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  1. Burgundy17

    Oil Schedule

    I don't trust Ford's Intelligent Oil life Monitor because I am leery of automation as it is. No Reminder has popped up. By changing oil every 5000 miles I don't expect it to. I would rather change the oil on my own rather then wait for the Edge to remind me. I don't track hours because I don't write a target hour on tape attached to dashboard to know when the hours are reached. The dealer places a nice sticky on the window with the mileage when next oil change is due. I sometimes play with the trip meters and the hours would get screwed up anyway even if I did have the tape. I will think about sending in an oil sample for testing if the problem shows up again. Thanks for the suggestion. Also thanks for the TSB heads up on the 1.5 gen. That would definitely be something to talk to the dealer about. The engine is nice and quite now with new oil and filter. I guess it is possible something was just loose.
  2. Burgundy17

    Oil Schedule

    Yes I am using Motorcraft oil and filter at each oil change. Once I am past the powertrain warranty I will consider other oils. I do 12,000 miles a year and use the Edge in a well rounded manner. It is not all the time idling or wot or all stop and go city driving. I also do not tow. I did see a survey once that showed a lot of owners still follow the 3000 mile schedule. I can understand owners in the sited circumstances would do that. I want to know if any other owners under normal use have found it helpful to follow the 3000 mile change guideline.
  3. Burgundy17

    Oil Schedule

    I have been changing my oil in the Edge and the previous Focus every 5000 miles. This seemed to be the recommendation of the owners manual and the dealer. I am changing my mind and am now going to change the oil every 3000 miles like I use to do. Has anyone else made this change to their maintenance schedule? I just find it easier to keep track of miles instead of hours like they do with planes. In my Focus I used regular Motorcraft oil. I use the Quick Lane at the dealership. I like them to have the maintenance records because then they can not try to weasel out of warranty coverage if I need it by claiming improper maintenance. At 60,000 miles the engine on the Focus was beginning to get noisy like engines do when they have a lot of miles on them. I wondered at that time if I should be doing 3000 mile oil changes. Maybe the 5000 miles guideline was more for sales inducement then optimum maintenance. For the Edge I began using FULL synthetic Motorcraft. The car runs quietly but around 4000 miles post change it begins to get noisier. I have a 3.5 engine and I have just changed the oil at 15,000 miles. Just prior to the last oil change I had an intermittent tapping sound that seemed to occur in first 30 minutes of driving the Edge. Because It was intermittent I could not reliably demonstrate it. I changed the oil, still using full synthetic, and the engine now runs quiet from startup and there is no tapping. At service I heard speculation to the cause of the tapping as loose leaves under the hood to full synthetic oil making the engine work harder and throwing off the timing of the fuel injectors. This tapping reminded me of the sound of valve lifters. But I have heard that sound around 50,000 miles on previous engines ( using regular oil ). I never did anything about it and the engines lasted until I traded in the vehicle at 12+ years and 150,000+ miles. So I don't think it is a real serious problem but surprised if this is showing up on an engine so young. So does anyone think this tapping noise was valves? fuel injectors? leaves? Can full synthetic oil be TOO efficient and cause an engine to work TOO hard? The owners manual calls FULL synthetic an alternate oil. Could semisynthetic be the preferred oil? I think increasing the frequency of my oil changes will help. Maybe 5000 miles is too optimistic an interval. I am trying to make the water pump last as long as possible and am using full synthetic to help to that end. I am thinking of changing the coolant every 2 years or 30,000 miles.
  4. Burgundy17

    Edge Future

    Two different articles I read said Ford is working on a hybrid for the F150, Escape, Explorer, Ecosport, and Mustang. There was NO mention of Ford working on a hybrid Edge. Is Ford going to drop the Edge and not redesign it when this gen gets up in years? Will the Edge be replaced by the Bronco? Will the new unannounced SUV they are planning be a mashup of the Fusion and the Edge? Maybe that will be the Fusion Active. Recently the news said there will be no more Ford Focus at all in North America. For the Focus the very sporty RS trim came at the end of this current gen to keep up the excitement. Maybe the Edge ST being released now is a sign the end is near.
  5. Burgundy17

    Miles Driven

    Great to hear the Edge is working out well for you and your mom. You are really putting your '17 through its paces. Is your mom's Edge a 2.0 also? What year? I like reading the words "trouble free".
  6. Burgundy17

    Miles Driven

    How many miles have you driven your Edge with a 3.5 engine? This inquiry includes folks driving with the original engine or a replacement engine.
  7. Burgundy17

    How Many Miles Driven

    How many miles have folks driven their 2.7 Ecoboost?
  8. Burgundy17

    Miles Driven

    How many miles have 2.0 EcoBoost owners put on their vehicles?
  9. Burgundy17

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    I like my 2017 SEL. The radio sounds fine to me. It is okay if the seats do not fold completely flat if that mean they are more padded and more comfortable for my back seat passengers. I don't have any squeaking, rattling, or buzzing after 10,000 miles. I think it is a very smooth driving and quiet car. I only have the rear camera (no front camera) and it works great. If Ford does not offer an aftermarket kit for one what about another manufacturer? My husband added a non Toyota rear camera to our older Camry. Sorry to be contrary to everyone. Your experience is your experience. But I wanted to express my experience too. Overall I think the 2017 is a very nice vehicle. Of course it is getting long in its current cycle and the bugs are being worked out. The only thing I would change Is the floor rim when you step in. I think it is unnecessarily high and someone could trip on it. Our Ford Windstar had a level floor where it met the door. No rim to step over.
  10. Burgundy17


    The owner's manual for 2017 Ford Edge says this under scheduled maintenance for coolant - Initial replacement at 6 years or 100,000 miles, then 3 years or 5000 miles All Edge's are lumped together into the same bucket. There is no distinction between those with external water pumps which are the eco boost engines and those with internal water pumps which are the 3.5 or 3.7 NA (naturally aspirated) engines. Do external and internal water pumps have the same failure rates? It seems like they would have different failure rates due to their placement and therefore need different schedules. For increased compliance reasons I can see Ford only recommending one schedule to keep things simple. By accommodating the needs of the more problematic water pump it takes care of the other one too. Is that what is happening here? I understand coolant becomes more acidic with time and use. Acid can attack seals and cause loss of coolant. I can understand the first part, change at 6 years or 100,000 miles. It is the second part that is hard to understand. 99% of people will drive more than 5000 miles before 3 years are up. If you use a conservative figure of 10,000 miles / year that means after the initial change the owner has to change the coolant twice a year. For a higher use driver of 15,000 miles that means three times a year. So for 6 years no coolant change and then afterwards change the coolant 2 or 3 times a year no matter what engine you have. Have I got that right? The car has become so acidic from deterioration of parts after 6 years the coolant must be changed 2 or 3 times a year. Excuse me but as a manufacturer I would think that is a big problem. But as a business strategist I would think great idea! We sell more cars. Maybe the published scheduled maintenance guidelines are totally off base and do not reflect the real world. But 3.5 engine Edge owners need some reliable help here. I have been reading a lot of stories about catastrophic engine failure due to leaking water pumps on 3.5 engines. Are Ford's official guidelines the best advice out there? Are the unofficial guidelines I got from my Ford service department of changing the fluid every 30,000 miles just leading me down the garden path? At 130,000 miles or 150,000 miles I may experience engine failure due to the water pump anyway? Before I purchased my Edge I worried the 2.0 engine would not hold up and it would fail around the 150,000 mile mark. Maybe my fears were misplaced and both engines will fail around the same time.
  11. Burgundy17

    14, 16, 15, 14

    Maybe Ford detuned the 2nd gen 3.5L Edge to make the 2.0L Edge more desirable? It's pushing adoption of the eco boost engines. Otherwise why would the 2nd gen be less lively? I know what you mean though. My Edge is slow to pull away from stop signs and the steering feels slow. We kept our 2002 Ford Windstar as a work vehicle. It has the same weight but a 3.8L V6 and hydraulic steering. It is just more pleasing to drive. That is sad when your 16 year old minivan has a better drive. It's quicker from a stop and on turns. Why downgrade the customers experience? I know, all in the name of mpg. But my Windstar gets 17/24 and my Edge gets 17/26. A whole 2 miles more on the highway which is 20% of my driving. Sigh. My Edge is not a rust bucket like the Windstar and it has the new tech which I love. My Windstar has 190,000 miles. Waiting to see if the eco boost engines can put up those kind of miles. Everything has pluses and minuses. But please Ford remember the customer's driving experience.
  12. Burgundy17

    Edge Steering

  13. Burgundy17

    Edge Steering

    So the Fusion and the MKZ are not built as robustly as the Edge and MKX ? Good to know we have a sturdier vehicle.
  14. Burgundy17

    Ford Motor Company Issues Two N.A. Safety Recalls

    I mean MKZ. I am getting my alphabet scrambled. End of the day. Glad Lincoln is going to actual names again. LOL
  15. Burgundy17

    Edge Steering

    My bad. I did not read closely. They are recalling Fusions and since our Edge shares a lot with the Fusion I thought it the recall would effect the upgraded Edge twin - the Lincoln MKX. Good to know our Edge does not share THAT problem with the Fusion.