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  1. CARR142

    Newbie here

  2. CARR142

    Spark Plugs

    None that I'm aware of 🙁
  3. CARR142

    caliper leak

    Copper washers on both sides of the banjo fitting.
  4. Always thinking outside the box. 🥇
  5. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/search/?q=Backup camera working&type=forums_topic&nodes=6
  6. CARR142

    Radio Reception Issue

    Can you get to the antenna on the roof externally, or must you drop the headliner to access? You have to access it by lowering the head liner at the rear, just enough to get to the get to it. It's not powered in some way, is it?  No.
  7. CARR142

    Edge 2007 Android

    People that have tried the Tesla style unit were not happy with the results.
  8. CARR142

    Right hand rear footwell wet

    I recall that the 2015 year was known for defective seam sealers during manufacturing. Defective robot was the cause. I would check all the seams in this area.
  9. IPC Removal_Edge_2011-2014.pdf
  10. Bad ground somewhere. As an example:
  11. CARR142

    2014 Ford Edge Sync issues

    Have you searched: https://fordsyncforum.com/
  12. CARR142

    Hello from Oklahoma!

  13. CARR142

    Maintenance Schedule - Low Mileage 2016 Edge

    A transmission flush and fill x 3 will replace 97% of the fluid.
  14. I recommend 10 amp wire on that branch. 7x 0.5= 10.5