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  1. +1, No solution since way back, Dealer and Ford Teck's, have no clue why it doesn't turn on. One day when it was 28 degrees and the windshield was cover with snow. By the time I clear the snow off the 2011 MKx, doing the wind shield last. The seats, steering wheel, and HVAC worked as they should. The day before this it was 18 degrees and nothing worked when remote starting the vehicle. So I've learned to live with it the way it's. Best wishes!
  2. Did He replace the, (struts mounts), when the struts where replaced?
  3. CARR142

    Horn problem

  4. You could wrap the other fob with aluminum foil and hide it the vehicle. This is what I've done since 2011. Best Wishes and Welcome back to Ford.
  5. From what I have read there are two separate motors for the wiper blades on the 2015+.
  6. New battery installed y dealer.
  7. My 2011 MKX had the same issue, the dealer service had to remove the front bumper to tighten the connector.
  8. CARR142

    Oil Pressure sensor

    I'm not very lucky so I have to try to be smart.✌️
  9. CARR142

    2019 ford edge

    Cheryl wilson, Return it to the service department or if you have a State DMV inspection station, go there to verify the issue. Then go to the dealer service and show them them the report from DMV. That should prioritize the issue with the dealer. Best Wishes, JEC
  10. " I was hooked on the Iced Mocha colour " , I can see this image in a Starbucks ad. Very Nice!
  11. I have used glass stove top cleaner with more than expected results. No elbow grease required. Was like having RainX on glass afterwards.
  12. CARR142

    2015 Edge Sport Code P0344

    axeman_87, are you using 5-20w or 5-30w oil? 5-30 is recommended. 5-20w is used for CAFE results.