ploughed roads or offroad, then sure. For general use, FWD with a proper set of winter rubber will be better than an AWD on all seasons.
  3. MaX83_ZA

    Rear Doors freeze shut

    I have this only after driving on Snow\Ice for extended periods of time. From what I can tell, it seems like the snow and ice flung up by the front tires cake to the bottom of the rear doors where they meet the body (this is actually slightly underneath the car). I use de-icer on this seam to open the doors.
  4. We went up north this weekend to visit some family and over the course of the visit we got around 15cm of snow with -10 degrees C temperatures. Not usually a problem except for the fact that we are still on the Pirelli All Seasons that has now covered a relatively hard 37 000km. We managed to maintain a safe speed of between 80 and 100kph without the traction or stability control needing to intervene once on the snow and Ice covered pavement. The only way you could tell there was some clever trickery going on was by looking at the Intelligent AWD display that showed how the car moved the power from the front to rear axles to keep the vehicle tracking straight and true. Had the car been fitted with its winter tires I am confident we would have been able to stick to the posted 110kph speed limit the entire way. If you are in the market for an AWD SUV and you stumble upon this whilst you are researching options, you will not be disappointed in how the Edge handles these tricky situations!
  5. MaX83_ZA

    First Test: Edge ST

    Not too surprised by the straight line performance although its a laugh that its actually slower (when Ford released their 0-60 as "below 6" and not actually quoting a number, I knew something was up). What gets me is the small margin between the Sport and ST in terms of lateral G's... Going from a well balanced sport chassis to something being labeled with "Focus RS like mid corner pogoing" you'd expect a decent increase in those figures. On a sidenote; watched a X3 M40i review the other day, what a beast! That thing sounds insane!!!!!!! You must be loving it!?
  6. MaX83_ZA

    Finally got my 2018 Edge Sport!!

    Congrats on the amazing car!
  7. MaX83_ZA

    2019 Edge ST Update

    Finally got around to reading the instrument tested Motortrend review of the Edge ST. So its slower than the Sport to 60, slower over 400m and pulls less G's through the figure 8. Seems about right... The ST is stronger on the brakes though. Also, with this not being a piece of road picked by ford engineers like all the initial reviews we got from the ford sponsored event, this was the feedback on the handling: " The performance shocks ride very, very stiffly on bad pavement and allowed a bit of early Focus RS-type pogoing mid-corner when pushed hard." Edit: If you didnt know, the Focus RS is renowned for being the most overly stiff hot hatch of all, even more so than the old Civic Type R and A45...
  8. MaX83_ZA

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Glad you are enjoying it!
  9. MaX83_ZA

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    10% stiffer infront, 20% in the back with firmer anti-roll bars and it improved the ride? Now that is remarkable! Glad you are enjoying you new car
  10. MaX83_ZA

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    You are truly special.
  11. MaX83_ZA

    Hypertech canned tune/ fuse locations

    Why not just ask Hypertech to send you a diagram to show which fuses to pull. I cant provide that I too have to recommend maybe trying another tuner. And I like Hypertech tunes....
  12. MaX83_ZA

    2019 Edge ST Update

    For the sake of this topic, I will stop participating in this thread.
  13. MaX83_ZA

    2019 Edge ST Update

    And this shows you are not lying about being an IT Architect.
  14. MaX83_ZA

    2019 Edge ST Update

    Don't apologize, your reality of how things works aligns 100% with the Ford Motor Company's idea of how "things" work and that is EXACTLY why their stock price looks the way it looks. Looking forward to buying them on the dip, you just keep on giving them good advice before they figure out its 2018...
  15. MaX83_ZA

    2019 Edge ST Update

    IT Architect, gotcha... say no more.