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  1. I've had no issues with mine.
  2. Ok, fix it. Kinda scary. Apparently the lights need to be on AUTO for the auto stuff in the Info Center to work. Hmmm. Somewhere in the past few days my lights got switched to ON rather than Auto, and that was the issue. Messed with the High Beams, too. They wouldn't stay engaged. Set the lights to AUTO and it all works. I don't follow the logic behind it. But I'm leaving this here in case someone else has the same issue. The scary bit is I didn't notice before.
  3. This just happened today. Got in my 2015 Edge Titanium after dark and the info center didn't auto dim. I checked the settings and it was on Auto Dim, but didn't. And let me tell you, when it's dark out here that info center light is BRIGHT!! Pulled over and manually changed it to Night Mode, so it works. But will not auto change. Any ideas? Is there an "ambient" sensor somewhere that could be blocked? Or just gone bad? Hate to take in it "IN" just for something like this. I did try a Master Reset, but all that did was lose my Bluetooth connection, and reset the clock to an hour earlier than it really is.
  4. Well, one week later and I don't see any significant change in the maps. Still not seeing streets I'm sure were there 4 years ago. Routes, not any different. So, for the money ............. meh. But, too late now I guess.
  5. 45 minutes or so for my install/update. Was surprised it didn't take the full 60 mins as advertised. Haven't gone anywhere yet to see how updated it really is.
  6. KennyE

    Door Peeling

    Hey Omar. Thanks for the link. So, local body shop most likely then. Can't have that spreading to rest of the door.
  7. KennyE

    Door Peeling

    Just noticed this on my 2017 Titanium. How do I stop this? And I got to wonder if my warranty might cover it. 59,500 miles. It's the only real mar on it. Well, there is some road rash, of course. But it's the only place where I feel I may lose paint.
  8. KennyE

    Remove Speaker Grill?

    That's the subwoofer in the "Premium" Sony sound package.? 'splains a lot ?
  9. KennyE

    Remove Speaker Grill?

    @Jbob0124 Thanks for letting me know. Doubt I'll pull it, then. Pulling sills and side panels, probably best left to someone with more experience (and patience) than I. BTW, what did you find behind there?
  10. I had to do that to the interior hatch panel where it rubbed against the frame. Worked great.
  11. KennyE

    Back door weather stripping

    Then that must explain why I still had so much crud in the doors. Darn it! Mud flaps are on the list. But I don't see how that would mitigate the crud getting in the rear doors.
  12. KennyE

    Back door weather stripping

    I think my '17 Titanium has those little "mini mud flaps". Wondered what they were for. Interestingly, I just did a wash and dry on the car this morning. Was wiping out the rear door (ton's-o-dirt) thinking they need to do something about the crud getting up inside the door ........ ?. My '07 Mazda CX7 had that issue. Mazda issued a small rubber seal for the bottom of all the doors. Worked like a charm. You'd think with all the tech Ford has ... acquired ... from Mazda and Volvo they could do something more than a mini-flap. Or, maybe I don't know how bad it was before the fix. ... ?
  13. Any clues how to remove this grill? Needs a good cleaning. My plastic furniture pry tools didn't seem to be able to pop it out. In fact, it broke the edges (ha!) off the smaller tool. Suggestions? This is the cargo area. '17 Titanium, Sony Sound.
  14. KennyE

    Flitz'd Some Chrome

    2 things to add: Hand Condoms Ibuprofen Recommend both. Done and dusted. And waxed! Did all the door/window trim and the front grill. Really shines. Doesn't show up too much in photos, so no photos. But yeah, worth the effort. Tomorrow, on the other hand, I'm gonna be hurtin'.
  15. '17 Titanium. New to me, less than 6 weeks. Car came "detailed". Guess that means washed and wiped down? ... ? I didn't really expect it to be professionally detailed. Looked pretty good, anyway. Except, there are water spots on all the chrome. Didn't really bother me, until it did. I tried some cleaners I had around, didn't do much to the chrome. Then remembered the Flitz! Got that out, taped off a section, and went at it. Wow!! I really didn't realize how dirty chrome can get and not look like it. You can see in the pic the section I did and how much dirt came out of the chrome. Or is that just the Flitz turning color? Anyway, the section of chrome now shines! And is super smooth. The problem now is how to do the rest of the chrome? I won't have the arm endurance to do that whole car by hand, like I did that small section. Was thinking of getting a Flitz Ball, maybe the 2" and 5". Just wondering if I truly need to tape off all the sections I polish? Can do, if necessary. Anyway, here's a pic of the section and how much crud the rag picked up. And it isn't an exceptionally absorbent rag (meaning some may be left on the chrome). This is what the chrome looks like before hitting it with Flitz.