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  1. jamie1073

    Livernois turbo jitter

    I sometimes drive normal and still really never feel it anywhere in the rev band. I do on occasion get a hard start though, meaning cranking for more than 6-10 seconds. But that is about it from the tune. I do need to go back to stock to see if that is an engine issue or just the tune.
  2. jamie1073

    Livernois turbo jitter

    Honestly never felt it on mine. I tend to not drive gently though and would be accelerating quite hard.
  3. jamie1073

    Put flex fuel (e55-e85) in my EcoBoost 2.0, should I worry???

    I am pretty sure the fuel pump can not flow enough for E85 and the engine is in no way tuned for it. I would personally empty the tank as much as possible.
  4. jamie1073

    Livernois ST Tune

    Just going by reviews the Sport is one tenth quicker to 60 than the ST. The Sport can also be tuned for more power due to knowing what the 6 speed trans can handle. The same reviews also stated that the ST handled better than the Sport both around the skidpad and on the road. And just looking at the updates Ford did to the shocks and roll bars also would have improved the handling over a Sport model. Now I have never been able to figure out at what mileage the ST was tested at since it does not get full boost until after 1000 miles on the clock, at least from my experience and others on the Forum. It never gets remotely close to holding even 17psi of boost no matter the conditions until after 1000 miles. Now when I went back to stock tune on mine I got anywhere from a 5.6-5.8 0-60 time, and that was not on a flat track so it varied. I got more close to 5.6 than I did 5.8 and most reviews had it at 5.8 and as high as 6.1. All I know is that without the new 2nd gear it would be quicker to 60 than it is now.
  5. jamie1073

    Livernois ST Tune

    Oh I get that. The ST handles very nice. I came from a Focus ST so yes it will be a lot of other SUV's on a track but let's not get carried away here. Lol!
  6. jamie1073

    Livernois ST Tune

    So I am curious now and I am going to ask Livernois if they could either make the trans skip 2nd when at WOT or just eliminate it all together so it reverts basically back to the old 6 speed with an extra overdrive gear. I think we could definitely be at least a tenth quicker to 60 and maybe more to the 1/4. I get such a hesitation/skip when it quickly bumps 2nd at the end of 1st and goes to 3rd. There is no need to 2nd under hard driving conditions and it really only helps in maybe making city driving a little more smooth. But I have a tune so I do not care for that type of behavior and it was good for the previous models to have no gear there. I think if it did not have to pause there for that 2 gear shift boost would hold better and of course it would be quicker without that pause.
  7. jamie1073

    Power difference with 87 vs 93 octane

    When mine was on the stock tune there was a noticeable difference in power. The ratings that Ford posts of 335/380 is what is achieved with 93 octane fuel. They do not post what 87 produces. But if it is like the Focus ST it was the same torque no matter what fuel but the Focus for 9 less horsepower and it may not seem like a lot but the timing is not advanced as much with the 87 so you can tell when flooring it and getting into higher RPM's. I assume the power difference is more than 9 horses on the Edge though.
  8. I think they all do that, apply torque to all wheels. Then again the graph is very basic because it really does not show power ever really not going to the axle spinning, probably best tested in the snow but if it was a truly system that is supposed to send power where needed, the wheels not spinning wildly. I know the ST shows only front at highway speeds unless you floor it enough to re-engage the PTU. I assumed the Ford system was FWD until needed then sends power to the rear. But in reality it seems to only be FWD right off the line then sends it to the rear as well as front.
  9. I believe the ST is programmed different and is meant to shift 50/50 pretty much until it hits over 55 mpg where it will disengage the rear PTU for better fuel economy. But I see mine do front first then go to the rear. Quickly but it does it and when floored both go to their max. But if I looked at my mom's MKC or my dad's Escape the do not go full to the back until you floor it, if I recall correctly.
  10. jamie1073

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    With it off, one press, it still will not allow sliding around as it just kills traction control. If you turn it fully off by holding the button it turns everything off except roll control. And that is an even worse nanny when trying to drive spiritedly, it activates still when tossing around the rear and driving hard where you may understeer/push while sliding the rear around. It is not anywhere near rolling but still intervenes. Sport mode is anything but sporty. I came from a Focus ST and Sport mode allowed spinning the tires and having some fun while not allowing too much sliding out the rear, but some. If you really wanted it off you put it in track mode which killed it all but also the downside was it turned off the pseudo limited slip function and became a one wheel burner. With the Edge the Sport mode does not even allow any spins and may allow a slight slip out but then it intervenes. \ Nice thing about the Focus was if you were tuned and using Cobb you could put it in Sport mode and then use Cobb's spark based traction control. Such a better system and Ford should think about adopting it for their ST/Sport traction control Sport mode. Either way the Edge ST is no fun with the traction control on or even in the crappy Sport mode. I push the button once as soon as I start the car, I can control wheel spin just fine with my right foot. I hold the button for real fun. Sadly when tuned the traction control becomes even more irritating. There is sadly no fun mode in the settings for it other than TC off and ESC Off Completely. Just my opinion of course and probably why I will need new tires by 20,000 miles.
  11. jamie1073

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    What is your build date? That sounds an awefull lot like the TSB for ones built before around May this year.
  12. jamie1073

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Traction control on Ford's sucks, it is not ignition cut and fuel but brakes instead and is very sensitive. It activates at times I would think it should not. It even does this when you put it in Sport mode, double click, which is not sporty at all.
  13. jamie1073

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Good to see they are still working on it but damn it has been months so far and still no resolution. What is up with Ford lately. They have this issue with the Edge/Nautilus and the Explorer/Aviator is having electronic issues as well. I wonder if the new Escape/Corsair will have issues with its 8 speed trans as well.
  14. jamie1073

    Track Time Results

    Sadly the 10 speed is something they have worked on before so I assume it was much easier to figure out the programming and already know it's power capabilities. Maybe they will improve the ST tune but from what I have read here it takes some pushing by the community to get revisions done.
  15. jamie1073

    Track Time Results

    I have the Livernois tune and it does not eliminate the skip. I can feel it and if I put it in manual sport mode and watch the gear changes I can see the 2 briefly then 3 and holds it until redline. That is the problem. It does not seem to cleanly skip the gear all together. So there is a brief split second loss of power to the ground. And the ST does not spin as much as a Sport with the LMS tune, from what i hear on here. Not even a chirp when it hits 3rd, just pulls.