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  1. I am posting this on behalf of my father Ed Clevinger or Eddie368. Ed passed away on September 5th 2019. My dad loved his Ford Edge ST and would tinker with it all the time. His car was a lease and we had to remove all of the add-on's to turn it back into Ford. We are starting to sell off some of the items. I don't know much about each item except what we can research online. Must be local and be able to pick up in the Plain City Ohio area (30 minutes outside of Columbus) Set of 4 - $400 Regular retail price 799.99 Been on car for around 3 months, with low miles No snow/salt Excellent condition
  2. eddie368

    ST Wheel Hop Solved!

    You are right! And when these tires need replacement I will put better tires on it.
  3. eddie368

    ST Wheel Hop Solved!

    Jamie I have had my tune for about 3 mos. Does your car have the same mods that my car has? I also have the larger cold side pipe. Some cars are different than others!
  4. eddie368

    ST Wheel Hop Solved!

    Jamie I have the 20's with hankooks and also installed the RMM with a tune and garrett IC and borla and when ever I brake torq it I get wheel hop for the 1st 10 feet or so then it gets traction and it stops.Now it spins the wheels for 4-5 feet with out any wheel hop.
  5. I finally got around to dealing with the wheel hop on the right rear axle and tire today. I know that a lot of 2.7 edges have also had the same problem. From what I have read on these forums some have remedied the problem by replacing all of the coil springs which also lowered the car then put tires with better traction on all four corners.. I did not want to lower the car so I decided to try a different solution. Being an old timer I remember many of the original muscle cars in the 60's&70's had coil spring rear suspensions and suffered from wheel hop. Many of the racers put Air Lift air bags inside of the rear coil springs then played with the the pressure in the bags until the the wheel hop stopped. Today it took about 2 hours to install the air bags then run the air lines and it was finished.Anyone with a jack that can lift both rear wheels and 2 jack stands can do the job. The kit comes with everything that is needed to complete the job. The air inlet valves need to be placed in a location that will allow you to put air in & out of the bags easily. I ran the air lines from the bags into the trailer hitch receiver then used the holes on each side of the hitch receiver where the hitch pin goes. Put the inlet valve for the left bag on the left side of the hitch and right side on the right. After the install I took the car out and tested it.I made 2 starts on concrete and 3 on asphalt and although I had wheel spin there was not a hint of wheel hop.I started with 5.5 lbs in the left side and 15 lbs in the right.Typically you will need more pressure on the right. I will play with it a little more in the next couple days. Cost is $100 for the bags and I would guess install would cost about the same. If you go this route you might save enough by not buying springs and paying for the install to pay for a set of High Performance Tars. I'm just sayin You pays your money and ya takes ya choice! Part #60785
  6. eddie368

    Getting about time for ST stage II Tune

    I was thinking that if enough ST'ers started requesting an upgraded tune this may help them make a descision for a improved tune! I called Livernois about two weeks ago and told them I was ready and will follow up every couple weeks by phone or Email........Ed
  7. Is anyone else ready for a stage II tune for your ST yet? I have had the first tune in mine for months with no ill effects to the car or transmission.The tune did wake the car up and make it more enjoyable to drive but there is more HP& Torq. available. Another tune with about 30+ hp and torque would be great and would not be pushing the transmission that much harder and would still not be pulling max power,leaving room for yet an additional tune later on when its clear that the transmission can handle the additional power. The complaints that I have been reading about have to do with trans programming [ poor shifting ect.] not the transmission breaking ! Like to hear from other owners.
  8. eddie368

    Reason Exhaust Tips Don't Extend Further

    I will be very interested to see if that makes a difference. I also have the borla exhaust on my ST and after 1600 miles it has gotten a bit louder. I wouldn't call it to loud but if that makes it a little bit quieter I will do the same.
  9. eddie368

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Larry I have the 2.7TT. The JLT performance catch can places a removable cup that catches the engine oil vapors and deposits it into the catch can before it is run back thru the intake and reburned which may cause carbon deposits to form on the valves. Every few thousand miles or so you unscrew the can and dispose of the oil. .
  10. eddie368

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    I finally found a mod that can be done in less than 15 min.I was able to install the catch can in 14 mins[timed] Everything else has taken 1 to 6 hours. Did it in my garage. Temp mid 90's with high Humidity. One mod left to do on the suspension and with this heat I think I will hire it done!
  11. Here is a sound clip of my Borla exhaust inside and outside with start up, a quick up to 35 mph and a short bit on the highway 65 mph with cruise control on. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hHxpKD_BQm7jiZQ3Br79KN9G4KeAotUx/view?usp=sharing
  12. I installed the 93 octane tune last night and was able to drive it for about a hour to day. I was trying to put some miles on it today to let the car begin to learn my driving style. Didn't make any full on runs. But I can tell that throttle response has gotten much better. But shifting is about the same,maybe it shifts a little faster! I think the tune leaves some torq &HP on the table, Looking forward to improved tunes.
  13. eddie368

    Borla Has An Exhaust the ST Finally :)

    I am installing my Borla exhaust tomorrow,so I will wait until I hear it before any mods. but I will try two options 1. Will be to extend the pipes back closer to the exhaust opening at the rear bumper but heat damage could be a problem.2. A short set of turn down pipes that don't show below the bumper should direct the exhaust and noise down and away from the car!
  14. eddie368

    Catch can

    Does any one know the part number for the JLT catch can that fits on the ST? Who has the best price ? Thanks Ed
  15. I decided to put some custom wheels on the ST. Being old school I wanted a 5 spoke chrome wheel and after looking around the internet I found these on Ebay.