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  1. Sledder

    New Windshield

    Anyone replace a windshield on their ST yet? Cracked mine on vacation. Local glass shop here in town who I've used for years must order OEM replacement direct from Ford. Suppliers don't have it. Three to four weeks. We'll see how long it actually takes.
  2. Sledder

    Edge ST MPG

    Just an update to my previous post the ST now has about 11,000 miles and obviously on summer gas now. With a mix of 2 lane/expressway I can get 27 mpg routinely. The wife, who drives a bit more conservatively, has got over 30 mpg two times on a 200+ trip. One time 30.5 and another 32. I can't get those numbers but am very satisfied with the mileage vs performance.
  3. Sledder

    ST at Milan Dragway

    Practicing "holeshots" around home on the back roads with the boost gauge up I noticed exactly that. Boost in 1st & 2nd was around 12 lbs. Once into 3rd gear the boost was around 16 lbs.
  4. Sledder

    ST at Milan Dragway

    To compliment Eddie368's experience at the drag strip I thought I would add info about my day at Milan Dragway's test & tune in southeast Michigan last Sunday. ET slips from the 6 runs attached. The car has about 6,500 miles on it and it is about a 40 mile drive to the track. Steady diet of premium gas since new. Sport mode on and traction control off on every run. Beautiful spring day about 70 degrees. Density altitude was around 1,000 ft the one time I checked it. The first two passes I made back to back as quick as I could to see how it would run "hot". After that I turned the driving chores over to my adult son for the next 4 runs sometimes waiting a couple hours in between runs. Cliff notes: the ST ran 14.20 to 14.39 with MPH ranging from 95.3 to 97.6. Best run was a 14.205 at 97.62. Reaction times suck. I was leaving, and told my son to leave, on the last yellow. Obviously we should have been leaving somewhere on the 2nd yellow as the ST does not exactly explode of the starting line. We tried leaving from hard against the converter, fast idle, and off idle without any detectable difference in the 60 ft or ET. My opinion: While the ETs are fairly consistent some of the incremental times would drive a bracket racer to drink. Some of the best 60ft times resulted in average runs and some average 60ft times resulted in good runs. Comparing the numbers on the various slips you can see where the car is taking (or adding) power for whatever reason. In the end I was happy with how the car ran and it was about what was expected. Didn't buy a race car I bought a fun driver and it is. The ST was very popular in the staging lanes and there were many favorable comments. I would encourage every ST owner to visit the drag strip on test and tune day at least once for the fun of it. If you have a significant other that would like to make a pass or two this is a great car for that. Not a ground pounder so it is a very good car for a novice to drive at the drags.
  5. Sledder

    ST at Bradenton dragway

    Good info. Thanks for posting. Looking at your 60ft and 330ft time on your 2nd run I would say you were on a significantly better pass until the car decided to "turn itself down". I agree it's probably a heat soak issue or one of the many "safety" features seen something it didn't like and backed the power down right around the 1//8 mile. At any rate with just a little tweaking I would say there is a high 13 in your future. The tracks here in Michigan are opening within the next week or so and I am anxious to get my ST out. Good or bad I will get the info up here to add to the drag racing data base.
  6. Sledder

    Issues: Auto Start / Stop and Slow Warmup

    To this point, one of the You Tube fixes for the auto start/stop was to attach a trailer light test plug to the trailer light connector to turn off the auto stop. Supposedly works on some F-150s as the car reacts as if it is hooked to a trailer therefore no auto stop. Got one and tried it and it DOES NOT WORK on the Edge St. Did end up with a nice trailer light tester though.
  7. Sledder

    Edge ST MPG

    Been getting about 22-24 so far. Obviously on two lane roads at about 60 mph it's real happy and will get about 24. On the expressway with cruise on 75+ it will get closer to 22. Just did 200+ miles from SE Michigan to Traverse City (never got above 0 degrees) and the ST got 20.5 mpg. Probably do better in the warmer weather. Did a little comparison of regular vs premium gas and didn't see much difference in mpg. Again the car is pretty new (3000 miles) and it has been cold here in Michigan.
  8. Sledder

    Still towable 4 wheels down?

    This really got my attention because my owners manual and the one I downloaded from the Ford webpage say the complete opposite, do not recreational flat tow. Not wanting to be too cantankerous in my first post I did a little research. It turns out that the owners manuals on the Ford website are in conflict. The HTML version says you can recreational flat tow and the PDF version says you cannot. The page provided by Omar above is from the HTML version of the owners manual. Here is the page from the PDF version. (page 253) http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2019-Ford-Edge-Owners-Manual-version-1_om_EN-US_07_2018.pdf I don’t know if you can flat tow or not but I guess I would take both pages to the dealer and them what’s up. Here is a link to the Ford page with both versions of the owners manual. https://owner.ford.com/tools/account/how-tos/owner-manuals-search-results.html?type=ymm&year=2019&make=Ford&model=Edge
  9. Sledder

    New Edge ST from Michigan

    Thanks for the add. Just took delivery of my new Edge ST today. Looks like it's going to be a blast for a daily driver. 400A with the Co-Pilot, Cold Weather and Convenience Package options. Very familiar with various Mustang and Ford Truck forums and was glad to find this forum. It's already been very helpful. Tons of good information. Thanks again.