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  1. jamie1073

    Livernois ST Tune

    So I went back to stock tune so I could bring it in for oil change and what not next week. Got 0-60's in Normal trans mode of 5.59-5.72, slight down and back up of less than a degree. Same road one down and one back. One in Sport trans mode got 5.88. So definite gains with the tune. The quarter in sport mode was 14.25@95.07 on .62% up grade.
  2. jamie1073

    Apple Car Play

    I had a 2016 Focus ST with Sync 3. To get Apple CarPlay to work with that all I had to do was wait for the software revision to come out and install the USB hub in the center console. Once that happened Apple CarPlay worked perfectly.
  3. jamie1073

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    That makes sense. Mine is not that loud but is a light engaging like clunking sound, like an electronic actuator of sorts. At first I thought it had something to do with the door locks or hatch locking mechanism but dismissed that as a 'why would it do that' thing. As for the RDU, yeah it sound like that is it, but I am still wondering why it would do a test every time you open the door. Seems like a waste in all honesty of both power and wear and tear on an item. Especially without the keys on you. But whatever they want to do to save time. Not sure why it could not self test when you push the starter button since it is not like you can quickly start and throw this thing in gear that would not allow time for the test or whatever. Oh well. Problem solved. 😄
  4. jamie1073

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    Well I wonder who is right and what it is then? Half the people in the thread say pump priming prepping for a start. Mine does not make any sounds if I do not have the key on me, locked or unlocked. I grab the handle locked and nothing without the key. I open the doors when unlocked without the key and nothing. I grab a handle with it and I hear the sound right in front of the drivers side read wheel area or the wheel area itself. Not sure what else needs to prepare other than the low pressure side getting ready to feed the HPFP. But whatever. I really don't care, it makes a sound and it seems no one knows what it is but you know what it is not. 😉
  5. jamie1073

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    It is the fuel pump priming. It will only do it if the key is on you. Open a door without your key on you and it does nothing, if unlocked of course.
  6. jamie1073

    ST Wheel Hop Solved!

    Interesting. I can't get anywhere near that kind of wheel spin when brake torquing with my Livernois 93 tune. Which tune do you have? Just curious.
  7. jamie1073

    ST Wheel Hop Solved!

    I have honestly never had wheel hop on my ST on any corner! I am tuned and have the 20's with the Hankooks on them and they just spin and grip. Never hop. Now my Focus ST was a different story but that was almost eliminated with an RMM. I know the Edge ST and the Sport do come with a softer RMM for less NVH and I wonder if that would have been a solution as well. Since it would stop the engine from shifting so much and sending a jolt down the drivetrain when it hits its end of travel.
  8. jamie1073

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I had it fully warmed up yesterday sound like a loud ass bang, I had the window down and was putting it into D after stopping home to put the dogs out and leaving.
  9. jamie1073

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Is anyone else experiencing the hard engagements from P to D or R to D or D to R like this. I get it randomly just wondering about everyone else?
  10. jamie1073

    Getting about time for ST stage II Tune

    I would like to see another Livernois revision. From what I have read from the Sport they did not get the max out of the first few revisions. I have revision 3 right now. I may email them after this post to see what the status of any future revisions is.
  11. jamie1073

    Livernois ST Tune

    Nice to see another Northern NY'er. And yeah I would love to go.
  12. jamie1073

    Edge ST MPG

    I am getting slightly better mileage since I tuned it. Which is funny because I floor it even more now. Lol! But I imagine if I was doing my trips back and forth from PA to NY that I used to do when I lived in PA that I would be getting a higher average MPG. But I do just drive to work and back now and to shopping. I accelerate hard and yeah this engine seems to suck the gas down quick when doing that compared to how much the Focus ST did as compared to the City rating. According to Fuely I still get around 17mpg, so lower than city rating. My Focus got a bit better than City rating while driving the same route. So that was my biggest complaint, I did not expect Focus mileage but kind of close to the rating compared to previous vehicles. But I love the power and vehicle so oh well I will deal with it. LOL
  13. jamie1073

    Using Drive Mode instead of Sport for straight line

    I think the bulletin states it is a 1.5hr job but I can't imagine it takes that long. I had them do mine on my first oil change so my dad took it to the dealer, he works there, so they had it all day.
  14. jamie1073

    Using Drive Mode instead of Sport for straight line

    I agree that the TSB should be applied before even letting someone test drive it since it is for a driveability issue. And I assume it does not take to long as it is just a software update so how ever l long the programming takes.