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  1. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Clean-X-25-oz-Repel-Glass-Cleaner-7100-7/203972320
  2. CARR142

    ABS and Traction Control

    No alignment needed.
  3. CARR142

    Driver Side Rear Door Ajar

    Why Then does, (NHTSA), list: 88T4Z-78264H27-A Edge/MKX Front Latch, Left Side 1 8T4Z-78264A26-B Edge/MKX Front Latch, Right Side 1 8T4Z-7826413-C Edge/MKX Rear Latch, Left Side 1 8T4Z-7826412-C Edge/MKX Rear Latch, Right Si Replacement for door ajar? I would call the concierge and question this, if not satisfied, then contact NHTSA and have "them" explain why the dealer won't replace the part needed. Best wishes
  4. CARR142

    How do I align front bumper? 2014 Ford Edge

    I hope this helps. 1. Loosen all the mounting hardware. 2. Use some shims on the inside front of the bumper between frame and bumper. You want to push the bottom space out, which will push the top space in towards the fender. Where you place the shims is optional. 3 Then tighten all the mounting hardware. Tedious but rewarding results. Best Wishes! What you use for shims is up to you. I used so hard rubber trimmed to size.
  5. CARR142

    Problem just popped up

    Sorry Folks, I meant to say, That I always mark tires before having them rotated. My bad.
  6. CARR142

    2013 lower valance removal challenge

    Does it look like this?
  7. CARR142

    Bluetooth not connecting

    4 APIM and the right Tech and all's well with me. This was with 2011 MKx back in the early days of Sync 2.
  8. CARR142

    Problem just popped up

    Dealers or independents, "I" always mark tires and check if rotated. (DAMHIK), don't ask me how I know.
  9. CARR142

    2016 Sport 2.7 BOV

  10. CARR142

    2013 - power steering hose guide

    Try: https://www.youtube.com/c/MACTFordEdge
  11. Right "Ok" button
  12. You could try: "The Vehicle Does Not Start With The Passive Key In Certain Areas Within The Vehicle But Starts Using The Passive Key Backup Location"
  13. CARR142

    Vehicle won't turn over just a click

    Consider this issue.