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  1. The only problems so far with my 2022 ST Sync 4A is that it does not remember my Alexa login after a few restarts and also does not hold my Ambient Lighting setting to stay turned on. Like the two settings reset after a few starts. Never has held either setting for more that two days time.
  2. jamie1073

    Nautilus 2.7 About To Get Tuned

    Livernois makes a tune for the ST so I assume they do one for the Nautilus. The only difference is the 2021+ ST has the 2nd gear programmed out to make it a 7 speed compared to the Nautilus trans.
  3. jamie1073

    clicking, tapping noise

    Yeah that does not sound normal. When rev'ed the fuel pump noise normally is drowned out by standard engine rev'ing sounds. Although I wish they still put the padded engine covers on these as they seem to mute the sounds of the fuel pump. My Focus ST sounded nothing like your engine does, it did have a cover but even with it removed it did not sound like that. My ST V-6TT does not even sound like that, but it does have a cover on it and hood pad as well. My DI HPFP noises go away pretty much as the engine warms up, due to the cover and hood pad muting them enough. My Dad has an Escape with the 2.0T and mom has a MKC with the 2.3T and neither sound like your motor.
  4. jamie1073

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    I ended with 15.2mpg according to the computer for that tank. I did not use Fuely as I gave up on chasing any kind of good numbers and just drive it like I am running from a cop. But even though I live out of town I do not drive nicely at all even in town so it is all good. That number is just low because I just got the updated tune and just started using 93 again, plus it is winter gas as well. I had been running the 87-89 because I am kind of unemployed right now so I wanted to save the 8 bucks a week on the fill-up but that got boring. Lol!
  5. jamie1073

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    After the latest revision I am getting around 14.1mpg. Lol What can I say I love to floor it and the new found power.
  6. jamie1073

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    It is because for some reason they made a separate ST subforum instead of just lumping it into that sub. So no one with an ST looks in there. I mean I do but most probably ignore that one. The ST sub is strange to me since the is not a Sport subforum. I know most stuff most likely fits the ST that was on the Sport but maybe others do not know this.
  7. jamie1073

    Misfire Cylinder 1

    I know on the FoST you had to gap them with a slightly smaller gap than factory spec and it was recommended that you run a step colder plug with a tune. .027 instead of .032 if I recall.
  8. jamie1073

    Livernois ST Tune

    Livernois has released v3 of the tune and then an update to v3. I have both but it I need to see how dry the road is this morning to do at least a 0-60 then switch to the newer version I got last night and see if there is any difference. I got v3 two days ago but it was snowing and my Dragy was dead. It did have more boost in the lower gear and seemed to pull better but it also was 22F out at the time.
  9. jamie1073

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    I don't drive normal. My gas mileage sucked before the tune and is a hair better with the tune. Vehicle computer says my average for the last 13,000 miles is 18.1mpg. The Fuely Application, when I was using it, said my mileage was closer to 16.9mpg. I floor it a lot and get up to speed as quick as this beast can get there. I also remote start the vehicle in the winter a lot so that drops it and I live in the Northern half of the US where we get 'Winter' Gas for 6 months of the year, which lessens mileage. Before the tune I was clocking 17 on the car computer and 15.9 on the Fuely App.
  10. jamie1073

    Misfire Cylinder 1

    On my FoST I had that happen and it was the plugs, the gap had widened way out of spec so it would miss. Of course it could also be a coil pack going bad as well but the plugs is where I would start.
  11. jamie1073

    Disappointed with Livernois tuner for 2.0L...

    When you look at the programmer you should have three tunes, an 87-89, 91, and 93 tune. At least that is what I ended up getting for my ST. Unless you request something else like a Towing tune that is what you get.
  12. jamie1073

    2020 Edge not Available?

    Wait what? I thought all 2019 Edges had the rear camera washer. Mine does.
  13. jamie1073

    Disappointed with Livernois tuner for 2.0L...

    I would call them and see what is up. That is far to long. I had to call them on my first tune because they seemed to have 'forgot' about it.
  14. jamie1073

    Disappointed with Livernois tuner for 2.0L...

    Well not many people tune their ST's, at least as of right now, and there are most likely a lot less of them out there compared to of course other vehicles. I am sure it is not as important and also the same reason COBB does not care enough to make their AccessPort work with them or supply the canned tunes they do for other Ford's. There just is most likely not a whole lot of money in Edge ST tunes.
  15. jamie1073

    Disappointed with Livernois tuner for 2.0L...

    Well this is for a 2.0 so who knows how many of the owners look for tunes on these models. My last update which had a new code took 3 days if I recall but I sent that in on a Friday, the 3 days did not count the weekend either. I am not sure what year he has though, I did not see him specify the year. I am sure he will get it though eventually.