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    Just picked up an ST.. Tires and other issues.

    I was having a hard time finding either the Scorpion winter or Kumo winter in stock for a 264/40 r21 from the dealership or their wholesalers. I could order the scorpions from tire rack, but it would have been $60 more per tire than what the dealership could sell me (if they could even get them). I ended up getting Michelin Premier LTX All Weather as its mostly rain and light snow in the Pacific NW. I paid $1000 for all 4 mounted/balanced and installed. I also purchased a pair of Autosocks as insurance in the off chance I needed a little extra traction in snow.
  2. CBRad

    2019 Edge ST Finally got a build date

    Congrats! Glad that you were able to swap yours out. @dacford
  3. CBRad


    Congrats @snowtire! When the dealership does their prep, make sure they take off the protective film off the Ford Performance engine cover plaque . They forgot mine and its easy to miss.
  4. CBRad

    2019 Edge ST Finally got a build date

    Just fyi my special order was placed on 9/17. 401A/Performance Brake Package/Cold Weather/Cargo/Ford Blue. Production on 11/19, shipped via rail on 11/27. The delivery date was jumping closer every few days from 12/16 to 12/12, 12/10 and was delivered on 12/8. I know that there was another ST with brake package delivered before mine in white the week before. Hope you all hear soon whats causing the delay.
  5. CBRad

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    @dacforrd @mwilson6192 - Just wondering how close your vehicle invoice numbers on the window sticker is. If it was an incorrect assembly or part with the 6 identified vehicles?
  6. CBRad

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    I think based on the videos below it makes it easier to remove/install the PTU. This video says its a ford escape, but the mechanic says its a 2014 edge (not sure which model). At 6:30 seconds he says "Some models suggest lowering the sub frame, but not this model..." This guy also looks like he is dropping the subframe at 5:50 Hope this helps!
  7. CBRad

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    I am trying to determine if the Performance Break Package will interfere with smaller wheels for winter and couldnt find any information anywhere (Dealer/Ford CS/Tire Rack). Stopped by my local dealer and they just received their first ST with the larger rotors. It looks like maybe there is 2.5-3" space between the wheel and the caliper. I was surprised that it looks like only the front rotors were upgraded and the rears were the same size just with the painted calipers. On a side note, I was going to check the size of the spare (listed as compact on various websites) but low and behold...only an inflation kit and no spare tire.
  8. CBRad

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    W Just curious if the PTU has been udpated (ie drain plug added) or if its still like the old ones without the drain plug. Would you mind asking when you speak with them Wed? TIA