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  1. Thank you! Ive read this one actually. It has 3 ports and not 2. Hmm will update once I can find anything else. Thanks! Here's what I've found. Seems like you plug in right before the intake manifold? Then into your catch can, then from your catch can back into the vacuum line on top of the engine. Snagged the pics from the link, thanks! First location Then to catch can? Then to vacuum intake
  2. Looking for any info for installing a simple 2 line catch can on a 2015 Ford Edge 2.0L It looks like I'm going to need some special Ford adapter clicks to plum into the PVC valve line? Or has someone just cut it and spliced in? Here is the can https://www.amazon.com/Vincos-Universal-Aluminum-Separator-Reservoir/dp/B076BKV7JF/ref=sr_1_8?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1544988296&sr=1-8&keywords=Catch+Can Thanks in advance! If I can figure this out all post pics on how to install later.
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    Miles Driven

    2015 Edge 2.0L 41,XXX on it so far. So far so good. Only a couple complaints. The SYNC system SUCKS! My steering wheel voice feature does literally nothing. It will promp on the screen and no matter what I say it always crashes back to whatever was playing. Bluetooth from phone has a hard time linking up sometimes for no apparent reason. ect. Turned it on once & had a very weird system glitch, every warning light came on and starting chiming. (Was probably close to 5 degrees out?) Turned it off later & back on and they all went away. Never returned since. All the modern computer modules on these cars makes me nervous. Honestly I would consider it a throw away car after 15 years.(Who is going to make your window switch module then?) Well see!
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    Changing Oil Brands

    Honestly the brands don't really matter that much. "Synthetic" oil is more of a sales marketing strategy than anything, true synthetics are gases that are than converted into an oil. As for a filter any Napa branded filter is a quality filter. If your going to run over 5K between changes get the better oil filter because it will have more filtering pleats. As well as a better filtering media vs the cheapest one. Also napa filters contain a anti-drainback valve, this helps to keep the oil higher up in the engine when the engine has been turned off. Here is a really good video on it