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  1. bobyellow

    Free Ford All Weather Floor Mats ('19 ST)

    Yes. Normal wear after 4yrs. If no takers, I’m just throwing away.
  2. Free but you pay shipping, shipper of your choice so depends on cost from 17601 (USPS or UPS). Or if you live close, pick them up! In great shape, driver, passenger and back (two pieces) SKU: HT4Z5813300AA. Traded in my ST for an EV6 and CarMax didn't need them. https://accessories.ford.com/edge-2015-2021-4pc-all-weather-floor-liner-tray-1
  3. Sold Unmarried (no tune on my car) so you still need to purchase a tune from https://www.livernoismotorsports.com Looks like 2019-2022... https://www.livernoismotorsports.com/product/LPP631155/2019-2022-ford-edge-st-and-ford-lincoln-nautilus-2-7l-tuner
  4. bobyellow

    FS: JLT Oil Catch can 2018+

    $75 OBO free ship (continental USA) Trading in my ST after 5 yrs. JLT Oil Separator 3.0 Passenger Side, Black Anodized Unplug one hose, attached with one bolt. Same as this but an older look. https://sbfilters.com/products/passenger-side-3024p-b
  5. bobyellow

    Gear selected will Engage at Low Speed

    While I haven't seen this issue, I've had low power backing up a steep hill. Your ST powertrain might still be covered under 5yr/60,000mile warranty. It's about 5yrs since they were first sold (got mine in Sept, 2018). There are various TSB/SSM's for the Edge. I don't know if any of them will help.
  6. Look sweet for the $$! Too far away in PA. 😂
  7. bobyellow

    Transmission shudder

    Drivetrain warranty is 5 years. 🙂 So even if you have one of the 1st produced in the fall of 2018 like me, you should be good (edit: not sure on mileage... 50k top limit? I only have 24k as it's a secondary vehicle). My dealer wants my '19 ST for a day to 'try' to replicate the same issue you described. I'm waiting for the transmission to fall out someday when it clunks after a Reverse-to-Drive usage. I also have a clunk/shutter if I'm accelerating to 40mph then let off the accelerator (probably the 3-4 shift).
  8. bobyellow

    Short Rant

    Sure, a switch like the seats would be nice. My work around is to have a timer that I set using Forscan. 5min is perfect for the car to warm up. If need it longer, I turn off/on to get another 5min. Not ideal but works for me. Timeouts for Heated Steering Wheel HSWM 714-01-01 *xxx xxxx xxxx *xxx xxxx xxxx HSWM is Heated Steering Wheel Module. Replace the asterisk with one of the following: 1=Timeout disabled, 8=5 mins, 9=10 mins, A=12 mins, B=15 mins, C=18 mins, D=20 mins, E=25 mins, F=30 mins
  9. bobyellow

    ST seats heating

    Not sure about heated seat level with Forscan. However, the buttons should provide various levels of heat, sounds like something else is wrong. Personally, I have a bad back and would like them to be hotter! I do know that the heated steering wheel offers that level of control.
  10. There was a SSM for this and I had it applied (fixed lights on when engine off). SSM 49179 - 2015-2020 Edge, 2016-2018 MKX, 2019-2020 Nautilus - Parking Lamps Stay On And/Or Trailer Lights Flicker With Vehicle Turned Off
  11. Sync is downloading an update or data.
  12. bobyellow

    Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck - Transmission

    Tough call and I wouldn't want to be the buyer. Get the most recent TSB done and hope no surges during a test drive!
  13. bobyellow

    Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck - Transmission

    Really tired of it. My house has a 'U' shaped driveway. When I leave and am going down a steep grade (+15%), the transmission will sometimes not shift into 2nd (or 3rd). At the bottom of the 'U', most times I'll come to a complete stop, then a HARD shift into 2nd (or 3rd?). Clunks. Just waiting for the tranny to drop out! I'll sometimes try to trick it by pressing on the accelerator, no real change except to chirp the tires. So for now, Neutral until the end of the driveway which is lower than my start. I have gotten every TSB (like others, not really sure they do it). The dealership always puts 'Unable to reproduce'... They can't seem to get the Clunk from Park into Reverse. This is worst when I put in Park then need to Reverse to adjust a parking spot. Car is paid off and I have an extended warranty through Ford until 9/2025 so not really worried (PremiumCare $0 deductible). I drive less than 5k/yr so it was very reasonable. If the car market was normal, I'd be trading/selling since the warranty can be transferred.
  14. I don't remember where I found this table but was probably on a Fusion forum (http://2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=4573) or GoogleDoc. I have removed Sirius from the right cluster. I don't remember and haven't used Forscan in a long time (so my key is gone). In my notes, I have 720-05-01 D838 0100 003E but see from these notes that the XX3X controls Climate. I sort of remember trying lots of codes and must not have stored the actual change. Dual Screen Cluster - Right Screen Modifications: 301 720-05-01 (2013+ MY) XXXX xxxx xxxx Note: Ignore bits marked with "x" 302 (IPC) D8B8 (Default w/Navigation) 303 D8A8 (Default w/o Navigation) 304 1xxx (Removes AM/FM and CD from Entertainment Source List) 305 9xxx (Removes CD from Entertainment Source List) 306 xxx0 (Removes Phone Menu and Corresponding Alerts from Right Cluster Screen) Note: Phone/Text Alerts still come up on 8" Sync2/3 Screen 307 xx3x (Removes Climate Control Menu from Right Cluster Screen) w/Nav
  15. Perfect! I had been using a vent mount but it never really worked due to the vertical slats. Replaced the magnetic mount with my Q-wireless mount (route USB cable next to infotainment screen).